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FA Cup renamed "Sweet FA" after Tate & Lyle sponsorship deal... More soon. 0
404 Not Found 4 years
Turkeys hold rally in support of Christmas 0
rickwestwell 4 years

On the same day that a London rally was held in favour of government cuts, a consignment of turkeys held their own demonstration in favour of Christmas, arguing that in the public interest it should...

Cries of "Now where did we put that Trophy cabinet?" heard at Manchester City. 0
Kramaring 4 years

More trophies soon...

Tenerife woman asked for ‘decaffeinated’. Language difference blamed. 6
MADJEZ 4 years
Man with no life perplexes salesman of life insurance 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Oven chip creator to be cremated.Will be burnt on outside soggy in the middle. 0
MADJEZ 4 years
Irish Government to apologise to UK Queen for Jedward 0
LostLad 4 years

please feel free to add to this submission :0)...

Eurovision Song Contest officially recognises Libyan Rebels 0
LostLad 4 years

Eurovision Song Contest Organisers in Düsseldorf, Germany, have this evening officially recognised the Libyan Transitional Council, and will be offering a place in future European singing...

Pakistan ISI investigation concludes Maddie NOT missing. 0
MADJEZ 4 years
Rally Against Debt attracts low Interest 0
roybland 4 years
15-second online test detects early dementia - 2
be reasonable 4 years

"do you read the Daily Mail?"...

Arctic rivals lay claim to Tescos freezer aisle 5
jp1885 4 years

The race by a number of Arctic nations to claim some of the world’s coldest regions has heated up today after a team of explorers planted a Russian flag in the Freezer aisle of the Paignton branch...

Please don't read this. I posted in worng place and can't delete 3
ronseal 4 years

. er, hello? I said don't read it. Can't we have a bit of privacy here? Do I have to take out an injunction?...

If... 3
be reasonable 4 years
Blue A...Hole Dance Debuts At Wembley...... 0
Jesse Bigg 4 years

As Manchester No. 2 wins the cup...

Catholics ban meat on Fridays but eating body of Jesus Christ still OK 0
roybland 4 years
French favourites to win the Eurovision pong contest 1
simonjmr 4 years
Scotland Yard to re-investigate the Mary Celeste disappearances 1
Tammy Flugh 4 years
Viewers complain as ITV F.A. Cup build up only 2 hours long. 0
dandare70 4 years
Joy/Despair as Celtic/Rangers narrowly win SPL title 0
Oxbridge 4 years

The green/blue half of Glasgow is celebrating in the streets today after Celtic/Rangers narrowly won the Scottish Premier League title. This was the 28th season in a row in which Celtic and...

Huhne ends up with black face after row causes Labour to press him on carbon 0
Basil_B 4 years
Eurovision: Samaritans try to talk Blue down from committing career suicide. 0
MADJEZ 4 years

Some fear its too late, although most think there wasn't much life left anyway. More soon...

Ryanair strikes deal with Libyan Rebels to secure new Naples Airport. 2
Al OPecia 4 years
Inaugural electric car rally wrecked by light drizzle 0
4 years

Organizers of the inaugural London electric car rally were disappointed when less than a quarter of the predicted cars turned up. Many that did arrive were late, and then became tangled in a mass of...

Confused squirrels burgle Whitworth nut factory... 1
be reasonable 4 years

more soon. They should have tried pecan through the window first...

Distraught onlookers say no obvious reason for mass chicken deaths 0
ResidentAlien 4 years

Another mass bird death has left scientists puzzled. "They were just standing there one minute, and then they were crossing the road," said a passer-by. "They seemed happy enough. So everyone's...

Bin Laden went postal, admits FBI 0
ResidentAlien 4 years

For several years, the FBI, CIA and security services around the world have monitored the internet and worldwide e-mail networks, in an unsuccessful search for communications passed by Osama Bin...

Bin Laden shot while watching 'Airline' repeat on Freeview Satellite Channel 0
LostLad 4 years

Bin Laden's wife has told Pakistani authorities that her husband was killed while watching an episode of 'Airline' first shown in 1997, on the 'Freeview' satellite channel, and was saddened at the...

CIA: QVC package led US Seals to Bin Laden 0
LostLad 4 years

US sources revealed today that a tv shopping channel addiction led to location of Bin Laden. Intelligence agents followed a 'guitar wizard', 'Casio Electronic Keyboard' (with light-keys), and a pair...

Ground breaking news from Chester Zoo as animals to be present at this years AGM 0
Basil_B 4 years

Directors at the North of Englands most famous Zoo at Chester announced today that the animals will be allowed to be present at this years AGM in June., 'This will allow the animals the opportunity...