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Complaints as Channel Islands brochure only contains Sarky comments. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 02.03.13 7:14pm
Amazon to Sell Tee-Shirts saying "Keep Calm and Avoid Paying Tax" 0
Titus 02.03.13 7:10pm
Shock as politician disappears up his own massive arsehole

The search has been called off for a Tory MP, with his head stuck up his own arse, who had such a high opinion of himself that a massive hole opened up and he completely disappeared. Backbenchers...

Ian Searle 02.03.13 7:06pm
Ian Searle
O'Farrell regrets taking Wenger's advice to aim for 4th place 0
Des Custard 02.03.13 4:54pm
Des Custard
Charles cautiously hopeful as he Googles "gastroenteritis" 0
sydalg 02.03.13 4:53pm
John O'Farrell notes that Eastleigh is "very close to the Isle of Wight"

He's not bitter at all...

AReader 02.03.13 3:38pm
Conservative Party HQ admits confusion over Eastleigh 'Buy Election'

"It's always worked in the past"...

tedweasel 02.03.13 3:19pm
Shepherd from Specsavers ad arrested for obscene act with collie

(neato) Another twist might have been that this was the original Specsavers ad but they got told to 'tone it down a bit'...

Squudge 02.03.13 2:28pm
Dick Everyman
Kitten-hurting scandal engulfs Tories.

It started with an innocent remark. David Cameron, keen to demonstrate political toughness in the wake of the Tory defeat in Eastleigh, threatened to “hurt a kitten.” Later he told reporters he...

nickb 02.03.13 1:55pm
Gastroenteritis likely to prolong monarch's time on throne

Bilious sovereign EIIR etc etc...

spoole2112 02.03.13 1:18pm
David Cameron to start image makeover by “hurting kitten” after Eastleigh rout

Claims that David Cameron’s brand of conservatism isn’t tough enough have led to the Tory leader threatening to “hurt a kitten” to demonstrate his commitment to old style Tory values. ...

nickb 02.03.13 12:56pm
Londoner confuses a Latin sheep with a breaded star sign

[url=]No more soon[/url]...

Perks 02.03.13 12:18pm
Goverment cutbacks latest; UK to be 2D only by 2017 0
apepper 02.03.13 11:37am
Goverment cutbacks latest; UK to be 2D only by 2017

The government has announced that the "unnecessary frill" of 3D reality is going to be phased out over the next 4 years. "It really adds very little to the experience yet introduces costs throughout...

apepper 02.03.13 11:37am
Al Qaeda leaders agree to waive bonus after disappointing 2012 results 10
cinquecento 02.03.13 10:38am
Queen has Friday night vindaloo and 9 lagers to establish empathy with 30s males 1
scribbler 02.03.13 10:26am
Judge halts sheep trial as collies fail to come-by a verdict

Bit late in the pen...

Dick Everyman 02.03.13 8:52am
Dick Everyman
Vatican HR issues further demand for Benedict to return Blackberry charger 0
cinquecento 02.03.13 8:45am
Cameron dismisses Eastleigh, Hampshire as provincial, irrelevant, non-core 2
scribbler 02.03.13 8:35am
Yahoo to triple employee productivity by forbidding employees to ever go home 0
Dumbnews 02.03.13 5:17am
McDonalds confirm that tests show their burgers contain no meat whatsoever 0
02.03.13 2:21am
Labour And Tories To Consider Quality Of Lies After By-Election

The National Executive of both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have promised to undertake a wide ranging review looking at the quality of their lies after voters in Eastleigh turned their...

andrewl81 02.03.13 12:54am
Vertically Challenged Giant
"99 piece screwdriver set" contained 98 screws.

And no making up your own jokes now...

deskpilot3 02.03.13 12:49am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Labour signs pact with Elvis Loves Pets Party to beat Monster Raving Loony Party 0
sydalg 02.03.13 12:34am
Ross had 'sex with daugher in front of parents'

So called ‘edgy funny man’ Jonathan Ross has been at it again, bragging about his sexual conquest of an elderly couple’s daughter. Ross, 55, said that ‘he hadn’t had such a good night for...

shaggy 02.03.13 12:14am
Milliband: "Well, We Got 4,088 More Votes At Eastleigh Than The Greens" 0
Titus 01.03.13 11:36pm
Benedict's butler paroled

Paolo Gabriele has been released early from detention and will take up the role of butler to the Pope Emeritus. It was widely reported at the time of his conviction that on his release he would not...

Iscariot 01.03.13 11:03pm
Queen pulls a sickie to avoid visiting Swansea 1
custard cream 01.03.13 11:01pm
Cameron pledges to restrict gay migrants to win back disaffected Tories 0
custard cream 01.03.13 10:54pm
custard cream
John O'Farrell wins Eastleigh....deposit back 0
AReader 01.03.13 10:31pm