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Fish-People of Saturn Begin Extradition Proceedings Against Gary McKinnon 0
thisisall1word 16.10.12 12:32pm
Fish hunts TV nemesis

Four have been left dead and seven injured after recently released BBC weatherman Michael Fish (68) went on a rampage in BBC Television Centre armed with a carrier bag filled with magnetic weather...

Newsquelch 16.10.12 12:25pm
US Attorney General says no hard feelings. Offers McKinnon goodwill Area51 tour 0
Nowherefast 16.10.12 12:22pm
Savile ex-friend: “I never understood his obsession with finding hairless cat". 0
Tripod 16.10.12 12:08pm
Abu Hamza in Autism Diagnosis 0
thisisall1word 16.10.12 12:07pm
Lack of extradition hacks off US Authorities 0
philthefunk 16.10.12 12:04pm
Parachutist clocked at Mach 1 claims it was his wife really. 2
PeterB 16.10.12 11:35am
Audley Harrison 'ideal' to host The Great British Paint Off,

say surprised TV Chiefs, 'he really hit the canvas quickly, we thought the idea was on the ropes.', 'The original idea was to get Audley to host a knitting programme but it just didn't stand up',...

philthefunk 16.10.12 11:33am
UK Athletics deny ageism by sponsoring Ann Widdicome for gurning competition 0
philthefunk 16.10.12 11:09am
Planet with 4 suns discovered, MET forecasts rain 0
simonjmr 16.10.12 10:53am
"He called it his 'Savile-oy'" says alleged victim 3
Idiot 16.10.12 10:42am
Scottish Referendum to be rattifried by Parliament. 0
philthefunk 16.10.12 10:38am
Lance Armstorng described as serial cheat after being caught injecting weetabix 9
Perks 16.10.12 10:11am
Mugabe clears slum in C4 Grand Design project

Channel 4 is to screen one of Zimbabwe’s most ambitious self-building projects, following President Robert Mugabe's attempts to design and construct the home of his dreams on top of slums in the...

Dick Everyman 16.10.12 10:08am
Dick Everyman
Campaign begins to highlight the 'detarmacation' of world's concrete jungles

Urban environmentalists have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the increased detarmacation of the world's concrete jungles. The mass 'soiling' of the world's towns and cities is the direct...

Perks 16.10.12 9:58am
Soaring elderly care costs see £1000 tickets on sale for Stone's O2 sing-a-long 0
Nowherefast 16.10.12 9:05am
More damning evidence against Savile

The police found this in his bedroom:

16.10.12 8:19am
Dick Everyman
National Handwashing Day reveals our unhygienic ways...

Research into the nation’s hygiene has revealed some shocking facts. “Though people claim to wash their hands after going to the toilet, our research suggests otherwise. A startling 10% of the...

Tripod 16.10.12 7:45am
Chris Langham announced as chair of BBC Savile inquiry. 0
reforse 15.10.12 11:42pm
BBC not involved in cover up of Savile allegations, say three wise monkeys

The BBC continues to reject that there was any cover-up of allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour by Sir Jimmy Savile, and say this has been independently verified by a panel of three wise...

Yikes 15.10.12 10:48pm
Oceanographer confirms Moby Dick was a bleached whale 0
Dick Everyman 15.10.12 9:14pm
Dick Everyman
Kellogg demands DLT nickname change

Lawyers for the global cereal giant Kellogg have contacted Former Radio 1 DJ and asked him to desist from using his nickname.  "We suggest you adopt the name 'The Hairy Popular Breakfast Food," says...

nickb 15.10.12 8:52pm
Blue Peter's Shep accused of inappropriate sniffing

Shep, the beloved collie dog of Blue Peter star John Noakes, has been accused inappropriate sniffing of the TV show's young audiences. A devastated Noakes said 'We thought Shep was a good dog and...

antharrison 15.10.12 8:30pm
Spain, Greece and Italy declare 10 day national holiday to celebrate Nobel Prize 1
antharrison 15.10.12 8:18pm
Ryanair introduce "speedy exit" service as airliners are fitted with bomb doors

Cost cutting airline, Ryanair has introduced a new "speedy exit" service. For a £10 fee, passengers can elect to leave the plane up to an hour before regular passengers via a "sudden loss of floor"...

apepper 15.10.12 8:14pm
'Jimmy's relentless pumping woke me from my coma' recalls grateful patient 0
cinquecento 15.10.12 7:54pm
Please ignore! 2
Stan 15.10.12 7:50pm
Windsor woman claims she was groped by 'weird blonde haired Yorkshireman'

A well-known Windsor woman claims she was groped by a man resembling Jimmy Savile - although at the time of the incident she was brandishing a large ornamental sword. Now aged 86, the woman has a...

roybland 15.10.12 7:08pm
Typo results in Nobel Peace Prize going to EU not UAE

Embarrassed Nobel Peace Prize officials have admitted that the 2012 Award was inadvertently given to the EU (European Union) instead of the UEA (United Arab Emirates) due to a secretarial error. The...

Dick Everyman 15.10.12 7:04pm
Dick Everyman
Austrian Skydiver becomes first passenger to test Ryanair "Speedy-De-Boarding"

"Its great" said an exhausted Felix Baumgartener,, "I saved £5 on my fees, and another £1 because I didn't use the toilet" Baumgartener was speaking as he boarded his shuttle bus into the city...

moanygit 15.10.12 6:32pm