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'Pitbully Elliot': The misunderstood dancing dog that just wants to bite

Cinema fans are braced for the heel-good film of the Summer, as 'Pitbully Elliot' tells the tale of one dancing dog's struggle to be accepted for who he really is. Raised in a northern collie-ery...

15.05.12 8:07pm
Greece on slippery slope. Travolta and Newton-John on the skids. 0
Maverick 15.05.12 8:00pm
World’s longest cab journey was ‘a shortcut’ insists driver

Two passengers, taken on a 43,000-mile cab journey that lasted 15 months, have been confidently told the ordeal was 'the quickest way to get to Covent Garden from where you were.' by their driver,...

Qoxiivi 15.05.12 7:21pm
Haywood Manley
Missing child's parents cause outrage saying Derek Acorah's career is dead

They say they were told by a messenger from the enetrtainment induistry that the TV Clairvoyant is 'not on this planet anymore', but is 'flying with the fairies', and is soon to be reincarnated....

Ian Searle 15.05.12 7:04pm
Ian Searle
Sir Alex Ferguson complains about extra time at DFS sale

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has complained after the DFS sale was extended by 2 hours this weekend. The additional time allowed Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, to go into...

seymour totti 15.05.12 5:34pm
Kate Middleton signs for 'Disney Princesses'

In what has been described as a 'fairytale signing', the Disney corporation has finally secured the rights to Kate Middleton. She now joins the ranks of the ‘Disney Princesses’, as a role model...

15.05.12 5:04pm
WWF endangered species list now includes 'Crooning Lounge Lizard'

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature has added the 'Crooning Lounge Lizard' to its list of endangered species. It was once numerous, with famous specimens such the Crosby, Sinatra or Davis Jr being...

seymour totti 15.05.12 4:56pm
Derek Acorah’s career dead. 0
Thor 15.05.12 4:56pm
Greek economy fails to go down the toilet 0
beau-jolly 15.05.12 3:52pm
JP Morgan board agrees to ‘double or quits’ strategy.

Stung by seeing £1.4 billion go down the gurgler on a carefully considered ‘whirl’, JP Morgan have decided – in classic gambler’s form – not to go down without a fight. The investment...

daneade 15.05.12 3:38pm
Dibble and Grubb to be made redundant. More soon.

I am sure that this will be current before too long...

Al OPecia 15.05.12 3:07pm
Cowell Spears Lovato 0
medici2471 15.05.12 2:58pm
Daily Mail holds swearing-at ceremony for new French president

The Daily Mail has welcomed the new French president, Francois Hollande, with a lavish swearing-at ceremony to mark his first day in office. The ceremony, attended by a host of Mail dignitaries, was...

The Paper Ostrich 15.05.12 2:48pm
An Idiots' Guide to..........Greece

You may have heard of the country Greece in the news recently. They are expected to join the UK in not only being a country that is in Europe but not in the Euro, but will also be bankrupt. We...

Perks 15.05.12 2:36pm
Brooks denies destroying News International papers: "Just the News of the World"

More later...

dvo4fun 15.05.12 2:22pm
Greece puts in huge last ditch claim for PPI rebate 0
charlies_hat 15.05.12 1:42pm
Cowell adds Spears to his to do list 0
simonjmr 15.05.12 1:25pm
Two last-minute votes see Mancini take 'Premier League's Greatest Manager' award 0
grumblechops 15.05.12 1:21pm
Wayne Sleep revealed to be dog in a suit. more later 0
Bismarck 15.05.12 12:38pm
House of Lords in uproar

there was uproar in the House of Lords yesterday when plans for reform came before the chamber. When it was suggested that noble Lords would have to pay a minimum price of 20p for their brandy, one...

Bismarck 15.05.12 12:36pm
Herd of empty civil service office chairs seen flocking in Basildon

A small herd of civil service office chairs has been spotted in Basildon, and over the next few months it is predicted that their numbers will spiral to dangerous and potentially fatal numbers. ...

simonjmr 15.05.12 11:22am
Manchester City players 'shocked' by inner-cit squalor

'I never realised I represented such a shit-hole' confessed tri-billionaire Vince Kompany as his team made their triumphant progression around the hovels and cellar dwellings of central Manchester...

Bonaparte Shandy 15.05.12 11:06am
Bible to be shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize for Fiction 0
Not Amused 15.05.12 10:28am
Not Amused
Rebekah Brooks denies perverting – “it was a virus on my computer”

or charlie...

Yikes 15.05.12 9:28am
After its porn addiction, Ms Brooks charged with perverting the horse of justice 0
Perks 15.05.12 9:12am
NewsBiscuit suffers 'denial of humour' attack.

We can reveal that NewsBiscuit the online spoof newspaper has been the victim of what is termed a 'denial of humour attack'. No-one from NewsBiscuit was available to comment. Po-faced NewsBiscuit...

weematt 15.05.12 9:12am
Europe to call in Mr Muscle to help remove stubbon Greece.

Residents of Staines very concerned...

Ian Searle 15.05.12 8:48am
Ian Searle
Greek cabinet to be replaced by Welsh dresser 2
Sinnick 15.05.12 8:47am
Outrage as Bob-a-job week earnings set below statutory minimum wage level

Dib, dib, dib...

Ian Searle 15.05.12 8:45am
Ian Searle
Pudsey to reveal all on Paws Morgan's Life Stories 0
ianslat 15.05.12 8:28am