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NZ trucker admitted to hospital for penile de-gloving. 1
riesler 4 years

"I was trying to deflate my self with a vacuum cleaner"...

'All NY's hookers had phones off the hook', claims attorney, 'so he is innocent. 2
Griffin 4 years
"Suspension of Disbelief" is banned by EU 0
Rowly 4 years

Under the new regulations, it will be unlawful to say "a Polar Bear went into a bar", or for a politician to use the phrase "if you vote for me I will.", Comedians & Politicians will now be...

Mills and Boon sex education textbooks 'will just confuse children', say critics 9
rickwestwell 4 years

The recent decision by the Mills and Boon publishing house to move into sex education has been heavily criticised by education experts as having a potentially disastrous effect on children. Mills...

Michael J Fox signs promotional contract with Etch A Sketch. Eventually. 0
Qoxiivi 4 years
Barbecue summer to go on backburner warns Met Office 0
Nick McCarr 4 years
Whistling Jack Smith wasn't actually "Kaiser Bill's batman" 0
Nick McCarr 4 years

new research from the WWI archives shows...

50% of egg supply destroyed when second basket fails 0
Nick McCarr 4 years
Sarkozy offers Obama Bruni double plug 0
pumpernickle 4 years

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has offered President Obama a threesome with his beautiful wife Carla.It is widely known that madame Bruni loves the big bamboo and the thought of one in the pink and...

David Hasselhoff fired from BGT because viewers couldn't understand his accent 0
bonjonelson 4 years
Emperor Palpatine: "We're all in this together" 0
Smaug 4 years
Tragedy brings community closer together, regrets community 4
Oxbridge 4 years

Two years ago, the tranquil Norfolk village of Shotesham hit the world’s headlines for all the wrong reasons when crazed gunman Barry Mather ran amok, killing five people and injuring 14 more. And...

Ex Danish police chief warns Marmite ban plays into the hands of criminal gangs 10
Golgo13 4 years

The hard line taken on the Marmite trade by Danish law-makers flies in the face of experience and could lead to lucrative new revenue streams for organised crime, says Torsten Hesselbjerg, who was...

Forestry Commission to cut 250 posts. 2
deskpilot3 4 years

All in a day's work A truebiscuit, by the way. Check out BBC news...

Ferguson takes out Super Injunction banning reporting of defeat to Barclona... 1
FoxyCoxy 4 years
Annual “999” survey reveals how stupid the public really are. 2
BillyBitzer 4 years

This month’s “public service announcement dressed up as news” press release has shocked tabloid readers with a growing list of unreasonable expectations from people calling the emergency...

LSE won't charge maximum student fees. 0
deskpilot3 4 years

Juat £8,999.99 a year then...

Bad Not Not RBS This Time 0
Grover 4 years

The loss-making Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 84% owned by the tax payer, will not be fined by the Financial Services Authority over customer complaints. The FSA has not fined RBS £3.5 million...

Britain's Universities of Crime are full of foreigners who paid fees to get here 0
ronseal 4 years

Young Britons trying to get a foothold on the criminal career ladder are being blocked by our Universities of Crime, which are only too pleased to give their places to foreigners. MORE SOON...

‘I had a Super comb-over’ admits Bobby Charlton 8
Des and Stan 4 years

Sir Bobby Charlton revealed today that for much of his playing career he was almost completely bald. Millions of people were unaware of his baldness until he hung up his boots and began a career...

Mothers with babies blamed for continuing productivity problems 0
Mrblacker 4 years

Industrial output is continuing to struggle in the second quarter of 2011 according to the latest Government figures. And a productivity expert says the problems are down to staff on maternity leave...

Andrew fails to clinch  'Jag for Fergie' deal 0
NewSuburbanDad 4 years

 The Whitehouse confirmed today that the Duke of York used Tuesday's state banquet to 'drop a word in Mr O's ear on the subject of US trade tariffs for  minor British royalty, in particular the...

N.Z. trucker blown-up in air-hose accident 'let down by health service'... 2
be reasonable 4 years

"I feel thoroughly deflated," he said...

Raping children 'tantamount to closing libraries' claims playwright 0
4 years
Prime Minister Takes Out Super Injunction 0
Deimos 4 years

It appears that the Prime Minister has taken out a super injunction preventing any reporting of an affair that has been ongoing with the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. It seems the affair...

Cameron presents Obama with gift of Clegg 3
jampot 4 years

Barack Obama was given Nick Clegg today during the US President's visit to the UK. The exchange of gifts between heads of state is a well-established tradition, although Cameron is thought to be the...

Atheist Richard Dawkins Surprised To Discover He Is Jesus Christ 6
jampot 4 years

The world of religion was thrown into disarray yesterday when Richard Dawkins, one of its most prominent critics, revealed that he was Jesus Christ. In an emotional press conference Dawkins, who has...

Cornwall bans Danish pasties 1
Crow 4 years

No more follows...

Alcoholics delighted at launch of Essential Brew. 1
John Wiltshire 4 years

A spokesman for alcoholics today expressed his delight as Special Brew was relaunched as Essential Brew., What he actually said was: 'Cheeerssh, pal. Shank you ver ver ver mush. I love you, pal. You...

'Leave me alone' pleads man born with black stripe over his eyes 6
jp1885 4 years