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"Orphan Planet" spotted floating in space, Angelina Jolie to adopt.

..More soon...

moanygit 15.11.12 10:01am
Top US generals forced to pull out 5
Dick Everyman 15.11.12 9:12am
Dick Everyman
Revealed: Not all top MPs are child sex offenders

Newsbiscuit is in possession of a list naming top Tory, Liberal and Labour MPs who have never been involved in illegal sexual practices with children in care. The list is long and some of those...

Boutros 15.11.12 8:57am
Jordan refuses to extradite suspect to UK due to 'trial by Twitter' concerns 0
cinquecento 15.11.12 8:57am
EU calls for a month to be set aside for no charitable clauses - NOvember 0
simonjmr 15.11.12 8:52am
"Fees high? Ho hum." Says energy giant 2
Dick Everyman 15.11.12 8:31am
Ancient Mayan text finally translated as 'Great Practical Jokes Annual 2013' 0
wallster 15.11.12 8:22am
New Year's dishonours list to acknowledge 'worst and most annoying' of society

Although not officially announced until the end of next month, details of this year's dishonours list have been leaked and the list, if confirmed, includes dozens of newly minted twats, pricks, sods...

ゴルゴ13 15.11.12 8:00am
End Poverty Alliance calls for tighter definition of Filthy Rich

Amidst fears that CEO's salary could soon be caught by current definition...

15.11.12 7:11am
PPP initiative to bring harmony to '30 days of bloody charity'

In the face of desperate public pleas to disaggregate autumn charity events so that Poppy Day, Children in Need, Movember and Halloween don't all come at once. The CEOs of the organising charities...

Squudge 14.11.12 11:38pm
INTERNET CLOSED THIS WEEKEND FOR ENGINEERING WORK The internet is to close this weekend for urgent engineering work. The shadowy committee of warlords,...

Peter749400 14.11.12 10:34pm
Israel supports European austerity protests in series of strikes

With dozens of flights suffering delays and cancelations due to anti-austerity strikes and protests across Europe, Israel has shown its support in a series of strikes of its own. The day of action...

Dick Everyman 14.11.12 10:27pm
Dick Everyman
'The Hour' to replace 'Newsnight' in late-night BBC2 slot, says Davie. 1
pinxit 14.11.12 10:07pm
custard cream
Scottish Football League to restructure all teams into one Third Division 0
TerribleTim 14.11.12 10:00pm

A four-star General, Petraeus,, Is a jolly good fellow, so say us;, His mistress’s gob, Was a blow on his job, Before he had chance to betray us...

malgor 14.11.12 9:39pm
Damion All Bran, Hairy Cornflake unveil sound art piece for radio's 100th

It was inspired by diverse but familiar sounds like the noise of Rice Krispies and John Peel jiggling his keys in his trouser pockets. Two giants of the radio and breakfast cereal world have...

CulchaVulcha 14.11.12 7:42pm
The Life of Pi 3 - "No more Pi for me" - Lee

14 November 2015., After the huge successes of “Life of Pi” and “Life of Pi 2 – The Pi of the Tiger” Ang Lee, director of “Life of Pi 3 - And a Bit more Pi”, has said that this will be...

Charnztheoriginal 14.11.12 6:26pm
Traffic warden’s camera reveals hazardous blockage

In a bizarre twist of fate a Shropshire traffic warden was given an early indication of an abnormality in his rectum. Thomas Davies, 49 was on patrol in the sleepy town of Ludlow and had just taken...

Dick Everyman 14.11.12 4:00pm
Dick Everyman
Tourettes Sufferers With Swear Boxes, To Link Up With Savings Bank......

'It's effing logical, in it!'...

Jesse Bigg 14.11.12 3:48pm
FA announces referees to be issued with black card to tackle racism 0
custard cream 14.11.12 3:35pm
custard cream
Sugar lumps not performance enhancing insists Dettori 0
Drylaw 14.11.12 3:21pm
Paris announces Marchelib' - new shoe sharing scheme

The mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, is at it again in his campaign to clean up the city. Back in 2007, he [url=]gave[/url] Parisians Vélib', the...

bavardage 14.11.12 3:18pm
Frankie Dettori qualifies for Tour De France 2013. 1
Zen 14.11.12 3:03pm
custard cream
US invades itself to bring democracy to Florida

Less than a week after his re-election, Barack Obama announced today that the US army is to invade the United States of America early next week in an effort to bring 'western-style democracy' to the...

Andrew 14.11.12 3:02pm
custard cream
BBC to mark 90 years of Damon Albarn dabbling in tiresome solo projects

With the last Blur album Think Tank (1908) a distant memory, the BBC is set to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Damon Albarn's first first tediously worthwhile solo project. All BBC Radio stations...

Skylarking 14.11.12 2:59pm
custard cream
Frankie Dettorie 'thought ketamine was for me not the horse' claim

more soon....

custard cream 14.11.12 2:58pm
custard cream
Galaxy extension ‘ruined by rogue planet’, claims The Sun. 0
malgor 14.11.12 2:25pm
Newsnight editor refuses to name Dettori

maybe this needs to said in an Irish accent ?...

charlies_hat 14.11.12 2:24pm
Irish doctors blame faulty batch of leeches for woman's death 0
Lucy4 14.11.12 2:00pm
Dettori tests positive for Velcro 1
14.11.12 1:08pm