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Dyslexic "Class War" activists target Hastings Pier 1
hero2zero 3 years

Lord Hastings shocked at revelation...

Ian Dementia Smith goes potty! 0
Kazytc 3 years

Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, Iain Dementia Smith who is currently at loggerheads with the Treasury amidst a reform of the welfare state; admitted today that he has been working and...

Prince Phillip well below stairs with a Tart-an 0
Kazytc 3 years

Prince Phillip dropped another clanger today when he asked a lady called Annabel Goldie MSP if she would show him her Tartan knickers and bra, Annabel Goldie flattered at this remark whispered in his...

Prince Charles He Tarzan Tree Jane 0
Kazytc 3 years

Today Prince Charles the Queen's joke shop eared buffoon of a son, was again, up to more of his juvenile delinquent tricks. this time he was caught stealing tree's from the gardens of residents,...

Posh & Becks & the Queen of Tarts 0
Kazytc 3 years

Victoria and David Beckham are at loggerheads tonight after a woman calling herself "The Queen of Tarts" claims to have had a steamy affair with David, behind Victoria's back. Victoria...

Cameron teaches bosses to mind own business 0
Kazytc 3 years

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has formed a 19 person, Business Advisory Group, which will meet tri-monthly, to learn how to mind their own business and not everyone else's. The group includes...

Scientists Save the world! 0
Kazytc 3 years

New Hope for the worlds Politicians and country leaders was revealed today, they are to have grants given to them, for brain transplants, after scientists found that 10 out of every 10, world leaders...

Hedonistic Ed Miliband on Ego Support in Hospital 0
Kazytc 3 years

Ed Miliband the new leader of the Labour Party, has been rushed to hospital, in a serious condition, he is suffering from Swollen Ego Syndrome, the condition is thought to be life threatening for the...

Bill Clinton shares a Peace Pipe with Irish Leprachauns 0
Kazytc 3 years

Former US president, Bill Clinton, has been in Londonderry, in Ireland today, showing his support for the peace Pipe talks. Bill Clinton stole the media spotlight when he was filmed sitting in a...

Voyeur Mark Yuckerberg Voyeur sells your Secrets 0
Kazytc 3 years

Mark Yuckerberg the creator of the popular social net working web site, Facebook, has been exposed as a secret Voyeur. Reading everyone's private mail through Facebook, Mark Yuckerberg has been...

Prince Phillip - show me your Tartan Knickers 0
Kazytc 3 years

HRH Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh was back in the public spotlight today, it would appear that he is practically beyond hope, amidst, his, senile and geriatric juvenile delinquent behaviour...

Lady Ga Ga gets meaty on Hollywood Boulevard 0
Kazytc 3 years

Lady Ga Ga who is partial to wearing clothes made from raw meat was today seen walking along Hollywood Boulevard wearing a string of pork sausages around her neck instead for a necklace, a mini dress...

Jacks in Office discovered on Planet Tax-it 0
Kazytc 3 years

An amazing discovery has been made today, by astronomers manning the Keck telescope in Hawaii, it is a new planet with all of the attributes of Earth. Excited by this discovery, astronomers...

Police Spy on Muslims Curries 0
Kazytc 3 years

West Midlands police, have been forced to apologise to Muslims living in several suburbs of Birmingham UK, for spying on them using 2,000 newly erected CCTV camera's, all strategically placed, to...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Minister it's Erotica 2010 (Adult Content) 0
Kazytc 3 years

The House of Commoners, has hosted another of its Erotica events, this being Erotica 2010. The evening, organized by Mr Christ-what-ado; who is behind the Udder Lounge Nightclub for Cows, inspired...

Government announces end to crime with arrival of 'SuperHead' 0
red 3 years

The government has unveiled the latest weapon in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour in the form of a masked social conscience protagonist called simply 'SuperHead'. By day, Superhead...

Hastings residents celebrate bonfire night exactly one month too early ... 1
Kramaring 3 years

Calendar mix-up blah blah blah...

Child Benefit cut hits fundamental right to second holiday claim middle class. 11
MADJEZ 3 years
Military action in Afghanistan falls foul of Health & Safety nazis 0
3 years

Less than a month after UK forces handed over the town of Sangin to US forces, it now appears that the real reason for the exit was pressure from inspectors from the Health & Safety Executive who...

Indian Commonwealth games ailment table so far 4
Basil_B 3 years

1. Australia 20 ailments, including 10 cases of gastroenteritis, 3 cases of typhoid and 7 cases of jaundice, 2. Great Britain 15 ailments, including 7 cases of gastroenteritis, 6 cases of...

Benefits to be simplified into one enormous single payment to David Cameron 1
la maga 3 years
New breed of black squirrel plays racism card after being picked on by greys. 2
Basil_B 3 years
Hastings Pier Latest Victim of Pier Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome [PICS] 3
Dun Dunkin 3 years

Dutch Elm Disease, Horse Chestnut Blight and Pier Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome [PICS] are 3 of the scourges of Britain for which there is no known cure. Several piers have fallen victim to PICS....

El Cid in shock Islam conversion - Moor soon. 3
therustler 3 years
"UK now a big branch of Tesco" fears confirmed by Tesco-Value Tory Government 8
wolfie 3 years

Cameron, the hitherto Teflon Tory, shocked onlookers when, during a baby kissing session, some dribble removed the PM's flesh-coloured surface to reveal the familiar blue and white stripes...

Great White Shark to be renamed under new equalities law 0
therustler 3 years

Under new equalities law recently brought in the great white shark will now be known as the really quite large but not in a fat way Caucasian shark. Other aquatic creatures being renamed include...

One in ten underwater creatures state religion as Jedi in marine census 1
ianslat 3 years
Public saddened to learn Hastings even had a pier. 3
MADJEZ 3 years

The council have already announced plans to leave it a derelict eyesore much like the one in Brighton...

Clegg: "That's not what we agreed" - and cries 0
Sinnick 3 years

Cameron must be wetting himself laughing...

People Admit Smoking Cannabis Helps Them Sit Through a Nigel Kennedy Concert 1
IABP 3 years