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Nancy freedom bid foiled but "I only have to be lucky once" 0
Drylaw 11.06.12 8:52am
Coalition says claims that new Whitehall Mandarin is a duck are just fowl play 0
Scronnyglonkle 11.06.12 8:44am
'Cut and paste' Ofsted reports denied.

Ofsted have denied the use of “cut and paste“ in recent school inspection reports. Almost identical wording is present in two school inspection reports. In a statement released by Ofsted it said...

weematt 11.06.12 8:44am
newsbiscuit editorial team
David Cameron admits he 'accidentally left Britain in the toilet' 0
Midnight Dreary 11.06.12 8:34am
Midnight Dreary
US and Italian politicians to give British MPs lessons in ‘proper’ corruption.

A group of American and Italian politicians have sold out Earls Court this weekend with a series of seminars aimed at educating British politicians on more effective public office corruption. Event...

Corrigan 11.06.12 8:15am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Parody News Sites Down Worldwide

after being overloaded by submissions regarding Cameron's daddy/daughter day...

Textbook 11.06.12 8:05am
Spain celebrates €100 billion bailout out with 5 day national holiday

After already hailing the €100 billion bank bailout as a ‘victory for Spain’, Spanish Prime Minister Mario Rajoy went a step further and announced a week long national holiday and a victory...

Yikes 11.06.12 7:24am
New Facebook pay to promote option will create 'ofs and of-nots' say experts 2
Haywood Manley 11.06.12 7:12am
Haywood Manley
Nuns confused as Catholic church condemns Penguins 0
charlies_hat 11.06.12 6:57am
Report concludes there are not enough Jockeys in Formula 1

An FIA investigation has concluded that, in addition to the lack of ethnic and female drivers in Formula 1, there are also not enough jockeys. F1 Supremo, Bernie Ecclestone said, "We are making...

seymour totti 11.06.12 6:09am
World religions in futile search to find any man over 40 who is not a scoundrel 0
Dumbnews 11.06.12 4:26am
Facebook to ask users, "Is this showing off" before allowing them to post 0
Dumbnews 11.06.12 4:25am
UK ask Santander for Abbey Nation back after Spanish bank bailout billions. 0
MADJEZ 10.06.12 10:17pm
Britain spared Gary Barlow jubilee single for 5 days, threat level remains high. 0
MADJEZ 10.06.12 10:00pm
Adele penguin 'sex romp' shocker

The Natural History Museum say they have come across photographic evidence of Grammy award winning singer Adele and a man dressed in a penguin costume taking part in what has been described as...

Gerontius 10.06.12 9:33pm
Rain to continue to fall on empty Glastonbury Festival fields

Met Office forecasts warn of more heavy rain and high winds in the next few days over the deserted Glastonbury Festival site in Somerset. A festival spokesman said the fields were looking green,...

roybland 10.06.12 9:22pm
Some band you’ve never even heard of to headline huge festival

The prestigious Saturday night headlining slot at this year's Reading Festival has been announced; it's some group that you know absolutely nothing about, being over the age of 22 and therefore...

Skylarking 10.06.12 8:47pm
Pete Doherty takes up scuba diving after crack found in reservoir. 1
Thor 10.06.12 8:43pm
Roy Keane Sent Home From Euros By ITV

The former Manchester United skipper was sensationally sent home last night following complaints about the facilities he and his fellow ITV pundits have been forced to work with., Keane has already...

Hooch 10.06.12 8:34pm
Authorities rule that small holes in Pennal dam are against regulations 0
kga6 10.06.12 5:58pm
South Wales suffering under 6 feet of draught 1
beau-jolly 10.06.12 5:19pm
Schools could hit foreign language targets by becoming French.

Schools could meet their foreign language targets by including the number of pupils learning English among the total of students studying a foreign language, it was announced today. To make the...

Boutros 10.06.12 4:35pm
Austerity sees Greek version of 'The Apprentice' in the firing line

Greece’s version of the popular business contest ‘The Apprentice’ has descended into farce following cutbacks and austerity from the producers, and claims of cheating by some of the contenders....

Perks 10.06.12 3:24pm
Village in Gwynedd evacuated over damn risk

more friggin news later...

virtuallywill 10.06.12 2:48pm
Greece twinned with Broke, NSW

More to follow...

apepper 10.06.12 1:59pm
Porn stars urged to ‘adopt a wild merkin’

Hairless porn stars are being urged to ‘do their bit’ for the endangered merkin, by offering them somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter. With fewer than 80 breeding pairs remaining in the...

10.06.12 1:16pm
Cameron may face 'war hero' embarrassment at Leveson Inquiry

Downing Street is demanding fairly strict security for David Cameron's appearance at the Leveson Inquiry on Thursday to stop demonstrators embarrassing the Prime Minister with 'war hero' plaudits....

roybland 10.06.12 12:50pm
EU happy as Spain to borrow billions, in same strategy that failed in Greece

100 Billion Euros, to be worth £2 Billion in 2 years...

virtuallywill 10.06.12 12:17pm
Guantanamo Bay’s reputation as extreme bondage paradise takes a battering

Fans of extreme BDSM were in shock following the release of disturbing new pictures from the Cuban base showing nothing more interesting than occasional mild shackling. “The widespread humane...

Yikes 10.06.12 11:18am
Spotty, little schoolboy, Osbourne, says.........

."Please, sir, it's not me making the mess, it's those big boys, out there in the playgroundI think."...

Jesse Bigg 10.06.12 9:47am
Jesse Bigg