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Matthew Corbett follows Rowling into adult market with Sooty, Sue and Sweep Too 6
DustyBinLaden 30.09.12 10:49am
Spud U Like team up with The North Face for a more expensive jacket potato

The high street take-away potato filler ‘Spud U Like’ has announced it is to go into partnership with ‘The North Face’ to offer it’s customers ‘a more expensive jacket potato‘. The new...

Perks 30.09.12 9:08am
Corporate executives welcome news that liking football no longer compulsory

Fashion followers were cock a hoop last night as it emerged that football has finally gone 'off trend'. A new report by the much respected Association of Corporate Yesmen that says football has been...

ronseal 30.09.12 7:52am
Paperboy phones in sick with a bad case of origami... 1
Tripod 30.09.12 7:05am
Spirit world praises Gove's new UK-based English Baccalaureate: the EB-GB 0
DustyBinLaden 30.09.12 6:34am
Britain braces itself for deluge of French top-rate-tax refugees

Security was being stepped up at first class lounges across Britain’s airports following the announcement of a new 75% tax rate for French millionaires. Meanwhile in France, thousands of...

Sir Lupus 29.09.12 10:20pm
Sir Lupus
Thousands join wanker parade in Belfast

Thousands of young men have decided to throw away their normal reserved attitude and admit that they are a wanker by joining in the wanker's parade in Belfast today. The wanker's parade is held...

BaronVonNoodle 29.09.12 9:45pm
Newlyweds haunted by Earth Wind and Fire hit from 1978.

A couple who married on the 21st September are already 'cheesed off' with the disco funk hit September by Earth Wind and Fire - just one week after tying the knot. "The DJ played it at our wedding...

Boutros 29.09.12 9:19pm
Sir Lupus
Secret Memo: Major Oil Companies are “Satisfied with progress on global warming”

A confidential report, leaked following a private meeting between the executives of the world’s major oil companies, shows that they are happy with their achievements in modifying the earth’s...

robertsonal 29.09.12 8:54pm
Steve Kean quits Blackburn to take less demanding job herding cats... 1
Tripod 29.09.12 8:29pm
GCSE maths in moral decline admits OFSTED

OFSTED has announced the introduction of a compulsory module on religious and moral instruction, to be immediately bolted onto the GCSE mathematics curriculum. Reacting to criticism that mathematics...

29.09.12 8:23pm
Lifes too short to use apostrophes, suggests survey 6
jamsieoconnor 29.09.12 8:15pm
Maths teacher blames Apple Maps for ending up in France. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 29.09.12 7:26pm
Wife sells husband on BBC's Bargain Hunt

Daphne Hayes, a 47 year old woman from Stockport, has become the first person to successfully sell her husband on the BBC programme, Bargain Hunt. 'I had the idea after watching the programme and...

antharrison 29.09.12 7:18pm
Dyslexics march to Belfast convent. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.09.12 5:18pm
If Only.........

LibDems once again win another election on that horizontal island called Great Britain...

Jesse Bigg 29.09.12 5:00pm
Martin Shuttlecock
Head of Ofsted praises Jeremy Forrest for ‘going the extra mile’

The Chief Inspector of Schools in England and Wales, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has said that maths teacher Jeremy Forrest is exactly the type of best-in-class teacher he was referring to when he made his...

DustyBinLaden 29.09.12 2:56pm
Chaplin's films criticised for being 'too black and white'.

yeah i know...

writinginbsl 29.09.12 1:07pm
Fox News refusing to report on badger cull. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.09.12 1:02pm
Man who shot himself live on Fox News “was pitching for a series”... 0
Tripod 29.09.12 12:55pm
Runaway teacher being held in detention center 0
Ian Searle 29.09.12 12:22pm
Ian Searle
Megan Stammers: "Sir was trying to get me home using Apple Maps and we got lost"

It's got to be worth a go...

AReader 29.09.12 12:17pm
"TB, or not TB, that is the question" gasps badger 2
Psycadelic Squirrel 29.09.12 11:38am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Badgers dead sett against cull 4
charlies_hat 29.09.12 10:35am
Geography teacher to collect Megan from France. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.09.12 10:05am
Crooked accountants protest: “We’re not just here to make up the numbers”... 1
Tripod 29.09.12 10:04am
French police find Megan Stammers but continue the long search for Bonnie Tyler

One for the over 40's...

charlies_hat 29.09.12 9:58am
Inoculation better than cull but badger parents won't take offspring to clinics. 1
Boutros 28.09.12 11:08pm
Police discover Megan Stammers, speech therapist called.

m m m more soon...

Perks 28.09.12 11:02pm
South Yorkshire Police explain why they refuse to apologize for lying to The Sun

At a specially arranged press conference, a spokesman for the South Yorkshire Police issued a statement in response to former Sun Editor Kelvin MacKenzie's request to apologize for feeding him a lot...

AReader 28.09.12 10:53pm