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Out of date pasties marketed as "50 shades of Greggs". More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 04.07.12 8:47am
Mariners celebrate discovery of Higg's Botswain 0
antharrison 04.07.12 7:58am
CERN boffins deny existence of clitoris after fruitless search 0
cinquecento 04.07.12 7:40am
Search starts for Higgs Bo's daughter

More to follow...

apepper 04.07.12 7:33am
"Moral Maize" developed using GM technology.

The first foodstuff genetically modified to improve the ethical behaviours of consumers could be on  sale later this year.  Moral Maize, secretly developed on secret research sites around...

nickb 04.07.12 7:18am
Panini rumoured to be in studio working on difficult second album 3
simonjmr 03.07.12 10:24pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Bankers who fiddled Libor to be investigated by MPs who fiddled their expenses 2
Smart Alex 03.07.12 9:49pm
Duchess of Cornwall Land Mines are "final insult to Diana" claims Earl

Land mines featuring the faces of members of the Royal Family, including Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have lead to a furious outburst from Earl Spencer - branding them "the final insult" to his...

bonjonelson 03.07.12 9:19pm
'Internet troll' discovered to be a million monkeys with a million laptops 0
Perks 03.07.12 8:02pm
Diamond quits and thanks Barclays for the libor rating experience. 1
weematt 03.07.12 7:44pm
Mermaid sighted off the Isle of Wight

A reported sighting of a mermaid off the Isle of Wight is being investigated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The sighting comes on the day a US scientific agency said there is no...

roybland 03.07.12 7:34pm
Tedious talk about the jet stream set to continue

Mind-numbing explanations of how the jet stream is responsible for the wet British summer will continue for the next few weeks, according to forecasters. 'Unfortunately we expect the present very...

roybland 03.07.12 6:25pm
Maths geek told: Explaining binary to a girl is not "getting to 2nd base". 0
dominic_mcg 03.07.12 5:31pm
Diamonds are Agius best friend 0
Smart Alex 03.07.12 5:02pm
Smart Alex
Apple users with pirated software told to download the latest i-patch. 0
weematt 03.07.12 4:37pm
Harry Redknapp to take over as Barclays CEO

Former Tottenham gaffer Harry Redknapp has been named as Bob Diamond’s successor. Redknapp said at a press conference ‘e hadn’t got a bleedin’ clue about this banking lark’ sending...

daneade 03.07.12 3:15pm
Wimbledon Centre Court to use sprinklers and create rain when roof is closed

In a bid to re-create exact British summer conditions at all times during the tournament, Wimbledon chiefs have agreed that they will switch the sprinkler system on at key stages during any matches...

Iamthestig 03.07.12 3:13pm
Redknapp bookies favourite for vacant Barclays job 1
charlies_hat 03.07.12 3:09pm
seymour totti
Scientists prove hidden Doggerland underworld uncovered in carpark of the A46 0
simonjmr 03.07.12 3:09pm
idiot 0
medici2471 03.07.12 2:58pm
NHS reforms ‘seriously undermining’ patient care, warns Ian Brady

Moors Murderer Ian Brady has described Health Secretary’s Andrew Lansley’s health reforms as ‘criminal’ after undergoing a less than satisfactory NHS experience, it has, emerged. Brady’s...

Gary Stanton 03.07.12 2:15pm
Gary Stanton
God announces discovery of the Higgs Boson a day ahead of CERN

more futuristic things when He speaks to me next...

Not Amused 03.07.12 1:00pm
Not Amused
Murdoch: "Scientology is creepy and evil"

Doctors fear that media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch has completely lost his sense of irony. "This may be something he had to surrender when he became an American citizen for commercial reasons.",...

apepper 03.07.12 12:57pm
Sign on, you crazy Diamond 4
bonjonelson 03.07.12 12:35pm
Adam Ant confirms pioneering use of coloured tape healed nose sprain 0
button 03.07.12 12:05pm
Aztec priests 'vindicated' as rain halts Wimbledon again

Priests from the temple of the Aztec night god Tezcatlipoca at Tenochtitlan in Mexico have been gloating at the discomfiture of the British public as the Wimbledon championships are being held up by...

Oxbridge 03.07.12 11:57am
Barclays walking-plank order specifies 'must support a man with heavy pockets' 0
dvo4fun 03.07.12 11:56am
Typo confirmed as Barclays now say Diamond has re signed as CEO 0
simonjmr 03.07.12 11:37am
Bob Diamond accused of fixing media interest in Barclays by resigning 0
simonjmr 03.07.12 10:24am
Bob Diamond’s severance pay to be set by panel of 15 customers

Barclays have announced that Bob Diamond’s severance pay will be set by the fully transparent mechanism of seeking the views of 15 random Barclays customers and then averaging the result. “By...

Yikes 03.07.12 10:00am