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Gay cure posters removed from London Buses, after protest from Miserable people 0
Iamthestig 13.04.12 10:37am
New suburban housing trend identifed as Mock Solar

If you can't afford the investment of a 28 metre photo-voltaic generator and don't understand feed-in tariffs, there's an exciting new option. New Mock Solar solar panels add thousands to your house...

ronseal 13.04.12 10:27am
Daily Mail sales suffer due to bricklash 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:16am
German incest couple lose appeal: To seek asylum in Norfolk 2
weematt 13.04.12 10:15am
Jealous middle-aged Frenchman shoots Brick-layer 1
Yikes 13.04.12 10:13am
North Korea blames reliance on UK technology for rocket failure 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:04am
PHD students to investigate Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome

PHD students from Bristol university today have applied for funding to formally investigate "Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome" - a medical condition that is known to afflict at least on woman, but may...

simonjmr 13.04.12 10:03am
Life long underacheiver finally named underachiever of the year 6
simonjmr 13.04.12 9:41am
Self-explanatory lettuce launched. Cos. 1
nickb 13.04.12 9:39am
Refusing to serve customers who are on the phone 'standard policy for us' say BT

BT has refuted suggestions that a Norwich coffee shop's newly introduced policy, of refusing to serve customers while they're on the phone, is breaking new ground. 'Refusing to provide customer...

Qoxiivi 13.04.12 9:37am
North korea confirms testing weapons of mass self destruction. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 13.04.12 9:36am
Naked man who invaded pitch and assaulted several players had vicious streak 1
weematt 13.04.12 9:34am
Standard Fireworks deny any involvement in North Korean space programme 3
Scronnyglonkle 13.04.12 9:33am
New research suggests Badgers responsible for Titanic sinking

The countryside alliance today published a research paper which appears to prove that far from being sunk by an Iceberg, The Titanic was, in fact scuppered by the actions of Badgers on their way to...

Bismarck 13.04.12 9:32am
Drop in number of children taken into Mothercare 1
weematt 13.04.12 9:31am
Government introduces new High Speed Handcart link to reduce travel time to Hell 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:31am
Ian Searle
London Transport bans adverts for BLTs which claim bacon can be cured 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:28am
Ian Searle
UN appoint Jeremy Kyle to lead international conflict resolution.

The United Nations have announced the appointment of Jeremy Kyle to take up the newly created position of President of the Resolution of International Conflicts (PRIC). The move, sponsored by...

Perks 13.04.12 9:28am
Clegg designs new bath on pram wheels to help country go downhill quicker

With hilarious consequences. If you are an old man who was injured during a reckless experiment with two friends, you make be entitled to Compo-sation...

Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:27am
Ian Searle
New Facebook glasses mean you never have to see a real person again

New augmented reality glasses developed by Facebook will immediately transform anyone you see into their Facebook page, thus removing the need for any actual social contact. ‘These glasses are an...

Ludicity 13.04.12 9:25am
North Korean Rocket Test Proves Great Success

AngryGammon 13.04.12 12:26am
Straight Man Sits Through Entire Episode of 'Antiques Roadshow'

State College, PA-When his remote control batteries died, Michael Caswel, 28, was in a difficult position. The TV was stuck on the semi-popular PBS appraisal program., “I almost got up to change...

spaceinvader 12.04.12 10:48pm
Guild of Bricklayers ponders name change

or 2nd pick "Bricklayer abused in street"...

Yikes 12.04.12 9:46pm
Clegg promises “Media will stop going on about Titanic” after 100th anniversary

As the relentless media frenzy continues as the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic looms into view, a triumphant Nick Clegg announced last night that the Government had reached...

Stan 12.04.12 9:36pm
Auction house to publish Munch app: iScream 0
nickb 12.04.12 9:24pm
GB nation "old as time" opens to the world

In an extraordinary outpouring of emotion and fellowship, US president Obama and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao today broke decades of mystery by crossing together into the closed country of Great Britain...

Drylaw 12.04.12 8:26pm
Anglian Water Authority launch new large deposit early warning app

Water authority Anglian Water are the first to roll out a new app available for download which allows users to alert them to on-coming sizable turds. A spokeman for the company Peter Andrews told us...

button 12.04.12 7:42pm
Inmates "never had it so good" assures governor of U.S. SuperMac's prison 1
Lucy4 12.04.12 7:17pm
'It's trading standards gone mad' say football clubs forced to change names

There has been widespread consternation among football clubs up and down the country, following the news that trading standards officers have forced Chelsea FC to change their name to Fulham FC...

Oxbridge 12.04.12 7:05pm
Furniture store arsonist receives big discount on prison sentence 3
Mandy Lifeboat 12.04.12 7:00pm