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Top Indian Chef To Design New Line Of Pepper Sprays

For some time, critics have slated the British police force's pepper spray, Charles Campion describing it as "unimaginative and brusque, sacrificing tone and texture for sheer volume of heat. With a...

Textbook 29.05.12 8:52am
It would be cruel and barabaric to send Abu Qatada to Jordan, says Peter Andre

If Abu Qatada was sent to Jordan, he could face inhumane treatment that no man should ever be subjected to, Peter Andre has claimed. "I don't like what Qatada has done, but nothing justifies...

ronseal 29.05.12 8:08am
Man announces intention of boycotting Diamond Jubilee celebrations

A sixty-nine-year-old Dewsbury man has said he will not take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Fred Ashcroft has ignored every royal celebration since the Queen's coronation in 1953...

roybland 29.05.12 7:39am
Alan Sugar to advise on revised Eurovision scoring system in 2013 0
Sinnick 29.05.12 6:08am
Rolex named largest manufacturer of fake watches 0
Dumbnews 29.05.12 4:05am
Manu Tuilagi told to 'Chillax' by England Rugby Coach Stuart Lancaster

Manu Tuilagi has been told in no uncertain terms by England's Rugby Coach, the hard-as-nails disciplinarian Stuart Lancaster, to 'Chillax' after receiving 'like his billionth citing'. England's...

LPWright 29.05.12 12:20am
Scapegoat Osborne 'I'm just a pasty I tell you' 0
MADJEZ 28.05.12 11:39pm
Luke warm response to pasty tax u-turn 0
Mandy Lifeboat 28.05.12 9:26pm
Mandy Lifeboat
UEFA reveals "Spierdalaj" as the official swear of Euro 2012. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 28.05.12 8:24pm
Faust tells Levenson inquiry that pact with devil 'just a working relationship' 0
Mandy Lifeboat 28.05.12 6:36pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Disgruntled JP Morgan client manager disrupts Leveson Inquiry. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 28.05.12 5:17pm
Al OPecia
Krispy Creme fear anti-cookie legislation extension 0
simonjmr 28.05.12 3:57pm
NewsBiscuit faces ruin as cookie legislation comes into force

European Union legislation could spell the end for NewsBiscuit, internet experts warn. A new law introduced on 26 May means that websites must ensure that they have users' consent before using...

V Riddoch 28.05.12 3:52pm
V Riddoch
Shevchenko says there's "no real problem" with racism in Ukraine if you're white

White European fans have nothing to fear at Euro 2012 confirms Shevchenko More soon...

simonjmr 28.05.12 3:49pm
Scandal as Blair "I earned every penny of my £10,000 Leveson appearance fee" 0
simonjmr 28.05.12 3:45pm
Syria agrees ceasefire now everyone's dead. 0
MADJEZ 28.05.12 3:21pm
Latest downturn in economy blamed on self-employed watching Leveson

The 0.5 % decline in the UK economy over the last quarter has been partly due to strangely warm weather in March, torrential rain in April and the overall dire situation in the Eurozone, according to...

Eskimo 28.05.12 3:08pm
Commemorative bench space becoming "very limited" on Everest summit. 0
Tomfinger 28.05.12 12:30pm
Vicar and Taliban to star in new series of ''Love Thy Neighbour''

The BBC confirmed that it has commissioned a new series of cult classic comedy from the 1970's and has given it 21st Century update., The original had a white couple known as Mr and Mrs Honky living...

ND01 28.05.12 11:25am
Blair 'humbled' by Geordie welcome as chanting fans hail him as 'Wor Criminal' 0
ronseal 28.05.12 10:57am
# prayforramsay 0
Rootin Tootin 28.05.12 10:35am
Rootin Tootin
UK Toffs Come 2nd Last to Norway in 2012 Redneck Games

The UK has suffered fresh embarrassment following the Eurovision humiliation with a 25th placing in the 2012 Redneck Olympics. The team selection process was slammed as the UK’s team – made up...

daneade 28.05.12 10:10am
TV makers in chaos as God introduces fourth dimension

Manufacturers of 3D televisions are trying to react to the sudden introduction of a fourth dimension. "Special glasses just won't cut it, people will need new brains installed - but it's well worth...

apepper 28.05.12 9:49am
Mollusk with extreme military background set to take part in Paralimpets 0
Underconstruction 28.05.12 9:30am
GM crop protestor wants to become cereal killer 0
Underconstruction 28.05.12 9:25am
Olymics committee sues molecule for copyright infringement

LOCOG has been granted an injunction at the high court against the so-called Olympicine molecule for its continued existence. The five-ringed molecule has been impounded by court bailiffs, and is...

C3-PO 28.05.12 7:08am
'Heartless' Cheryl Cole slammed for refusing dying fan a hand job

As he fought his last battle with bowel cancer, 57-year-old Swindon accounts manager Raymond Carruthers always knew what his last wish was for: 'I want a hand job off Cheryl Cole. That would be the...

Oxbridge 28.05.12 6:25am
Local council installs tramp after clerical error

Disabled and elderly residents of a small West Midlands town have reacted angrily, following the installation of a tramp outside their local library., Wheelchair user Jack Payne had campaigned for...

Underconstruction 28.05.12 6:03am
Million pound fire at super discounter causes 300,000 pounds worth of damage. 0
Maverick 28.05.12 2:07am
Oldham resident in narrow escape; emigrates to Australia. 0
Maverick 28.05.12 2:02am