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Coalition falls foul as "satisfactory" rating changed to "requires improvement"

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "This is not some small bureaucratic change. It marks a massive shift in attitude. I don't want the word 'satisfactory' to exist in any of our systems. 'Just good...

simonjmr 17.01.12 3:02pm
When J Edgar Met J Arthur – new bio-pic angers UK and US critics.

One was an American crime busting superhero, synonymous with clean living and domestic suction. The other was a British movie mogul and heir to a flour milling empire, who became known to millions...

nickb 17.01.12 2:57pm
Scouse thieves target film sound-track. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 17.01.12 2:41pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Charities Urge Support For Parents of Eerie Children 0
sredni vashta 17.01.12 2:21pm
sredni vashta
Miliband takes McCluskey to employment tribunal for constructive dismissal 3
cinquecento 17.01.12 1:58pm
80's Band Devo surprised by sudden revival in Scotland.

Whip it good!...

Al McHogan 17.01.12 1:39pm
Al McHogan
Nine Out Of Ten Pipe-Smoking Sex Therapists........

.Prefer a good shag...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 1:16pm
Al McHogan
Weary 'Sherlock' viewers expecting TARDIS to appear in next series.

More yesterday...

Al McHogan 17.01.12 1:12pm
Al McHogan
Spag Bol serving suggestion looks exactly like spag bol.

Anyone else obsessed with serving suggestions?...

Worth 17.01.12 12:44pm
"Soapy Pippa" blamed for Wikipedia outage 0
simonjmr 17.01.12 12:32pm
DFS and FA announce two-year deal for England’s armchair critics 1
Duncan Biscuit 17.01.12 12:17pm
Queen fears for increase incidence of "paint smell" during Jubilee year

After 60 years on the throne Queen Elizabeth II has today admitted that she has developed a phobia and allergic reaction to that "fresh paint smell" that seems to preceed her every visit. "It's got...

simonjmr 17.01.12 12:13pm
Richard O'Dwyer congratulates Abu Qatada 0
medici2471 17.01.12 10:44am
'Dogging' - The New Entertainment.....

.As the recession bites...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 10:32am
Jesse Bigg
New Underwear Developed.....

.To absorb those wicked leaks...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 9:55am
Jesse Bigg
Cruise passenger: 'I know I ordered Scotch on the rocks, but this is ridiculous'

The old ones are the best...

Scroat 17.01.12 9:55am
North Face recalls one million winter jackets

Manufacturer of outdoor clothing The North Face is recalling one million winter jackets over concerns that they could overheat in the unseasonably mild weather leading to their wearers being...

roybland 17.01.12 9:46am
NHS to abolish 'satisfactory' condition status

In future, patients will either be described as 'poorly' or 'on the mend.' Patients' groups condemned the move today as 'requiring improvement.'...

Scroat 17.01.12 9:43am
Nehmes Bastet to release comeback single 0
jp1885 17.01.12 9:40am
Bank of England Quantitative Easing policy extended to printing of "I.O.U's". 1
seymour totti 17.01.12 9:26am
Any patient in a satisfactory condition to be labelled ‘requires improvement' 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.01.12 9:10am
Duncan Biscuit
Inquiry as MoD’s axe procurement programme goes millions over-budget 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.01.12 9:07am
Duncan Biscuit
Rolling Stones release 'I can't get no Required Improvement' 0
charlies_hat 17.01.12 8:18am
'I am black' says Nick Griffin

British National Party leader Nick Griffin claimed yesterday that his party should not be called racist as he himself is black. 'I can confirm that I am in fact a black man. How anyone can therefore...

Samasaea 17.01.12 7:33am
Daily Mail Accuses Workshy Bakers of Loafing. 0
sredni vashta 17.01.12 1:52am
sredni vashta
Internet to become literate by 2013.

As Waterstones prepares to eliminate punctuation from its brand, citing a need for "a more versatile and practical spelling in the digital world of URLs and email addresses", Internet boffins has...

Boutros 17.01.12 1:24am
Lost dissertation on 'mum and dad' (a case of missing parenthesis 1
kga6 16.01.12 11:52pm
They Get Younger Every Year

Courtney Stodden, teen bride and certified attention whore went running today with her new security staff, and pointless pink dog. Captured on camera, the newest member of her staff looks like a 15...

The Acacia Strain 16.01.12 10:27pm
The Acacia Strain
Outrage as large dyke to be placed on Isle Of Lesbos 0
The Acacia Strain 16.01.12 10:05pm
The Acacia Strain
Tourist who got food poisoning whilst in Hawaii, spending their days Honolulu 3
Iamthestig 16.01.12 9:45pm