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F1 boss 'catalyst' for human genome research

Today the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium has made the startling revelation that the only reason it started to look at and map the human genome was because of a chance meeting...

Perks 28.01.12 9:07am
Somali pirates blame 'Health and Safety gone mad' for downturn.

Pirates operating off the coast of Somalia have blamed "Overregulation" and an over-zealous attitutde to enforcement of Health and Safety rules for their recent lack of success in major piracy...

bonjonelson 28.01.12 9:00am
Apple launches iVinyl Store in bid to end Vinyl sharing

Apple's launch of its long-awaited iVinyl Store has been welcomed by the music industry as a solution to the problem of Vinyl sharing. 'It's a great day for us,' said a spokesman for Sony...

roybland 28.01.12 8:43am
Brian Cox to present "Wonders of the Olympics" 1
Sinnick 27.01.12 10:14pm
Agility dog catches thief on obstacle course.

Persistent small time thief, Ronnie Allsop, has been detained and charged after trying to outwit an agility trained dog when snatching his owners purse. "i thought I could get away with it" said...

Al OPecia 27.01.12 9:06pm
Al OPecia
Murderers of man found shot, beheaded and set on fire accused of overkill. 1
John Ffitch-Rucker 27.01.12 7:58pm
"That's nearly as much as I got for an episode of HIGNFY"

Says an outraged Boris...

yussle 27.01.12 6:06pm
Celebrity food critic goes missing.

Police are concerned at the whereabouts of pie and pudding connossieur Jack Horner, who was last seen sat in a corner...

Marko 27.01.12 5:45pm
Red Hot Chili's

Peter Piper at large again as a peck of pickled peppers goes missing...

Marko 27.01.12 5:00pm
Controversial 'musical Austrian cellar' theme for Olympic ceremony 0
hughesroland 27.01.12 4:28pm
Cameron puts Clegg in charge of sorting chocolate oranges 0
cinquecento 27.01.12 4:17pm
RBS Chief has contract clause that allows bonus to be paid in Children's Teeth

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) boss Stephen Hester is to receive a bonus of almost one million children's teeth. RBS announced on Thursday that Mr Hester is to get 963,000 children's teeth, the money...

SimonJJames 27.01.12 4:09pm
NASA 100m champion fails drug test after traces of A Steroid found in sample

would this be better as "Asteroid" ?...

charlies_hat 27.01.12 4:02pm
New Duchy Originals fungi range praised as "Pretty f***ing trippy, man!" 0
Al McHogan 27.01.12 3:56pm
Al McHogan
Jokes about whether Murray is British or Scottish are 'definitely British'

More as soon as he loses...

Oxbridge 27.01.12 3:55pm
pere floza
Dramatic RBS share price increase expected following payment of share bonus 0
medici2471 27.01.12 3:07pm
Murray in Australian Open drugs shocker

Andy Murray, the Scottish tennis player, has failed a drugs test after being beaten in the semi final of the Australian Open today. It is believed however that he will not face a ban, as the...

Marko 27.01.12 2:45pm
'Andy has a disappointing semi', claims Murry's girlfriend 10
Immunis 27.01.12 2:20pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Doctors tell distressed woman who found lump 'he's your husband'

[more soon]...

dicky37 27.01.12 2:04pm
Andy Murray fails in bid to win Australian Open 1
medici2471 27.01.12 1:37pm
French presidential candidate promise payout to single mums with only 4 children 1
Ostsee 27.01.12 1:20pm
Fatties to be taxed more

In what will be seen as most as another 'stealth tax', Andrew Lansley, Secretary of state for Health, is to introduce a tax levy on overweight and obese people., Speaking yesterday, Mr Lansley said...

Marko 27.01.12 1:12pm
Snack Giant Sponsors Olympic "Isles of Golden Wonder" Opening Ceremony 0
Spanswick.Milton 27.01.12 12:01pm
Outrage at RBS boss SHeister's bonus 0
charlies_hat 27.01.12 11:40am
Miliband criticised for criticising Cameron about Chocolate Orange promises

Ed Miliband this morning took a bashing from government and news officials, as his main swipe at David Cameron was solely that he hadn’t confronted the sales of cut-price Terry’s Chocolate...

kimllfixit 27.01.12 11:17am
Kwik Fit admit ‘you won’t be amazed at what we do - we just sell tyres’ 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 27.01.12 11:04am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Internet found me hot women in my area, says grateful solo Arctic explorer 1
Oxbridge 27.01.12 10:18am
Geordies saddened by lack of Turtles in "Total Wipeout" 2
seymour totti 27.01.12 10:17am
Competitors say Starbucks’ expansion plan ‘is just so much froth’ 1
Duncan Biscuit 27.01.12 10:16am
‘Eastenders’ writers asked for ideas on Mark Thompson’s exit from BBC 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.01.12 10:14am
Duncan Biscuit