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Chuck Norris accelerates to red lights 0
Dumbnews 21.06.12 5:41pm
Carr apologises: Barlow gets OBE

Carr apologises: Barlow gets OBE...

Mark Gregory 21.06.12 5:28pm
Mark Gregory
Carr cites Ken Dodd as major influence

Carr cites Ken Dodd as major influence...

Mark Gregory 21.06.12 5:27pm
Mark Gregory
Michael Gove to reintroduce school bullies

In a further attempt to force his own personal experiences on all children, hot on the heels of compulsory humanities and O levels, we now look forward to our children being terrorised by centrally...

grottymonty 21.06.12 4:45pm
Thousands rush to sign-up to 'Jimmy Carr avoidance' scheme

Thousands of people the length and breadth of the UK have today been reported to be signing up to a Jimmy Carr avoidance scheme. The highly controversial scheme allows ‘subscribers’ to filter,...

muggyfresh 21.06.12 4:32pm
Dr Who admits having offshore account in Gallifrey as part of K9 tax avoidance 0
Ian Searle 21.06.12 4:25pm
Ian Searle
No time travel today as Dr Who goes on strike. 0
Ian Searle 21.06.12 4:23pm
Ian Searle
The Pirate Bay Celebrates

Torrent website The Pirate Bay today celebrated the huge increase in anonymous visitors from the UK that recent ISP blocks have created. "We have been trying to convert our user base to complete...

Boroughbloke 21.06.12 2:30pm
Is Queen In Grip Of Chronic Gambling Addiction?

Fears are growing today for Her Majesty the Queen who it is believed is becoming heavily addicted to gambling on horse racing. It's widely known that most monarchs spend all day sitting on a throne,...

Duff 21.06.12 1:50pm
Cameron's carr u-turn 0
medici2471 21.06.12 1:26pm
Cameron: I've made a terrible error 0
medici2471 21.06.12 1:24pm
8 out 10 people think Jimmy Carr's apology is joke 0
Scronnyglonkle 21.06.12 12:59pm
Man pre-orders drawing pins from oil rig. Admits registering offshore for tacks

Man pre-orders drawing pins from oil rig. Admits registering offshore for tacks...

BAJDixon 21.06.12 12:57pm
Carr tax set to increase

lots more soon...

andhrimnir 21.06.12 12:57pm
New age traveller wins Lincolnshire sausage eating championship More soon...

jp1885 21.06.12 12:55pm
Carr reverses. 1
Thor 21.06.12 12:16pm
Biggest shake-up in a generation as 'being an MP keeps getting easier'

Education Secretary, Michael Gove has today come out with proposals that could see the biggest shake-up in Westminster since MP’s could no longer claim for the cleaning of their garden gnomes. The...

Perks 21.06.12 11:36am
Media Executives admit comedians financial affairs are just Carr Cash Telly 0
Ian Searle 21.06.12 11:20am
Ian Searle
"I've made a huge mistake" says MP who admits paying tax. 2
Ian Searle 21.06.12 11:18am
Craig David appointed as GB Archery Team's bow selector 1
grumblechops 21.06.12 11:09am
Jimmy Carr blames Tax woes on clues from 3-2-1

Comedian Jimmy Carr has answered his critics following revelations about his tax affairs and claimed his accountant got him to sign up after explaining the tax scheme in a style eerily similar to the...

seymour totti 21.06.12 10:28am
seymour totti
Johnny Depp Decides To Shag Lots of Other Women

Johnny Depp has decided to take full advantage of having most of the world’s women prepared to shag him by ditching long-term missus Vanessa Paradis. In a statement Depp said ‘I’ve been...

daneade 21.06.12 10:07am
Personal injury claims responsible for ‘soaring cost of S&M’ say concerned MPs

The price of S&M services has ‘gone through the roof’ in recent years according to a cross-party Parliamentary committee. The 128-strong ‘Personal Services Insurance Committee’ has blamed...

Skylarking 21.06.12 9:31am
Mountain climber admits to using K2 tax scheme 0
jp1885 21.06.12 9:05am
Cheaper 2ltr Pepsi blamed for misfueling epidemic

The Micra lies abandoned on the hard shoulder, hazard lights flashing, a smell like burnt caramel hanging in the air. It’s yet another snack misfueling incident for AA patrol man Nick Haynes to try...

Boutros 21.06.12 8:59am
Assange seeks asylum in London Zoo

Fearing an imminent rebuff from Equador, Julian Assange has stayed one step ahead of the authorities by seeking asylum in the primate enclosure at London Zoo. London Zoo director Jason Hunt said the...

Yikes 21.06.12 8:58am
Jimmy Carr completes self-assessment: 'berk'

Mea culpa soon...

Skylarking 21.06.12 8:47am
'Fifty Shades of Gary’ not a cash-in, insists Glitter 0
jp1885 21.06.12 8:44am
Multivitamin actually stops you from dying says scientific study

In a controlled test over a period of 72 hours, scientists at the Holland and Barrett University have found no evidence of death in subjects taking a daily dose of multivitamin., ‘It’s early...

Chris Hitchcock 21.06.12 8:34am
Chris Hitchcock
Cameron on Carr Rearrange Following - The Talk Kettle Black Calling Pot The About

David Cameron today stands accused of adopting a hypocritical position over the Jimmy Carr tax avoidance furore, as it has come to light that The Prime Minister has been pretty close to just such...

Duff 21.06.12 8:32am