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NATO jets readied as UN imposes 'No-fly zone' over Basildon 1
pinxit 19.09.11 9:05am
Davina McCall to cover Dale Farm evictions. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 19.09.11 9:49am
Al OPecia
Troops withdrawn from Afghanistan now Paralympic Squads full

Prime Minister David Cameron made a joint announcement with Lord Coe today, setting out timetables for withdrawl of British troops from Afghanistan. Lord Coe followed this announcement by naming the...

Ironduke 23.08.12 11:00pm
Dale Farm residents mystified by delivery of large wooden horse 4
vertical 19.09.11 6:41pm
Strictly spoiler: Russell Grant knows "for a fact" he will win.

Fans of the BBC's sequinned Saturday night dance show are up in arms at unguarded comments made by celebrity contestant Russell Grant. "I only entered because I was able to predict I would win,"...

Boutros 18.09.11 5:24pm
Thousands attempting to flee Newcastle on foot foiled by unclear signage 1
Vertically Challenged Giant 19.09.11 4:01pm
Taxi Drivers, Dogs Respond Equally to Super High-Pitch Whistle 0
Drylaw 18.09.11 11:12am
Man has bargain £90 rowing machine sent straight to council recycling facility

When the email from Groupon arrived offering a half-price York R510 rowing machine, Mile Richards was ecstatic "I've always wanted one to go along with the weights bench, cross trainer and cycling...

antharrison 20.09.11 10:05am
greg various
Teenager Found in German Forest Being Treated for Severe Brand Deprivation

The mystery teenager who walked out of a German forest last week having apparently spent the last five years living there with his father is being treated for acute brand deprivation, a Foreign...

TokyoTomato 09.10.11 5:57pm
NHS Midwife Shortage blamed on NHS midwives not having babies on NHS says BUPA

56 year old NHS midwife Sharon Henderson’s mother was a midwife. So was her mother and her grandmother. But Sharon is amongst the growing group of NHS midwives who have refused to have children,...

antharrison 18.09.11 9:39am
9 year old accused of genocide after entire generation of Miis ‘disappear'

Based on a true story. When 7 year old Lewis awoke this morning he discovered that all his beloved Miis had been ‘disappeared’, and erased from memory in a coup d’etat by his elder brother...

Ian Searle 19.09.11 10:12am
Midfield Diamond
Playground Visitors 'on the slide' 1
LittleSpender 19.09.11 3:57pm
Danny Alexander forms bunch of ‘Merry Men’ to take from rich and give to poor

Danny put out a call to the greatest tax inspectors in the land to meet at a tavern on the green. There they will be asked to swear a vow to help the ordinary people. They will also be expected to...

Ian Searle 18.09.11 9:34am
Lib Dem Danny Alexander talks about life after Friends.

The Treasury Secretary talks exclusively to Newsbiscuit about his ten years playing Chandler Bing on hit show Friends and his new role as a token Lib Dem in the cabinet. As he is now.,...

MADJEZ 18.09.11 8:22am
Salsa chip industry latest victim of double dip recession 2
Dumbnews 19.09.11 3:45pm
McGuinness prepared to meet Queen. Jock strap and box in place 0
Pagantroll 17.09.11 11:17pm
Jane Hair Salon grand opening this week in Haworth. 3
rikkor 18.09.11 6:18am
Recession latest - a picture is now worth only 893 words. 1
Iscariot 17.09.11 7:15pm
Sleep disturbing phone message from hotel reception was 'a wake up call' 4
ronseal 19.09.11 4:00pm
England Humbled by Dwarf Nation

"They can chuck us around a bar when they're showing off to the sheilas but when it comes to the bit they're just beery old tossers," said Dwarf captain Tiny Thompson yesterday as his team savoured...

Drylaw 17.09.11 3:17pm
Royal Mail to issue commemorative 50p stamp with Nick Clegg's head 0
Pagantroll 17.09.11 1:40pm
Bankrupt Cricket Club visited by bailiffs. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 17.09.11 1:30pm
Al OPecia
I hear youve been having some trouble John?

Bloggs I mean,hes taking libertys,hes needs to be stopped,the guys a maniac,hes crazy,listen John,youve been like a father to me,a father I never had,I carry your photo in my wallet,Ive a big picture...

The Fat Man 17.09.11 2:11pm
Waterstones offer 3 for 2 on anthology edition of 'All My Best Jokes Explained' 6
Pagantroll 17.09.11 7:13pm
Cash-strapped Surgical Bra manufacturer goes tits up 0
pinxit 17.09.11 12:18pm
Chattering classes in Henley-on-Thames outraged

"Spoof news website makes us look totally stupid" alleges Humphrey Featherstonhaugh.

Scroat 17.09.11 12:08pm
European banks break off talks after Star Wars Release Shocker

In an expected move, several major European banks have suspended discussions on the future of the Euro to consider the addition of the word "Noooooo" to the Blue Ray release of Star Wars. Josef...

apepper 17.09.11 11:42am
McGuinness to offer Gaddafi job swap

In an honest acknowledgement of his dubious past, Sinn Fein President and new Irish Premier elect Martin McGuiness suggested a ground breaking new political move today that if successful would...

Basil_B 17.09.11 11:28am
No CBeebies for Post Op Pat

Richard Deverell, controller of Children’s Entertainment at the BBC has confirmed the network is to axe one of its most enduring children’s programmes which will usher in the end of one of the...

Gerontius 17.09.11 12:12pm
New board announced for Campanology society, we're ringing in the changes 0
simonjmr 17.09.11 6:03am