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Sir Cliff Richard 'Delighted' after his Wimbledon ban is finally lifted

Sir Cliff Richard has spoken of his 'sheer elation and joy' following the news that his 17-year Wimbledon ban has finally been lifted by the Lawn Tennis Association. The ban, which stretches back to...

Jesus H 27.06.13 11:39am
Irish fight off stereotype image outside pub in Liverpool 1
Arthur 27.06.13 11:25am
Snowden at Standstead Airport -blames Ryanair

In a surprising twist to the ongoing story, it turns out that Spy-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden is not in a transit lounge in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, but actually in a Costa Coffee...

steve_l 27.06.13 11:16am
Fashion tycoon accused of hiding funds in swish bank account. 1
sredni vashta 27.06.13 11:06am
Lindy Moone
Footie-Phobic People All Over The World Applaud Brazilian Rioters

Is there a word like 'Infidel', 'Heretic' or 'unbeliever' for anyone who does not recognise that Soccer is more important than life and death?...

Titus 27.06.13 10:24am
Doreen Lawrence to meet porn star Teresa May at Downing Street. Photos later.

More girl-on-girl action later...

MADJEZ 27.06.13 9:24am
Opposition By Friends Of Green Earthpiece Confirms Viability Of 'Fracking'

Eco-nutters whinge that 'fracking' won't spoil counryside as effectively as their beloved wind-turbine farms would...

Titus 27.06.13 8:10am
Medieval map shows early English dogging sites

Historians believe they have discovered a complete guide to the places where English people went for open-air sex with strangers in the Middle Ages, a sort of parchment version of the maps featured...

sydalg 27.06.13 7:53am
Immigration rise blamed on bad Tennis performances by top players

Enough now...

Not Amused 27.06.13 7:33am
Not Amused
Murray sails through and sweeps Lu aside. Boat and brush use being investigated 0
Not Amused 27.06.13 7:31am
Not Amused
Australian men no longer sexist claims Sheila

In her regular column, hidden near the bottom of page 17 of the Burra Burra Times, Sheila Bird finally puts to rest that sexism in Australia is still a major issue. Speaking from the former mining...

Dick Everyman 27.06.13 7:04am
Dick Everyman
Menopausal women to help boost national grid supply

Environmentalists are celebrating the success of an experiment to tap into the heat resources of menopausal women as an alternative to fossil fuels. The new energy source was identified by eminent...

Dick Everyman 27.06.13 5:15am
Lindy Moone
Berlusconi passed over as new Australian PM because he's not sexist enough 0
Ian Searle 27.06.13 4:11am
Ian Searle
News International to drop the word 'news' from name. 0
Boutros 27.06.13 12:04am
1960s hi-fi buff condemned as stereo type 0
Arthur 26.06.13 10:22pm
Wimbledon bosses deny noticing that Sharapova's knickers were red.

Following the furore caused by Roger Federer's orange-soled shoes, Wimbledon chiefs are remaining "tight-lipped" regarding suggestions that Maria Sharapova's underwear also contravened the...

The Last Detail 26.06.13 9:42pm
The Last Detail
Police questioning relatives in child's claimed loss of nose

The search continues for 3 year old Jenny Jenkins' nose which she claimed was "got" by a visitor. A police psychologist explained; "Although a medical examination has concluded that Miss Jenkins...

apepper 26.06.13 8:37pm
China to regenerate North's economy by shipping ten million hubcaps to Liverpool

Hurry! Only three left ...

Arthur 26.06.13 8:29pm
Supreme Court Justices come out of closet, discover they are in Mississippi...

go back in closet...

wwwiz 26.06.13 8:26pm
Treasury Officials Say, A Gracie Fields' Ten Pound Note Appropriate.....

Re "We'll Meet Again."...

Jesse Bigg 26.06.13 8:17pm
Scouser steals stereotype and tries to sell it at Cash Converters 0
ginty 26.06.13 8:06pm
Lapdancers down tools in protest over stereotype image 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:43pm
Penguins lounge around in polo shirts and Levis in defiance of stereotype 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:30pm
Russia sends Stalinist stereotypes to salt mines 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:23pm
Tennis to be rolled out to the working class, announces sports minister

But they're still banned from Wimbledon...

Jesus H 26.06.13 7:22pm
Jesus H
Jews send bailiff to Downing Street to collect on the Balfour Declaration 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:19pm
Iranians seek permission to change their stereotype 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:16pm
Turks protest about their stereotype 0
Arthur 26.06.13 7:13pm
New Yorkers loudly complain about their stereotype. 0
Al OPecia 26.06.13 7:09pm
Al OPecia
Osborne confirms rollout of "Cows in the Community" scheme

As part of his Spending Review announcement in the House of Commons, George Osborne confirmed the heavily trailed news that there will be a nationwide rollout of the "Cows in the Community" scheme. ...

Not Amused 26.06.13 6:05pm
Not Amused