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Change Control Board meeting turns into a "Devil Nightmare".

Neat-O Anagram just for Harry...

Al OPecia 20.05.13 7:42pm
Al OPecia
3 brothers seeking union applaud precedent set by same sex marriage bill 0
topfotogmw 20.05.13 7:38pm
Gay marriage plans derailed by ridiculously fashionable clothing on the line

'We can't say it was the wrong kind of clothes, because they were just so, so right' said a spokesman, before bursting into tears...

Crooked Man 20.05.13 6:48pm
Crooked Man
God arrested for stealing man's thunder 1
Dumbnews 20.05.13 6:08pm
Al OPecia
Tory's face "worst nightmare" as aggressive homosexual attacks swivel-eyed loon

A top level Conservative Party official has claimed that the party faces it's "worst nightmare" after a swivel eyed loon was attacked by an aggressive homosexual. The official said, "It was our...

andrewl81 20.05.13 5:58pm
John Terry snubs "US" tour by claiming it should all be about "Me"

Chelsea claim he has an injury:a bruised ego...

irreverendJ 20.05.13 4:59pm
Police uncover plans for Chelsea Flower Show air strike

Preparations for the Chelsea Flower Show continue to be disrupted following a statement by the metropolitan police that they have uncovered a planned air strike., The air admitted that it will be...

Not Amused 20.05.13 4:53pm
Not Amused
Tories deny 'swivel eyed loon' comment was reference to Michael Gove 1
sillybugger 20.05.13 3:58pm
Ref Minor
Godolphin scandal widens..."we didn't do it on porpoise", says Sheikh Mohammed

Another obvious one so apologies for any repitition!...

topfotogmw 20.05.13 3:54pm
Porn industry thinks children should be exposed to education

There is growing alarm among the U.K.’s leading pornographers, that children as old as 16 are still to be exposed to basic literacy and numeracy. Research suggests that some students in later...

Wrenfoe 20.05.13 3:51pm
Al OPecia
Abu Qatada 'home for Christmas'

He can't believe his mince pie, according to a friend...

Crooked Man 20.05.13 3:29pm
Crooked Man
Bill Gates is world's richest man again after loan from Wonga

Bill Gates regained the title of World's Richest Man after taking out a loan from Wonga of 5 trillion dollars. 'I saw their ad on my 58 TVs,' he said today. 'The old people looked so nice and...

John Wiltshire 20.05.13 3:15pm
John Wiltshire
Daleks adopt the slogan 'We are swivel-eyed loons'

A spokesdalek for the Daleks said today that they were proud to call themsleves 'swivel-eyed loons.' 'Forget the Conservatives,' said Dalek Sek. 'We are the original swivel-eyed loons. We only have...

John Wiltshire 20.05.13 3:02pm
Gove heckled by head teachers ' it's your own time you're wasting' he responds 6
topfotogmw 20.05.13 2:58pm
Home Secretary courts popularity by holding gay marriage in May garage. 0
nickb 20.05.13 2:55pm
Mouthwash manufacturers to market "Gurgle Glasses" 0
nickb 20.05.13 2:19pm
Home Counties opthalmic surgeons report increase in private work 0
nickb 20.05.13 1:58pm
Swivel-Eyed Leader Of An Opposition Party Denies He Is A Secret Tory Activist 0
Titus 20.05.13 1:48pm
Swivel Eyed Loons reform for Glastonbury headlining set

Eight piece 'anarcho-musical collective' The Swivel Eyed Loons are to reform for a one-off show at this summer's Glastonbury Festival. The self-styled 'cosmic jokers' say that they are 'chuffed to...

Skylarking 20.05.13 1:38pm
Milliband Elected As Leader Of Swivel-Eyed Loon Party 2
Titus 20.05.13 1:33pm
Clearasil's social cricket team accused of spot fixing 0
brianflan 20.05.13 1:24pm
Newly-crowned Scrabble champion spends night on the tiles. 3
sredni vashta 20.05.13 12:27pm
sredni vashta
Kim Jong-un to mate with Crested Shelduck

The international community breathed a collective sigh of relief to discover that the recent military posturing by North Korea was all part of an elaborate courtship ritual. Despite his marriage to...

Wrenfoe 20.05.13 12:07pm
SNP and BNP to merge to form a single party of Brutish Nationalists 0
ronseal 20.05.13 11:51am
British Soap Awards awarded most pointless event in the universe award.

The planet earth rejoiced last night after it was revealed the Intergalactic Federation of Galaxies have awarded the British Soap Awards the award for most pointless event in the known universe....

theinvisiblecitychannels 20.05.13 10:50am
Thatcher Brain Scan In Lancaster Bomber Upgrade

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has confirmed that the UK's last airworthy Lancaster bomber has been fitted with a controversial software upgrade as part of a major cost-cutting exercise. 'In times...

Landfill 20.05.13 10:34am
Way ahead unclear for swivel-eyed loon party.

Majority favouring the left...

raudus 20.05.13 10:30am
Gay marriage opponents attempt to stop mandate 2
charlies_hat 20.05.13 10:29am
Hollyoaks now broadcast down under. Attacks on British expats soar.

More reasons to whinge soon...

brianflan 20.05.13 10:28am
Increase in spam down to ‘excellent quality replica designer bags’ say experts

A marked increase in the amount of spam appearing on internet forums has been caused by the outstanding quality of replica designer goods that are now available, according to experts. ‘For a long...

Vertically Challenged Giant 20.05.13 9:18am