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Neopagan Rain Gods plan to strike over Olympic T&Cs

Neopagan Rain Gods have threatened to strike during the Olympics in a dispute over pay and conditions, potentially causing dry and summery weather for the entire games period. The Rain Contract for...

kimllfixit 20.07.12 11:01am
Atheletes condemned for accepting tax-free gold medals during olympics. 0
bonjonelson 20.07.12 10:06am
UK receives first F-35 stealth fighter jet from US

But how do we know? you may ask...

martin.chew 20.07.12 9:35am
Man found guilty of killing Dracula: 5 other Counts taken into consideration

Is that legal term, or has my head just made it up? Edit: big tip of the hat to dvo. Much better...

Perks 20.07.12 9:12am
Jobless teen waking scheme to be extended to House of Lords 0
cinquecento 20.07.12 8:28am
Philippa Middleton’s Bottom in Olympic row

Another controversy surrounding the Olympics was revealed today, this time involving Philippa Middleton. A report leaked this week shows that London authorities had planned for the sister of the...

Alfred Noakes 20.07.12 7:52am
British School Disco craze sweeps Beverly Hills

High schools across Beverly Hills are ditching traditional prom nights in their tens as the "British Secondary School Leavers' Disco" craze sweeps the neighbourhood, it was reported yesterday. "Who...

NewSuburbanDad 20.07.12 6:24am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Man Become First To Complete Internet: Now Hates Cats

Dan Brooks, a 33 year old office manager from Bolton, has become the first person to complete the Internet by viewing every page and clicking on every link. 'At first it was easy,' Brooks said. 'I...

Carter 20.07.12 5:46am
Entrepeneur launches for sharing nothing 0
Dumbnews 19.07.12 11:24pm
Wiggins auctions 'buggers grips' in anticipation of Le Tour victory 0
custard cream 19.07.12 9:40pm
custard cream
Cows urge boycott of Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

In an open letter to the Moo Statesman, COWPAT (Cows Of Wales Political Action Trust) group have urged supermarket shoppers to stop buying recipe books for delicious beef meals., "These celebrity...

Quercus Bundle 19.07.12 9:27pm
Quercus Bundle
Cockfosters wins "funniest named tube station of the year" for 10th year in row

The coveted prize, polled by the number of passengers who snigger when the name is mentioned, was followed closely by Arnos Grove and Shepherd's Bush. The competition, sponsored by Hiscox, has grown...

quango 19.07.12 9:18pm
Catholic man on the run after ordering Orange mobile 3
Scroat 19.07.12 8:46pm
Faith schools ban any teaching at all

Faith schools have been condemned for opting out of teaching pupils anything at all because of “strict religious principles”., A Department of Education investigation found 34 primary schools...

FraserWords 19.07.12 8:14pm
Ian Tomlinson charged with unlawful suicide 0
antharrison 19.07.12 7:38pm
PC cleared over Tomlinson death as only video and witness evidence available

Lots later...

virtuallywill 19.07.12 6:34pm
nostra da mouse
Security company rebranded as G4FS 11
medici2471 19.07.12 6:29pm
nostra da mouse
Richard Gere to Star in Buddhist Musical "Hello Dalai!" 0
Iggy Pop-Barker 19.07.12 6:04pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
London paper sellers spit in the face of anyone buying an evening paper. 0
Lucy4 19.07.12 4:30pm
and for those homosexual leather workers, 50 suedes of gay. 0
arthurminnit 19.07.12 4:14pm
Abandoned industrial estates to charge more for car chases and gang violence

It's a familiar-looking yellow sign which seems at first to be appealing for witnesses to crime: "Grievous bodily harm. Death by dangerous driving. Firearms offences. Did you see anything? ...

nickb 19.07.12 4:13pm
Time travelling monkies to blame for poor weather and global recession

A band of time travelling monkies has today been blamed for the collapse of the jet stream, global recession, David Cameron, Justin Beiber and Andy Murray failures. More soon...

simonjmr 19.07.12 4:11pm
An Idiot's Guide To....The Coalition

With the Conservative Lib Dem Coalition approaching its half way mark, lots of people are still pondering what it's all about. They ask questions like 'What does Cameron stand for?', 'Who is James...

custard cream 19.07.12 4:01pm
Barclay announce new CEO - Fred Goodwin 0
custard cream 19.07.12 4:00pm
custard cream
"Well out of order" sign confuses superstitious chavs 0
nickb 19.07.12 3:57pm
Recent poll suggests Zatrzymaj jęki i dostać pieprzoną pracę 13
Perks 19.07.12 3:55pm
custard cream
G4S "so sorry, we will now go back to singing Bohemian Rhapsody badly" 0
Zadok the second 19.07.12 3:41pm
Zadok the second
Harry Redknapp now bookies favourite to win Tour De France 0
seymour totti 19.07.12 3:29pm
seymour totti
'bradleywiggins' replaces 'the clappers' as unofficial London 2012 speedy word 0
allmyownstunts 19.07.12 3:20pm
Ancient M and S Brasserie....

..discovered in Middle East., Hot stuff from Sadie?...

Jesse Bigg 19.07.12 3:04pm