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Commercial pilots say they've been playing exciting games with clouds for years

Can't see what all the fuss is about...

Ian Searle 23.09.11 12:04pm
Ian Searle
Chuggers face courts if caught hassling people but it will only take a few mins 1
Ian Searle 24.09.11 9:11am
Physicists baffled as 1000s of Lib Dem supporters desert party faster than light

No more soon...

Skylarking 23.09.11 12:03pm
Abbas pushing for UN to back Palestine - with release of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

(A State After Midnight)...

Ian Searle 23.09.11 12:01pm
Ian Searle
Cern scientists 'didn't see it coming' 6
Screenie 24.09.11 10:17am
Cern scientists astounded at discovery of Dr Brian Cox 0
simonjmr 23.09.11 11:36am
BBC memo reveals that Jonathan Ross should never interview Lucy Worsley 0
simonjmr 23.09.11 11:34am
RAC 'outrage' as their credit rating is lowered to AA 0
pinxit 23.09.11 11:28am
Scientists baffled as First Capital Connect train arrives before it should

Britain’s rail operators, the entire scientific community, and 1,439 passengers were in shock today as First Capital Connect published tentative proof of their Brighton to Bedford service arriving...

Qoxiivi 25.09.11 9:33pm
Rag and Bone men brought in to track falling satellite. 0
simonjmr 23.09.11 11:28am
In an ironic twist, out of control satellite lands on Dale Farm 2
Perks 23.09.11 3:55pm
Depressed scientists at Cern publish new theory E=mo2 1
charlies_hat 24.09.11 9:13am
Satellite by Dave Matthews Band reenters charts at 240mph

But nobody knows where...

Screenie 23.09.11 9:57am
Religious Scottish prop forward refuses to lose on a Sunday 0
23.09.11 9:50am
Owen Hargreaves accused of 'knee-jerk reaction' 0
23.09.11 9:48am
NASA to end 49 year ban on clowns in space.

The US national space agency today announced the long-expected reversal of their previous ban on clowns being allowed on manned space missions. The ban, which came in force as a "temporary measure"...

bonjonelson 24.09.11 5:37pm
Speeding neutrinos fined for breaking laws of relativity. 0
bonjonelson 23.09.11 9:19am
"We set off wardrobe bomb in Stockholm" claim Al-Ikea 2
Perks 24.09.11 9:54am
Man mauled after asking for a lie in on his day off

Grumble, grumble...

Psycadelic Squirrel 23.09.11 9:03am
Psycadelic Squirrel
'Tsunami' yawn racing towards the nation's capital

A tidal yawn of possibly epic proportions is thought to be heading for London and may break tomorrow, a source has revealed. The yawn’s epicentre has been traced to a vegetable contest staged in...

Screenie 23.09.11 10:48pm
Nervous markets rally slightly after visit to behavourial psychologist 0
Chip Paper 23.09.11 8:23am
Chip Paper
Dwain Chambers named as Olympic Village Idiot 2012 0
Perks 23.09.11 8:19am
'woman was victim of terrormisu' says expert in sponge finger prints 0
Runestone Cowboy 23.09.11 7:57am
Runestone Cowboy
NASA confirms satellite to crash "sometime in the future, somewhere". More soon 0
Al OPecia 23.09.11 7:52am
Al OPecia
Shares stabilise on the "What the Fuck?" Index. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.09.11 7:46am
Al OPecia
Interest in 2012 dressage medals 'fixed' 0
Runestone Cowboy 23.09.11 7:33am
Runestone Cowboy
Tesco car park attendant to offer 3 parking tickets for the price of two 0
ronseal 23.09.11 7:27am
Tesco CEO to reassure shareholders "We're not REALLY cutting our profits" 0
ronseal 23.09.11 7:25am
PM backs Troy Davis at UN

David Cameron has told the UN that Troy Davis has "a right to a viable state", but that this peace will only come when he agrees to "sit down and talk" with the prison authorities as ”equal...

Gary Baldy 23.09.11 7:24am
Gary Baldy
Two girls from Sidcup surprise hit on YouTube 0
Runestone Cowboy 23.09.11 7:13am
Runestone Cowboy