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Voice-box transplant allows woman to speak after 11 years... 8
victory V 4 years

"as I was saying"...

"Angry Birds" terrorist faction suspected as catapult found opposite KFC 1
danhall 4 years
Miliband has Balls removed... 0
victory V 4 years

I'm just making a prediction, you understand. I bet the Sun does this in a couple of years...

Ed Balls discovers three years undelivered mail in Alan Johnson's office... 0
deskpilot3 4 years
Basque separatists launch offshoot 'ETC' to campaign for ancillary demands 2
judged 4 years

ETA leaders today approved the launch of sister organisation ETC to campaign for minor basque issues. Dubbed ETA-lite the new organisation is seen by ETA leaders as a way to keep the basque agenda at...

Water Board denies involvement in Guantanamo torture... 0
Fred 4 years
Live chicken thrown at KFC staff - McDonald's branches increase security 3
timyarby 4 years
A Mr J Assange hot tip for No.10 top press job. 0
Ostsee 4 years
MFI totally unprepared for spying claims Home Secretary 0
simonjmr 4 years
Blair: I was assured bush for Iraq intervention 0
simonjmr 4 years
Shock revelation...Miliband has balls. 0
DiY 4 years
'Bugger'. Cameron gives first reaction to Coulson resignation. 0
pinxit 4 years
“I don’t want to think about engorged penises and gay sex” says hotel owner... 25
Doylem 4 years

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, of the Chymorvah Hotel, near Penzance, are unrepentant about refusing to let a gay couple share a double bed. “It’s not my job to make inflexible moral judgements about...

Andy Coulson resigns. 0
Tammy Flugh 4 years

The News of The World denied that the reason they reported it first was that they had hacked his mobile phone...

The Bristol police would like to thank a member of the Newsbiscuit site 0
melody 4 years

for suggesting 2 weeks ago that an Architect did it .We were looking for a guy that was, always trying to draw attention to himself by being ill ,and the man in custody now is Psychoschematic...

Blair memo leaked: 'A good day to bury Andy Coulson' 0
Zadok the second 4 years
Cabinet Secretary’s Block on Memos Forces Chilcot Inquiry to Link to Wikileaks 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years

Sir John Chilcot, chairman of the Iraq inquiry has expressed his frustration at Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell’s decision not to grant permission for the inquiry to publish private notes...

Policemen 'always ring twice', confirms Scotland Yard. More soon. 4
red 4 years
Darnkess threatened in self cleaning glass strike 0
Mrblacker 4 years

Homes and offices across the UK are being threatened with months of darkness and smears, after talks aimed at breaking a dispute between window installers and glass panels broke down last night. The...

Vatican condemns Burlesconi sex parties, claiming prostitutes not young enough. 1
Boarfunkel 4 years
Stable boy arrested after grooming horses on the internet. 7
deskpilot3 4 years

There's a joke in there somewhere...

Just in....Alan Johnson in family reshuffle, wife out. 0
DiY 4 years
Breaking NEWS Alan Johnson officer facing probe ,offers to clean it first 0
melody 4 years
Alan Johnson quits to spend more time with family 2
mr blue 4 years

Who can't wait to se the back of him...

BBC accused of agesim after Postman Pat replaced by Colin Farrell. 2
SingingHinny 4 years

Industry regulator OFCOM is to investigate the BBC regarding age discrimination after it was alleged that Postman Pat was sacked because the organization deemed him too old for the role. The...

Hopes raised that Alan Johnsons resignation will prompt cousin Boris to follow. 0
Basil_B 4 years
Doctors announce men are susceptible to "beeriods" 0
simonjmr 4 years
Axed Council staff embrace redundancy as chance to set up own council 6
Golgo13 4 years

Losing your job can be devastating, and as the number of unemployed climbs steadily to top 2.5m, more and more people are facing that harsh reality. But instead of focussing on the negative, three...

Hotel Boss Defends Hiring Convicted Killers ,the number of complaints has 3
melody 4 years

dropped dramatically ,there are no problems with the other staff and my kids are a lot better behaved theses days...

The Parliamentary Protection Police Squad Super admits it is the first time 2
melody 4 years

an officer has gone under covers...