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Halliburton fails to extinguish pants

Eyewitnesses attest to seeing burning underwear off the Mississippi coast, as oil executives frantically set fire to any evidence pertaining to their role in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The toxic...

Wrenfoe 30.07.13 8:43am
Lindy Moone
Naked Inmates to be dropped from covers of Lags mags

Fully Loaded!...

Scronnyglonkle 30.07.13 8:35am
Francis declared "The Pink Pope". More soon.

and about time...

Al OPecia 30.07.13 7:45am
Al OPecia
Pope orders Vatican gay lobby to be redecorated 1
medici2471 30.07.13 7:44am
Al OPecia
Barclays approaches Wonga for loan to fill ‘capital shortfall’ till payday... 0
Tripod 30.07.13 7:44am
Taliban first concession in secret talks is to appoint a spokeswoman. 0
Al OPecia 30.07.13 7:43am
Al OPecia
First Taliban spokesman "full of bullshit" says second Taliban spokesman.

"He wouldn't know an IED if he stepped on one"...

Al OPecia 30.07.13 7:42am
Al OPecia
Wayne Harris "devastated" by new internet porn curbs. More soon.

Al OPecia 30.07.13 7:28am
Al OPecia
Worlds most boring couple return from holiday, full details instore 0
Scronnyglonkle 30.07.13 7:09am
Twitter responds to abuse row by revealing 'Off' button 1
medici2471 30.07.13 7:01am
Government rejects Wank Bank bail-out

The government yesterday rejected a last ditch plan to rescue the country’s failing wank banks. The banks have been under sustained pressure from a steady stream of withdrawals, following...

suki 30.07.13 4:58am
George VII Abdicates - "Can't stand All The Fuss"

Wants to spend more time with his family...

Titus 30.07.13 1:28am
"You Had The Day Of The Jackal, Now I'm the Jackdaw" Says French Diamond Thief

"Me wants it, me needs it. Must have the precious...

Titus 30.07.13 1:22am
Pope: "It's OK To Be Homosexual As Long As You Don't Inhale" 0
Titus 30.07.13 1:10am
Man Arrested In Zimbabwe For Suggesting That Mugabe Might Not Win Election

Pretty much TrueBiscuit...

Titus 30.07.13 1:09am
Government outsources to Spain for new 'NHS Juan Juan Juan' service 0
Skylarking 29.07.13 10:45pm
Disaster as Swiss train crash causes trains to be late

Don't worry no fatalities...

Scronnyglonkle 29.07.13 9:43pm
Scherzinger loses pole position 4
medici2471 29.07.13 9:32pm
Lads Mag blames Co-Op staff for sticking pages together. Welcomes plastic bags. 0
MADJEZ 29.07.13 9:24pm
G4S, HS2, 111... We're just not good with numbers admits UK government. 0
Ian Searle 29.07.13 9:19pm
Ian Searle
Cruella de Vil pulls out of 101 Dalmatians as they are financially unsustainable 0
Ian Searle 29.07.13 9:14pm
Ian Searle
Schools to introduce extra lessons for kids to turn off porn filters for parents

Schools throughout the UK are gearing up to train children about how to turn off porn filters. A spokesman for the headteachers' association explained; "Normally, parents can get straight through but...

apepper 29.07.13 9:11pm
Mystery as porn filter makes Cameron's head disappear

IT experts are trying to explain why viewing images of David Cameron via porn filters make his head disappear. One puzzled boffin said; "It's almost as if he had a head that's also genitalia - oh...

apepper 29.07.13 9:09pm
Early Christian relic reveals holy DNA link. Full details in St Ore 0
Dick Everyman 29.07.13 6:31pm
Dick Everyman
nothing to see here 1
Smart Alex 29.07.13 6:15pm
"All willies to be pixelated" says PM

Following the announcement of measures to restrict free access to internet pornography, the Home Office has confirmed that from 2014, all real life genitals will be pixelated and owners required to...

BAJDixon 29.07.13 6:15pm
Pickles Wants to allow Parking on Double-Yellow Lines - But Only Outside Greggs 1
Metro 29.07.13 6:06pm
Jesus H
Time travel researcher admits he's getting too young for job 0
sydalg 29.07.13 4:14pm
The train in Spain falls mainly off the rails... - 23 66
Tripod 29.07.13 4:13pm
HR genius devises perfect job ad screen out attract the purest bullshitters

A team of boffins in a Human Resources lab claims it has created the perfect advert to screen out almost all normal people and attract a 99 per cent pure audience of bullshitters, chancers and the...

ronseal 29.07.13 4:12pm