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Riots cost JD Sports £700,000 of stock, actual cost after discounts £100,000 0
simonjmr 21.09.11 9:17am
Police abandon attempt to find source for article after noticing "by-line"

Metropolitan police have dropped an action against the Guardian newspaper to reveal the source of a story. A police spokesman said that it had been noticed that there was a "by-line" beside the story...

apepper 21.09.11 8:42am
Obama says:"...misunderstanding, I meant I wanted to raise taxi fares for rich." 0
RJWinter 21.09.11 8:18am
Greeks to increase amount of taxes no one's going to pay

apocalypse soon...

greg various 21.09.11 7:47am
greg various
Next US Presidential election to be decided by Duckworth-Lewis method

After two of the recent elections were decided by courts, the Federal Election Commission have now decided that the fairest method and potentially the least controversial will be a true One Man One...

brownpaperreporter 21.09.11 7:49am
greg various
Workers in flooded ruler factory saved by raft of measures 23
Des Custard 28.09.11 9:06am
Inexplicable move towards ITV fuels theory of "Aunty-Gravity." 0
SingingHinny 21.09.11 5:41am
Coldplay to tour Arctic Circle in series of 4d concerts 1
SpankyMonkey 21.09.11 12:06pm
Gentrified neighborhood undergoing rundownification 0
Dumbnews 21.09.11 12:16am
Clegg Speech to Take Pride of Place on Cameron's Fridge

David Cameron has revealed that a copy of Nick Clegg conference speech has been attached to his Downing Street fridge., Liberal Democrats had hoped that the speech would be used by their coalition...

thisisall1word 21.09.11 12:44pm
Council worker sacked for not being off sick

In a recent clampdown Bolton council has sacked a worker for not being off sick enough in his 3 month probationary period. A council representative stated that this kind of behaviour will not be...

Makkers1 20.09.11 9:39pm
"We will continue the search for ironic oxymorons" say American Intellegance 9
Perks 22.09.11 8:06am
Berlusconi blamed as Italy's credit rating downgraded to 'XXX' 0
MADJEZ 20.09.11 9:19pm
Close Encounters.

Sci-Fi fans should head for Sheffield University this week for a UFO conference focusing on ‘abductees’ - people who have met aliens and have returned to describe the experience. These include a...

Ralphy Snoops 20.09.11 8:26pm
Ralphy Snoops
Teachers to strike over public sector strikes

The National Union of Teachers has announced it will ballot members on strike action over the proposed national strike action by other public sector workers. The NUT has come to the conclusion that...

Perks 20.09.11 8:11pm
'No fat chicks' certificate urged for films that feature doughnuts 1
20.09.11 7:59pm
Tennis strike may affect UK weather

Chaos theory experts predict that the possible tennis strike if timed correctly, in conjunction with the 140,000 people not gathering in one place in Somerset, could lead to perfect weather for the...

Screenie 20.09.11 4:38pm
McIntyre proves how shit he is with 3 month sell-out tour

Would be comedians and second rate satirists were cheering loudly today after much maligned comic Michael McIntyre proved just how right they all are to question his comic timing by quitting as a...

Gerontius 22.09.11 6:00pm
Tennis players may strike, says Murray. World wide apathy breaks out. 0
arthurminnit 20.09.11 3:51pm
Barack Obama Bananarama Llama Farmer Drama

US president Barack Obama is reported "unfazed" after a llama, presented to him by ex-Bananarama singer Jacquie O'Sullivan - who now owns her own llama farm in Stroud, Gloucestershire - escaped...

Chris Niven-Brady 20.09.11 3:13pm
Cayman Island Charity 'grateful' for £1m donation from Rupert Murdoch 0
pinxit 20.09.11 12:44pm
Japanese military names Mozilla as prime suspect in cyber attack 3
Qoxiivi 20.09.11 10:38pm
Scottish tennis ace suspected of foul play

Scottish tennis ace Andy Murray is at the centre of a controversy after accusations following his recent win over Ukraian world number 62 Sergiy Stakhovsky in their recent Davis Cup clash....

button 20.09.11 8:29pm
16 Certificate urged for films containing mopeds 0
20.09.11 11:55am
Met Office to start naming drizzle

In an effort to sex up the weather forecast, the Met Office will begin issuing names to weather fronts containing drizzle. Weather Squadron Leader Wincey Willis went on to predict that "Drizzle...

grottymonty 20.09.11 11:19am
Amusing section of James Cordon stand up routine 'just a funny five minutes' 4
Screenie 20.09.11 3:32pm
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne to make it easier to transfer speeding tickets. 0
MADJEZ 20.09.11 10:47am
Silvio Berlusconi to start "Charging for it"

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister has responded to the downgrading of Italy's debt rating by saying that "the beautiful ladies will have to pay for my favours". Berlusconi went on to say...

apepper 11.11.11 6:03am
Man travels from future to confirm time travel is not possible

Scores of scientific theories were laid to rest yesterday when physicist Brian Furrowes arrived from the year 2121 to confirm that time travel is not possible. Furrowes, 52, who will be born in...

Chris Niven-Brady 20.09.11 10:43am
Chris Niven-Brady
Suicidal schizophrenic "couldn't live with himself any longer"

More later...

spoole2112 20.09.11 10:10am