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C4 Wales launches "Strictly" rival "Cwm Dancing". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 07.07.12 10:09am
Al OPecia
Gay Bolt are two athletes, not an insult Olympic report confirms 0
custard cream 07.07.12 9:49am
custard cream
Western Europe's largest phallic symbol 'The Shard 'n' Freud' opened 8
Skylarking 07.07.12 9:46am
Barclays CEO rescues six kittens from a bin; takes them to kid’s cancer ward

“It’s what anyone would do” said Barclays CEO Bob Diamond after leaping in front of a rubbish truck to save six kittens discarded in a bin. “It was lucky I was out there sorting my recycling...

Yikes 07.07.12 9:33am
custard cream
Al Qaeda claims "operation drain block" a total success. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 07.07.12 9:17am
Scottish opposition routed as Murray and Federer reach Wimbledon final

British player Andy Murray and Swiss maestro Roger Federer will contest the Wimbledon final after having easy wins against Scottish players Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semi-finals....

Yikes 07.07.12 8:47am
Golgeau Treize
Federer promises to "do his bit" for Scottish Independence 0
bonjonelson 07.07.12 8:39am
Libor to be renamed Lie-Bar.

More soon. Bit late, I've been busy...

MADJEZ 07.07.12 7:05am
English girl's pet Scot through to Wimbledon final 0
06.07.12 10:27pm
George W. Bush Accepts Position As Court Jester For Obama Cabinet 0
06.07.12 9:33pm
Fifty shades of grey published in pop-up version

More to follow...

apepper 06.07.12 9:33pm
George W. Bush Accepts Position As Court Jester For Obama Cabinet

George W. was accepted on as the official court Jester for the Obama cabinet today. Appearing before the assembled advisers for the first time, W. had them suppressing giggles as soon as he opened...

06.07.12 9:31pm
Murray pleased for Marray 0
custard cream 06.07.12 9:10pm
custard cream
Rangers to seek entry to Quidditch League Northern Muggle Divison 3 0
custard cream 06.07.12 9:08pm
custard cream
Government Transparency Unit "disappears". 0
nickb 06.07.12 9:06pm
David Dimbleby Joins Sex Pistols

Following the appearance of Johnny Rotten on BBC1’s Question Time, David Dimbleby has agreed to join a reformed line-up of legendary punk rockers the Sex Pistols. Rotten has always admired...

@spinal_bap 06.07.12 8:36pm
Prince Charles says The Shard would be better with a thatched roof.

Prince Charles has slammed The Shard saying "It is a monstrous carbuncle that has little sense of anything other than the possibility it might one day be iconic." "The modern 'up yours'...

Ian 06.07.12 8:34pm
Andy Murray just one win away from being English 0
Scronnyglonkle 06.07.12 8:27pm
Windolene shares soar after unveiling of The Shard 3
dvo4fun 06.07.12 8:24pm
Police disappointed that M6 bus passenger wasn't from Brazil 2
Sinnick 06.07.12 7:44pm
Archivists Discover Hundreds Of Original Plays By Ernie Wise

On the day they discovered 100 new Caravaggios, a crack team of National Theatre archivists has simultaneously uncovered a hoard of previously unknown plays by the celebrated 20th century playwright,...

06.07.12 6:18pm
Pork factory closes - 1700 workers get the chop

If there were less jobs lost, would they be cutlets?...

Rootin Tootin 06.07.12 2:00pm
Russian linesmen threaten to strike over introduction of goal-line technology 0
Midfield Diamond 06.07.12 12:52pm
Midfield Diamond
Jimmy Savile Embroiled in LIBOR Fixing Scandal

A representative of the estate of the late, Sir Jimmy Savile, is to appear in front of the Treasury Select Committee next week, amidst allegations that he fixed it for the bank of England to...

Old Hat 06.07.12 12:43pm
Old Hat
Flood news: Govt rue decision to share Ark with France. 0
SingingHinny 06.07.12 12:02pm
"Goal-line technology will reduce corruption," says strangely irritable Blatter 0
SingingHinny 06.07.12 12:00pm
Man orders glass top desk to adhere to companies clear desk policy 0
simonjmr 06.07.12 11:55am
M6 police response 'proportionate if it had been a real cigarette' 3
06.07.12 11:51am
On song Tsonga in the wonga

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga last night was celebrating his astounder run of good luck after he announced that he was in possession of a winning Euromillions ticket. In anticipation of tomorrows sports...

simonjmr 06.07.12 9:51am
God particle: How can there be a Dawkins when he lets this sort of thing happen? 0
ronseal 06.07.12 8:59am