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Berlusconi sex trial adjorned on discovery that Berlusconi was a wax model 0
simonjmr 4 years
US Man arrested for barking at police dog 2
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years

An Ohio police report said 25-year-old Ryan James Stephens was charged with teasing a police dog in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason. Officer Bradley Walker wrote that he heard the dog barking...

Naked soldier story "required punch line" 0
beau-jolly 4 years

When thieves broke into a house in Salford in the middle of the night, little did they expect that the owner was as hard as nails. Chasing his stolen car down the road, while still naked, he punched...

Joan Collins Reveals Threesome With Gandhi and Rock Hudson 0
rikkor 4 years

The superannuated sex kitten recalls "I felt like an untouchable" during the long-ago romp at Beverly Hills' Chateau Marmont...

Anglia Ruskin launches new 'Philosophies of Microsoft' 0
MagnusOpum 4 years

The university today announced that as of 2011 the course, fully titled 'Philosophies of Microsoft and the increase in thought experimentation linked to Office applications', will be offered to all...

Outrage as universities charge as much as they were told they could. More soon. 1
MC One R 4 years
Chelsea to erect statue of Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge 3
MC One R 4 years

A spokesman for the club said "we admit we are jumping on the bandwagon, but we realised we had an individual who has been as irrelevant to Chelsea, and who has spent even less time in close...

Hunting of Noel Edmonds to be curbed in push to preserve leather trouser stocks. 0
SingingHinny 4 years

Animal conservationists are calling for a quota system to be enforced upon Noel Edmonds hunters after a survey by the WWF revealed that the species is facing over-predation from leather poachers. ...

Robert Langdon Joins 'NO to AV' Campaign 0
pineapple incident 4 years

Fictional Professor of Religious Iconography, Robert Langdon, has announced his support for the 'NO to AV' Campaign amidst fears that numbers would over-complicate and dilute the Westminster...

Bryan Ferry recovering after nazi turn. 0
MADJEZ 4 years
4 years

To count as one of your '5 a day', though not to be eaten with meat sausages...

ABBA and ACDC collaborate to release ‘Ba Ba Back In Black Sheep’ 0
Qoxiivi 4 years
Environmentalists fear damage to green belt as... 0
Screenie 4 years

Jolly Giant drops trousers...

Irish Republican dissidents establish cyber wing with Virtual IRA 4
ronseal 4 years

A new just-in-time scalable terror network, that operates in the cloud, is set to revolutionise terrorism. The Virtual IRA, a breakaway faction from the Real IRA, says its new Terror as a Service...

After program crash Windows searches for a solution and actually finds one 1
Nick McCarr 4 years
Porn star struggling with retirement urged to... 2
Screenie 4 years

think outside the box...'s radical try before you buy scheme inherently flawed 0
simonjmr 4 years
Jeremy Clarkson's affair storyline stolen from Last of The Summer Wine plot 0
ronseal 4 years
European court rules that incapacity benefit testing is discrimination 3
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years

The government’s plans to start testing 1.5 million people claiming incapacity benefit have been dealt a blow today with EU courts ruling that this amounts to discrimination against claimants. The...

Physicists struggle to explain existence of IKEA. 12
SingingHinny 4 years

Some of the worlds leading physicists have conceded that we may not yet know enough about the nature of the universe to explain the existence of IKEA. The popular Swedish furniture company first...

Prince Harry to organise William's stag do - Europe prepares for war 0
John Wiltshire 4 years
Japan Stems Radioactive Leak With 92000 Eggs 0
mugwump 4 years

Nuclear workers in Japan have finally stemmed the leak in the leaking waste water pit after working round the clock, to crack close to 100,00 eggs in the pit. The low tech solution has now prompted...

Reporting crime to be a crime 0
ED209 4 years

Britain's chief constables have today jointly announced that anyone reporting a crime will now be charged with wasting police time. "We've tried for many years to use 'civil matter', 'crime...

Peter749400 4 years An online discussion forum today reached a unanimous and well reasoned conclusion following a week long debate among participants. The...

Rooney swears to let down nation again 5
OllieP 4 years

Genteel football fans up and down the country have reacted with disgust to Wayne Rooney’s curse-laden outburst this weekend in a match against West Ham. The normally eloquent Manchester United...

BBC, CNN newscasters welcome departure of Gbagbo as president of Cote d'Ivoire 0
4 years

Newscasters and journalists around the world have lauded the none-to-soon departure of Laurent Gbagbo. “He's been a nightmare” said CNN's lead anchor Brooke Baldwin , “Around for nigh-on ten...

Julian Assange takes out super-injunction... 1
be reasonable 4 years

no more soon...

Smell of bacon sandwiches provokes mass conversions to Christianity... 9
be reasonable 4 years

thousands of Jews and Muslims willing 'to take a gamble on it'. Who else can I upset today? Hat-tip to screenie for mentioning bacon sandwiches...

Millions of spiders released into Libya: Now a 'No Fly Zone' 0
4 years
Captive breeding programme established to halt decline of ginger gene 13
OllieP 4 years

Conservation scientists across the country have been put on red alert in response to a Wikipedia entry that claims the ginger gene is in serious decline across the UK. The website's assertions that...