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MP calls for Newsbiscuit to be closed down as part of austerity measures

A small, independent website to take over in a few days time...

Ian Searle 13.06.13 9:01am
Ian Searle
BBC Comedy Unit launches Search for a Mockney Geezer competition

The BBC comedy unit has launched a new competition to unearth a new star from the Mockney community - a demographic that is currently under-represented on TV. In partnership with sponsors The Big...

ronseal 13.06.13 8:39am
Jesse Bigg
Hunt In A Spot Of Bother With Yorkshire MP's

Re once more round the ballroom, matron? May I be of some assistance Mr Hunt?...

Jesse Bigg 13.06.13 7:19am
Jesse Bigg
Police find indecent policies on Lib Dem coucil leaders computer 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.06.13 7:06am
Australian batsman takes a wild swing and misses. No news today. 4
FOAD 13.06.13 7:03am
Man denies incompetence claiming "piss-up was in Tuborg brewery" 0
quango 13.06.13 6:25am
God to give 5-year warranty on all creatures from 2015

The latest decison by the Creator of the Universe has ignited the biggest controversy since the Flood, and is being described by experts in theology as the last big divine decision before the Second...

sydalg 12.06.13 11:18pm
Man fails to find sight of child's lost shoe plaintive. 3
sredni vashta 12.06.13 8:38pm
Lindy Moone
Gay Lobby in Vatican to be repainted in more muted tones 1
ginty 12.06.13 8:30pm
"Big fat" now mandatory in all wedding headlines, says Daily Mail editor 0
sydalg 12.06.13 7:58pm
Lib Dems "Sorry about women"

A report into allegations of sexual impropriety in the Lib Dem party found that Mr Clegg should have asked more searching questions like “did you do it?” or “why did you do it?” and that the...

sillybugger 12.06.13 7:21pm
Burns night at the Old Inn, Hartpury

Burns victim Jason Stubbard choked back tears last night whilst describing how friends at the Old Inn, Hartpury saved him from a freak fire which started when he threw his cigarette end into a petrol...

blacklesbianandproudofit 12.06.13 6:58pm
People of Durham declare war on Italy for stealing all their wheat. 0
MADJEZ 12.06.13 6:53pm
New research reveals it does make you go blind!

[size=4]New research from the University of Philadelphia Cheese has confirmed the old adage that excessive masturbation can make you go blind. The researchers took a group of men from all walks of...

blacklesbianandproudofit 12.06.13 6:34pm
Al OPecia
Government to legislate to class real cigarettes as a medicine. 0
Ref Minor 12.06.13 6:12pm
Ref Minor
Police use soft lighting to diffuse protests. 1
sredni vashta 12.06.13 6:05pm
Michael Gove to reform GCHQ

"First let me say there's far too much reliance on the Internet in today's spying," Michael Gove told a conference of espionage experts. "I want to return to the rigorous ways of the past, when...

nickb 12.06.13 5:58pm
New range of vegetarian meats unveiled

Patrick Elwood, head of Warren Foods Ltd, is determined to beat Quorn and Linda McCartney Foods at their own game. He has just launched its new range of vegetable lookalike meat products, including...

sydalg 12.06.13 5:07pm
Spanish Tax Fraud case gets Messi

No more taxing news here!...

victimms 12.06.13 4:35pm
Abu Qatada to go and live with Katie Price

Subject to approval of a treaty in parliament, muslim cleric Abu Qatada has agreed to deportation from the UK, on the condition that he is allowed to live overseas with Jordan...

NewBiscuit 12.06.13 3:53pm
Gomorrah severs twinning link with Sodom

Councillors from the town of Gomorrah have ended their link up with the city of Sodom after what was termed an 'inappropriate incident' during their latest visit. Gomorrah Mayor, Phil Mabbuts,...

blacklesbianandproudofit 12.06.13 2:57pm
Moses rewrites Pentateuch in 140 characters - Twitter and Skype in rights battle 1
Arthur 12.06.13 2:25pm
Man gives up successful life to play crappy golf 0
Dumbnews 12.06.13 2:17pm
OFSTED criticises God's "poor communications skills"

An OFSTED report has severely criticised supreme being, God, for poor communication skills. The report claims that "most people have no idea what he's trying to say. He uses unproven media; dreams,...

apepper 12.06.13 2:03pm
Smashey and Nicey latest to be questioned by Operation Yewtree detectives 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 12.06.13 1:16pm
United Nations condemns Sony escalation of "Console Wars"

Ban Ki-moon, General Secretary of the United Nations, today led almost universal condemnation of Sony's "Blatant violation" of international law after its "provocative" Playstation 4 presentation...

Bigglesworth 12.06.13 1:00pm
Blackburn Blasts Bonkers Neil

Shocked Jock Tony Blackburn was seen running amok in the BBC’s Daily Politics show where he repeatedly called the shows host Andrew Neil “Bonkers” The veteran DJ had originally been brought in...

Scronnyglonkle 12.06.13 11:47am
Aloof Escort Agency offers range of impersonal services. 2
sredni vashta 12.06.13 11:19am
Essex woman found guilty of running Ford Escort agency 0
bonjonelson 12.06.13 11:07am
Pub manager attracts massive lunchtime crowd of spooks by Facebook liking Abu H

Pub landlord Dave lanchester was struggling to pay the bills - until he started posting pro Al Qaeda messages on his Facebook page. Pretty soon his pub was packed out with spooks every lunch time and...

ronseal 12.06.13 11:06am