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Now Ferguson accused of match fixing.

Utd Manager Alex Ferguson is pleading not guilty to charges of match fixing, against mounting evidence that over the lengthy course of his career he has been deliberately picking teams of players he...

Boutros 10.10.11 6:49am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Steve Jobs replacement announced as Steve Jobss 0
Iamthestig 06.10.11 12:30pm
Steve Jobs Joins Cloud Computing 1
thisisall1word 06.10.11 2:44pm
BBC Salford goes native with mass redundancies

The BBC has celebrated the successful integration with the north by making mass redundancies at its Salford Quays centre. A spokesman denied this was a deliberate policy. "Nobody saw the recession...

ronseal 06.10.11 12:57pm
Staff at Apple crumble on news of Jobs loss 0
Gary Baldy 06.10.11 12:13pm
Gary Baldy
England players severely reprimanded for being "Sober and Polite"

More unwelcome publicity as Martin Johnson was forced to act as allegations of widespread sobriety and good behaviour appeared in the national press. When quizzed at this morning's press conference...

grottymonty 06.10.11 12:08pm
Cameron Fury - "The World couldn't Sync Any Lower."

Following the tragic news that former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, died from pancreatic cancer, British Prime Minister David Cameron, moved to condemn the influx of terrible jokes and sick puns...

delightfullyodd 06.10.11 11:57am
BBC budget slashed by two Moyles and a Wogan 3
06.10.11 12:45pm
Economy latest: Jobs dead, Also Apple founder passes away

No more later...

virtuallywill 06.10.11 11:33am
Global warming reduces UK's ability to grow herbs

'The unusual weather the UK has experienced over the last few decades has drastically reduced our ability to grow herbs,' stated UK organic farmer Jerry Hewitt. Something must be done and fast,' he...

Screenie 06.10.11 5:16pm
Ronseal secure merchandising rights for new Tin Tin movie 0
Iamthestig 06.10.11 11:11am
Mervyn King's Launch of QE2 hopes to Refloat Economy 2
medici2471 06.10.11 1:35pm
Steve Jobs to launch new "Prayer Pad" for God

Steve's first Job, after enrolling & settling down in heaven, is to work on the launch of the new Prayer-pad. Market research has shown that so many prayers go unanswered, that kneelers sometimes...

Rowly 06.10.11 10:49am
Steve Jobs unveils Harp 2.0. Too Soon.

red 06.10.11 10:41am
God cuts Jobs 4
ronseal 06.10.11 11:44am
Tesco profit announcement pours scorn on UK

There was an overwhelming sense of relief across both the developing and developed world yesterday as Tesco announced an increase in half year profits. ‘I knew the results would be in today,’...

Screenie 06.10.11 10:20am
Sod principle, I'm sending my kids to private school, says Polly Toynbee 0
ronseal 06.10.11 10:12am
Steve Jobs "An Apple a day" policy fails. 0
seymour totti 06.10.11 10:01am
seymour totti
BBC is NOT over manned, manned, manned, say 26 spokesmen 3
ronseal 06.10.11 4:37pm
Daily Mail announces Steve Jobs cancer in remision 1
Tammy Flugh 06.10.11 9:59am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Sarah Palin rules herself out of Presidential race to save voters the bother. 1
seymour totti 06.10.11 9:56am
Bloated, constipated economy? You need Dr Osborne’s patent Quantitative Easing

Suffering from the painfully slow transit of jobs through the system? A dose of Dr Osborne’s patent Quantitative Easing will put you right. Taking QE every day while symptoms persist, or until the...

Clarky 06.10.11 2:05pm
Tories deny Cameron Fox interview gaffe

The government was today playing down the furore that has arisen on both sides of the Atlantic regarding remarks made by PM David Cameron in an exclusive live TV interview broadcast on Fox News...

Drylaw 06.10.11 9:24am
Apple book of condolence only available to iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users. 0
MADJEZ 06.10.11 9:20am
Steve Jobs jokes condemned as un-PC 14
charlies_hat 06.10.11 6:15pm
Fake Steve Jobs seen in China 0
simonjmr 06.10.11 9:10am
Putin finds jugs in Black Sea; Berlusconi unimpressed.

'If he’d just called me, I’d have had all the jugs he needed sent to his room’...

John Ffitch-Rucker 06.10.11 9:09am
John Ffitch-Rucker
World in turmoil as all Apple products cease working on news of Jobs death

As news broke this morning of Steve Jobs untimely death, Apple devotees were soon noting that all Apple products are refusing to work, as they now enter iMourning. Ipods will only play Marche...

simonjmr 06.10.11 8:52am
Republicans Unfazed By Apple Founder's Death, Say Obama Administration...

Has Made Them Get Used To Jobs Dying...

Textbook 06.10.11 8:51am
UK parliament to consider permanent switch to Hammer Time

As British Summer Time draws to a close and the clocks prepare to go back, the Secretary of State is to conduct an analysis of the costs and benefits of adopting the highly controversial U.S....

Gary Stanton 09.10.11 4:31pm
Al OPecia