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Wikileaks releases Hodgson resignation speech. 0
Thor 01.05.12 6:45pm
British Horseracing Board find horse presenting The One Show to be "unethical". 0
woodymellor 01.05.12 6:29pm
A Culture of Cliches. Why women aren't as happy as their campaign counterparts.

Unfortunate though it may be, it is a fact universally acknowledged that in the modern day, consumer based society; our reflection can be seen clearest through advertising. Though I feel that I would...

Ollymace 01.05.12 6:19pm
Mr Target
Obese candidate to fight lo-cal election. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 01.05.12 5:56pm
Ford beats Toyota in underwater car contest 0
Nails UK 01.05.12 5:42pm
Nails UK
Heavy rain "worse than The Blitz"

Some rain fell over the last few days, leaving millions of Britons in extreme nonchalance. Some people have resorted to getting the bus, or using umbrellas creating widespread minor inconvenience....

woodymellor 01.05.12 5:39pm
2012 Olympics Approaching At World Record Speed. 0
Mark66 01.05.12 5:10pm
Experts brought in to investigate 'Westminster Amnesia'

Scientists and neurologists have been drafted into Westminster this week to investigate an alarming rise in amnesia amongst politicians. Although the problem is not a new one, the last few weeks have...

Perks 01.05.12 4:48pm
England manager in 4 year deal. To end after we get knocked out of Euro 2012. 0
MADJEZ 01.05.12 4:28pm
Red light district threatened with hoe's pipe ban 2
Screenie 01.05.12 4:26pm
Turner Prize shitlist announced 1
virtuallywill 01.05.12 3:23pm
Nails UK
FA to give Premiership Managers with facial spit guards for Old Trafford visits 0
simonjmr 01.05.12 3:08pm
GP found beheaded on Salford street: local PCT claims responsibility 0
Nails UK 01.05.12 2:52pm
Nails UK
James Murdoch; "No more Mr Nice Guy"

James Murdoch has reacted with fury to criticism by MPs. "There going to be less of the happy go-lucky nice guy from now on."...

apepper 01.05.12 2:32pm
A level exams to be taken on the moon to reduce pressure on students

more soon....

Screenie 01.05.12 2:28pm
FA appoint another manager unable to speak english 0
Perks 01.05.12 2:25pm
Ferguson in intelligible and measured discussion with Mancini during derby match 0
Nails UK 01.05.12 2:22pm
Nails UK
Royal Navy to deploy depth charges near strategic olympic sewers.

London Olympic security received another boost today with the announcement that major sewers interconnecting with the east-London venue would be protected by teams of Royal Navy officers armed with...

bonjonelson 01.05.12 1:57pm
Extended drought leads to fears over umbrella shortages 1
Screenie 01.05.12 1:47pm
UK Suffers Wettest Drought Since Records Began

am sure that someone has already beaten me to this one by a week or two if so sry...

thisisall1word 01.05.12 1:30pm
Olympic Joy for Winning Missile Sites

There were scenes of jubilation at five venues around London today as it was announced that they had been successful in their bids to be a host site for an Olympic surface to air missile launch pad....

A Wagonload Of Monkeys 01.05.12 12:38pm
Curbie Firetank
Big Ben to strike during Olympics 0
Curbie Firetank 01.05.12 12:35pm
Curbie Firetank
Nick Clegg given "Special Cabinet Post" at Heathrow Immigration.

David Cameron told the House this morning of Deputy PM Nick Clegg's new role at Heathrow Immigration, " With forthcoming blue ribbon events like the Jubilee and the Olympics, we need to sort these...

Scronnyglonkle 01.05.12 12:22pm
Hodgson appointment delayed as press decide what vegetable to nickname him. 0
MADJEZ 01.05.12 12:18pm
Olympic Airborne rapid response unit to be called 2 Paralympians Division

worth a shot...

Scronnyglonkle 01.05.12 12:06pm
Security services warned of "armed Olympians"

High tech spears capable of deadly accuracy, circular spinning missiles, pointy swords and up to the minute bows and arrows are among weapons security services will be looking for, as Olympians...

nickb 01.05.12 11:27am
Rupert Murdoch 'forced to stand' for 3 years

It has been revealed during an interview after his statements at the Leveson enquiry that Mr Murdoch has been unable to sit down in his sitting room for over three years. The issue was finally...

Screenie 01.05.12 11:20am
Arkiologists reveal that Noah lived in Tewkesbury 0
Tomfinger 01.05.12 11:08am
Ken Barlow beats Mike Baldwin 1001-1000 in thrilling Manchester derby. More soon 2
red 01.05.12 10:46am
Cameron and Murdoch update relationship status to 'It's complicated' 2
Oxbridge 01.05.12 10:06am