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Quintet of tattoed totty to top off tournament 0
Drylaw 12.08.12 1:26pm
Fears that BBC may ‘implode’ post Olympic Games

The BBC were today denying that contingency plans were being made to continue some sort of broadcasting operation should it ‘implode’ after the Olympics. Journalists and others within the...

newsfelch 12.08.12 11:56am
Roberto Mancini Diagnosed With Compulsive Shopping Disorder 1
12.08.12 11:16am
Veteran Olympians complain Gold Medals getting easier each year. 0
MADJEZ 12.08.12 10:00am
A-level results day 'eclipsed by Olympic medal awards' schools fear

Thursday's A-level results which are traditionally received by teenage girls with histrionic tears and screams, may be eclipsed by the Olympic medal ceremonies. 'I honestly don't think I can compete...

roybland 12.08.12 9:21am
Cameron Makes Another U-Turn

Without telling any of his Cabinet, Prime Minister David Cameron made another u-turn this morning. 200 yards down the road on his way to Number 10 for another a hard day’s waffling and...

Reg Herring 12.08.12 9:05am
Reg Herring
Australia celebrate as they match Yorkshire women's medal tally

Australians are celebrating a sensational medal haul in the 2012 Olympics and hope to match the number of medals won by women from Yorkshire by the end the games...

apepper 12.08.12 8:31am
Balls 5
button 12.08.12 7:50am
Frugal ghost spotted reading Thrifty Shades 0
Smart Alex 12.08.12 2:13am
Smart Alex
Connery and Lazenby play Bond - Moore to follow 0
Smart Alex 11.08.12 11:04pm
Smart Alex
U2's The Edge tells hard-of-hearing dessert waiter, "SUNDAE! BLOODY SUNDAE!" 1
Smart Alex 11.08.12 10:51pm
'Sorry' BMW agree to give cars to female olympians' husbands 0
11.08.12 9:48pm
Rocket science 'actually not that hard' research finds

'The common belief that rocket science is difficult - as evidenced by the expression 'it's not rocket science' - is false,' according to Dr Margaret Mosel of Oxford University. 'Our research found...

roybland 11.08.12 9:46pm
Successful Olympic coverage sees BBC relocate from Salford to London 0
Perks 11.08.12 9:37pm
Peter Hitchins sucsessfuly lands up his own ass on newsnight

Hopefully no more soon...

Quaz 11.08.12 8:56pm
The All New Jeni B
Romney picks Paul Ryan as running mate.

Record company set to cash in with re-release of "Eloise"...

Zen 11.08.12 8:09pm
Griffin Announces "Win A Gold To Stay Here" Policy For Black British Olympians

Nahhh scrub this, just an idea I felt like trying but it turned out to be bollocks so deleted...

Nowherefast 11.08.12 7:34pm
Spice Girls Tuning-Up To Snuff Out Olympic Flame 0
11.08.12 5:55pm
Clegg Joins Call For GB Medallist Embargo As BBC Accused Of Excessive Patriotism

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today added his voice to a growing tide of international disquiet over the BBC's coverage of the London Olympic Games. Speaking in an interview broadcast by Doha...

Nowherefast 11.08.12 4:51pm
Things we did well at to be part of primary school curriculum says Cameron

Primeminister David Cameron today announced that competitive sports will be compulsary in all primary schools from next year., Schools throughout the country will be able to select up to three...

tedweasel 11.08.12 1:27pm
Mountain biker complaint about "unlevel playing field"

More to follow...

apepper 11.08.12 11:20am
Everyone OK after an incident that nearly happened could have ended in disaster

Three people escaped serious injury yesterday after their car nearly left the M1 uncontrollably near Newport Pagnell. Eyewitnesses say they saw the tyre ‘blow-out’ which is believed to have...

Perks 11.08.12 9:19am
Olympics inspire a generation to sit, eat & drink while watching others do sport 1
MADJEZ 11.08.12 9:10am
Teeenage pregnancy tests must get harder, orders Gove 8
nickb 11.08.12 9:08am
"Dressage for All" says PM

Pupils at all UK schools could find themselves emulating their Olympic heroes if David Cameron gets his way. Chortling as he fended off criticism of his school sports policy, the Prime Minister...

BAJDixon 11.08.12 9:07am
London Inter Baton Exchange Rate 'fundamentally flawed' says Mervyn King 1
tedweasel 11.08.12 9:06am
Piers Morgan: not singing national anthem definitely worse than phone hacking

After criticising Sir Bradley Wiggins for not singing the national anthem during his medal ceremony, Piers Morgan has now claimed that athletes failing to mumble along to God Save the Queen is a far...

Vertically Challenged Giant 11.08.12 9:05am
Mars rover sends back first Instagram picture

Nasa's new Mars rover has returned its first poor quality retro image from the surface of the Red Planet. The Curiosity robot used the Valencia setting on the Instagram app to take a nice retro...

rollo 11.08.12 3:38am
UK government accidently send £5 Million to Syrian government

The UK government has made an embarrassing blunder after sending £5 million pounds to the oppressive government. A package addressed to "Syria" was meant for the rebel groups to assist the uprising...

confuzzled 11.08.12 12:32am
Mars probe discovers Mitt Romney really does live on another planet

More to follow...

apepper 10.08.12 8:26pm