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Stoke Bakery advertising agent carries cheese and ham sandwich board 0
PluckyMunky 3 years
England to recreate 66 world cup final by waering all red kit 0
simonjmr 3 years

The kit has a good track record against Germany said Fabio Capello - "the normal white one is proved to be a bit of an albatross against Germany, we expect big things and the kit to be an integral...

New iPhone4 "only suitable for two-handed amputees" say Apple. 0
pinxit 3 years

Jobs for the boys...

Bipolar potholer: I've been in some dark places, now I've stepped into the light 0
simonjmr 3 years
Sealed Knot expands re-enactments to pub punch-ups 4
Oxbridge 3 years
Govt To Send Penal Battalions to Afghanistan. 0
Dun Dunkin 3 years

'I suppose it covers a lot of their bases', said a General. 'Solves the manpower problem, the prison problem, the financial problem all at once'. 'We are not talking about sending people for say...

Foreign Students Learning English Listen to 1xtra by Mistake. 0
Dun Dunkin 3 years

'We don't know what to do with them' said an elder of the village.'They want compensation because they can't get jobs in offices or call centres with that type of English.' 'Now I iz a bad blud coz...

Piers Morgan marries Self 0
simonjmr 3 years

Will Self was shocked but looked dashing in pearls, lace and cream brocade...

Mystery surrounds 'donkey cock-boy' on Google Street View 0
simonjmr 3 years
Actors' first day in theatre "a bloody nightmare" 0
simonjmr 3 years

Holby City's newly cast James Jacobson was due yestrday to spend several hours observing surgeons and doctors at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Whilst shadowing a senior consulant surgeon James was...

Bankers say Osbourne Bank Levy duty plan holds no water. 0
Basil_B 3 years
Fault on iPhone 4 leaves users unable to stop blathering on about it 4
Ludicity 3 years
Historic Wimbledon visit by Queen ends 70-68 against Maria Sharapova 1
Ludicity 3 years
First crisis for new Australian PM as rugby, cricket and football teams all lose 1
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
England 'trespass' fan faces second trial after breaking into Judge's chambers 0
Ludicity 3 years
Cameron announces plan to cut G8 to G6 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Glastonbury crowds disappointed as Prince refuses to sing Sexy Mother Fucker 0
Ludicity 3 years
USA is invited to join League of nations who have been shafted for oil 5
simonjmr 3 years

Iraq and Afghanistan cordially invite the USA to attend the inaugural meeting after BP's Gulf of Mexico debacle. "Usually the USA is the guilty agressors in these meetings it just makes a nice...

Cameron: "the price British Petroleum is paying for Gulf activities - too high" 0
simonjmr 3 years
Estate agent peddled properties with an estimated street value of £5m 1
StoopyDeGunt 3 years


Coalition welcomes study that says welfare cuts will reduce number of claimants 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Scientists say voters will not feel pain of cuts in first 24 weeks of Coalition 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
American pedant does typo shock horrror 1
Scroat 3 years
French cannibal killer gets 30 years for choice of white wine sauce 0
edward hack 3 years

Rick Splein soon...

Fears of troop unrest in Afghanistan as Cameron sacks legendary leader Biggles 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years

After some fruity adjectives in his latest book "Biggles Stuffs a Politician", David Cameron recalled the legendary icon, Wing Commander Biggles, from Afghanistan and sacked him Cameron explained...

Roman brothel found in Hambleden. Clegg demands apology from Vatican. 0
Griffin 3 years
Coming soon to a chemist near you 1
hero2zero 3 years

Following recent developments in contraceptive cigarettes, pharmaceutical giant, Marlborough Medicines announce planned introduction of contraceptive nicotine patches for those giving up smoking and...

Owner of stall selling Donkey meat on Blackpool beach diagnosed with Assburgers 4
Iamthestig 3 years
Prince Charles declares: 'Wales is a monstrous carbuncle on the face of England' 1
PluckyMunky 3 years
BP 'No Oil Painting' 1
Doctor Moptop 3 years

BP's woes increased this week as its long-term sponsorship of The Arts came under attack. The press opening of the BP Portrait Awards was gatecrashed by the Don't Panic collective who offered guests...