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Blunkett reminded he hasn't paid VAT on dog food for years

After throwing his weight behind a campaign to exempt guide dog food from VAT saying the issue is "far more serious than hot pasties", David Blunkett had it explained to him today that he hasn't been...

Haywood Manley 17.05.12 3:29pm
Queen "regrets" agreeing to work the bank holiday weekend

Palace officials have confirmed that the Queen "deeply regrets" agreeing to work on June 4th and 5th, and that when she agreed to the engagements back in February, it "hadn't clicked" that there was...

Mr Target 17.05.12 3:24pm
Dead Kennedys recruit new member 2
Yikes 17.05.12 2:50pm
Dalglish signs for Man Utd, joins Giggs and Scholes in Midfield .. More Soon 0
Kramaring 17.05.12 2:47pm
Google makes search more human with Fumble, digress and deviate Graph 0
simonjmr 17.05.12 2:14pm
Blunkett to start feeding his dog on cold pasties 0
Sinnick 17.05.12 2:12pm
Roy Hodgson appoints Casper as Director of Team Spirit 0
Iamthestig 17.05.12 2:05pm
Paralysed Man ‘Feels Up A Bird’ Using Mind Power

The scientific community were hailing a spectacular breakthrough today as paralysed man Bert Winters was able to finally ‘cop a feel of his missus’ using a robotic arm controlled by a brain...

daneade 17.05.12 2:00pm
Scientists discover that dinosaur extinction was caused by reptile dysfunction 4
Sinnick 17.05.12 1:17pm
Deadlock holiday for Greek politics 0
simonjmr 17.05.12 1:15pm
Nokia unveil the new N0M8s; the world's first 'Smart Human'

With the number of ‘Smart’ Phones predicted to overtake the number of people on the planet, mobile phone giant Nokia have unveiled a new product that will result in the creation of the ‘Smart...

Perks 17.05.12 11:51am
Good feet for a big man footy logic sees first England call up for Danny La Rue 0
ronseal 17.05.12 11:39am
Hodgson 'Crouch not selected for hoofballing reasons' 0
Underconstruction 17.05.12 10:38am
Dalglish sacked for 'soccerballing' reasons 0
Underconstruction 17.05.12 10:33am
Dodgy car salesman defends dropping Rio from stocklist

A Kia Rio has been removed from the back of a second-hand car showroom by the new proprietor after it failed to impress him. Roy Hodgkinson of Canning Town Motors defended his decision, saying ...

Midfield Diamond 17.05.12 10:19am
Midfield Diamond
Londonderry Air chosen as Ireland's entry for 2012's Rear of the year contest 0
simonjmr 17.05.12 10:13am
Olympic Torch stuck behind tourist caravan for 2 hours in Cornwall 2
Mandy Lifeboat 17.05.12 9:59am
BBC TOTP repeat bosses arrested for justifying the course of perverts. 5
bonjonelson 17.05.12 9:15am
BBC confirms plan to move all men's programmes to Dave

The BBC has confirmed that it no longer intends to show programmes that appeal directly to men on BBC One or BBC Two, and will transfer any show with a glimmer of masculinity straight to rival...

17.05.12 9:07am
Back-of-shirt letter suppliers delighted at Oxlade-Chamberlain's selection 0
Midfield Diamond 17.05.12 9:05am
Midfield Diamond
Prophets of doom continuing to make predictions like there's no tomorrow 2
Haywood Manley 17.05.12 9:04am
Greece offers to sell Britain the Elgin Marbles 0
Scronnyglonkle 17.05.12 8:40am
Roy Hodgson praises potential of 'brown generation'.

More sick as a parrot soon...

Ian 17.05.12 7:14am
Amnesiac gynaecologist’s memory returning in “random snatches” 6
Spoinge 17.05.12 6:42am
Greece 'making a Drachma out of a crisis' complains Merkel 1
pinxit 17.05.12 5:25am
Britons warned not to overdo it after wild spree of Joey Barton condemnation

Britain finally got to feel good about itself on Sunday, after Joey Barton's sending off released a wave of indignation and self importance that swept across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and even...

ronseal 16.05.12 10:00pm
Bosnian butcher to sue War Criminal Nicknames Office. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 16.05.12 6:55pm
Npower announce new 'hybrid' power station

Npower, the UK energy supplier has today announced it's plans to turn Didcot power station into the world's first 'hybrid' power station. The move comes as the company try to find even more ways to...

Perks 16.05.12 6:26pm
Store Manager in Liverpool 'leaves his post' following poor run of results

The Manager of the Liverpool branch of Maplins, Danny McKleesh, has shocked the retail world by ‘leaving his post’, which he has held for just over a year. His decision comes after a run of...

Perks 16.05.12 6:11pm
London pubs to set minimum price for alcohol of £5 per unit 0
Mandy Lifeboat 16.05.12 5:17pm
Mandy Lifeboat