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Saddam Hussein reviews He-man

I catched my son watching cartoon called He-man other day. I watch it and I get disgust, it just American propaganda lies to turn all my dear fellow Iraqis against me so they not vote for me at next...

Michael Cargill 19.12.11 9:44am
Michael Cargill
Kim Jong-il heart attack

triggered by realisation that all his savings are in Euros...

John Ffitch-Rucker 19.12.11 9:43am
John Ffitch-Rucker
FSA to advise IMF & ECB on lending to people who can’t afford the repayments 1
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:38am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Osborne to argue for split between Tories and more risky Clegg 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:23am
Duncan Biscuit
Sudden death of isolated, unloved euro announced on Brussels TV 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Summer rioters point out MPs got their plasma TVs for free as well 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Koreans divided over Kim Jong-Il’s legacy 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.12.11 9:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Vaclav Havel Czechs out 0
Oxbridge 19.12.11 9:16am
S&P's R&D face Q&A on M&S's M&A of B&Q. (TBC ASAP) 0
Username 19.12.11 9:02am
Lists of the year's best lists to be released tomorrow 0
Nick McCarr 19.12.11 8:34am
Nick McCarr
Simon Cowell proclaimed new President of North Korea. More soon.

Al OPecia 19.12.11 8:26am
Al OPecia
Kim Jong-un renamed Kim Jong-well to reassure grieving nation 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:45am
irregular apple
Tributes pour in to Kim Jung-Dead 0
ronseal 19.12.11 7:43am
Kim Jong-il dies of embarrassment at having girl's name

More to follow...

apepper 19.12.11 7:36am
Hans Blix has the last laugh as Kim Jong-il is killed whilst wrestling a shark 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:34am
irregular apple
Kim Jong Il bows out as 5 time North Korean 'Strictly Come Dancing' champion 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:30am
irregular apple
Global sales of platform shoes down as Kim Jong-il dies 0
irregular apple 19.12.11 7:25am
irregular apple
Kim Jong-Il dies, Kim Jong-Un succeeds, Kim Jong-Aggie tidies up 0
Perks 19.12.11 6:15am
Kim Jong-un to start his new Korea

I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come...

Psycadelic Squirrel 19.12.11 4:36am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Kim Jong very Ill

And ronery. So very ronery...

DorsetBoy 19.12.11 4:02am
French Government demands independent review of World War 2 result.

Sarkozy claims brave French resistance fighters got the result while British soldiers sat around moaning about the weather. And the food. And the beer. And the locals...

deskpilot3 19.12.11 2:30am
Rare and 'seminal' manuscript by Sigmund Freud to be sold at Mothebys 0
Username 18.12.11 11:29pm
Hairdresser prepares Christmas dinner with all the trimmings 4
medici2471 18.12.11 11:26pm
All together now

I penned this a few years ago but have decided to re-release it as a result of popular demand:, , Rudolph the junkie reindeer Rudolph the junkie reindeer, Sniffed cocaine up through his nose,...

antharrison 18.12.11 11:23pm
Mrs Schrödinger leaves husband after inappropriate Christmas presents fiasco. 5
dominic_mcg 18.12.11 10:40pm
What's behind the EURO ?

The roots of the EURO can be found in its negative O'Rue., SInce its founding, it was believed the EURO to haven been developed on a suggestion from Theo Waigel, then Germany's Finance Minister....

Hugh Nose 18.12.11 10:33pm
Police seize collection of knives from terror suspect’s kitchen

A Birmingham man is being detained by anti-terror police after a raid on his home uncovered a ‘horrifying’ array of weapons, which included steak knives, a hammer, and an 8-inch serrated blade...

Vertically Challenged Giant 18.12.11 10:26pm
Emergency services prepare for traditional Christmas light aircraft crash 1
medici2471 18.12.11 8:35pm
PM comes down against Nazis

The Prime Minister has made it clear that he is opposed to government members impersonating Nazi party members. "I'm determined that this is going to minimized in the government.", said David Cameron...

apepper 18.12.11 8:16pm
Audi set to rebrand A5 on fifth day of christmas

Five gold rings....

Hugh Nose 18.12.11 8:12pm
Hugh Nose