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Paris Hilton's 2 day prison stint earns honourary degree from University of Life 0
StoopyDeGunt 3 years

Paris Hilton has become the latest celebrity to be awarded an honourary degree. After a short spell in prison she's been granted the honour by a publicity hungry press officer from the University Of...

Daily Mail Classified Ads Thread 18
De-scribe 3 years

(as suggested elsewhere by Sinnick, possibly ) I’ll start Land for Sale: Superb plot on moral high ground available. Incredible views to the right. For Sale: Blinkers. £15.00. Free to all Daily...

Palace Shocker: Earl of Wessex will fight to keep People's Princess title. 0
rikkor 3 years
Royal Wedding Sick Bags Already on Sale 1
Dun Dunkin 3 years

Monogrammed of course...

Dangerous Restaurant Tourism craze kills seven british tourists in Afghanistan 0
flim-flam 3 years

Seven British holiday makers have been killed and eleven seriously injured after the coach they were travelling on was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan. They were on the way to...

Royal couple have 'no plans' to honeymoon in Paris. 2
Stan Laurel 3 years
Tawdry souvenir industry welcomes Royal announcement 0
MC One R 3 years

"Just the shot in the arm that the manufacturing industry needs. Of course it's all actually in Vietnam and China but that's just being churlish about a happy occasion."...

Royal Wedding signals Cameron's success in regressing to 1980 1
Moggsy 3 years

thread from an idea posted on Twitter...

This year’s ‘must have’ gift: a ‘cat in a wheelie-bin’ novelty key-fob... 0
Doylem 3 years
Royal Wedding welcomed by all as golden opportunity for thinly-veiled misogyny 2
DrTurmoil 3 years
Boycott threatened as new iOW Tunes 78rpm format not backward compatible 0
andhrimnir 3 years

with waxed cylinder...

After fire at a multi storey prison in Shang Hai Premier Wen 0
arrghgarry 3 years

declares number of dead in Chinese stir fried rise...

Al Fayed claims Kate Middleton is his daughter 1
Sinnick 3 years
Commemorative royal divorce mugs tipped as must-have accessory for 2013 2
jp1885 3 years
Ex-Guantanamo inmate rushes from shower to attend compensation hearing 0
jp1885 3 years, More soon...

Singer Neville Chamberlain 'prevented World War II' 10
bonjonelson 3 years

Singer Neville Chamberlain has told the BBC how he refused an order to attack German troops when he was a British soldier in the British Expeditionary Force. Chamberlain said he was willing to risk a...

Hot news: Beatles on iTunes, Mafeking Relieved... 0
Doylem 3 years
UK Recession responsible for Nan doing the sandwiches for Williams wedding 0
simonjmr 3 years
Royals order cull of strawberry blond males in advance of 2011 Royal Wedding. 0
simonjmr 3 years

Also Hewitts, Parkers and Bowles under threat. More soon...

Palace justifies white wedding on grounds "she hasn't popped her chocolate 0
the coarse whisperer 3 years

cherry yet". Poor taste? I hope so...

NIB - Ireland challenges Portugal to a Eurozone stare-out 1
MC One R 3 years

Following Portugal's request for Ireland to act "for the good of the Eurozone", Ireland has challenged Portugal to a financial stare-out. First to blink has to ask the EU for a bail-out, and will be...

HP celebrates the launch of their 5 thousandth different kind of ink cartridge. 3
deskpilot3 3 years

Bitter experience or what?...

“Royal wedding will boost tourism”, says travel agents... 0
Doylem 3 years

A spokesman for Thomson Holidays is bullish about the tourism benefits that another royal wedding will bring. “It could be just the shot in the arm the travel industry needs. In the wake of the...

Sky Box Office Present - Will & Kate - Ultimate Wedding Judgement Day - £15.95 0
IABP 3 years

It's the first time since Charles married Diana that a Royal wedding has registered on the Remotely Interested Scale and you can experience the doomed relationship and live through all the tension...

Queen starts planning car crash 0
Sinnick 3 years
Governemt Delighted at Royal Wedding Diversion 0
Dun Dunkin 3 years

Now there are months to bury bad news...

The AA and Alcoholics Anonymous to produce range of batteries 4
Sinnick 3 years
“Virgins leave a lot to be desired”, says disaffected 7/7 martyr... 0
Doylem 3 years

Hasib Hussain was just 18 years old when he blew himself up, on a bus in Tavistock Square, London, along with 13 other passengers. This act of terrorism, in support of the holy Jihad, assured Hasid...

Prince Harry gets drunk and kills a hooker in desperate bid for front page 0
Andrew 3 years

See page 5...

29 storey burning block of flats in China still standing as 0
arrghgarry 3 years

demolition experts forgot to pull it , a Jew did not have it insured for 5 times what it was worth and China was not waiting to invade a country...