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'NHS is not what it used to be' says grumbling appendix 3
Dick Everyman 11.07.13 9:53am
Evidence-based Bible, Torah and Koran published on single sheet of A4.

More later., No, I’m not entering myself. Fnar, fnar...

FOAD 11.07.13 9:49am
God converts Bible into Twitter feed

The Creator of the Universe has rejected charges that He is dumbing down after He converted the entire Bible to Tweets. The Good Book is now being tweeted to earth daily in easily digestible segments...

sydalg 11.07.13 9:46am
Last posting day for Christmas, this Friday. 2
Squudge 11.07.13 9:37am
Cig packs to show warning photo of George Osborne with heaps of tobacco revenue 0
sydalg 11.07.13 9:28am
Westminster to keep Scotland as a “f**k-buddy”

In the event of a “yes” vote for Scottish Independence, politicians south of the border would like to retain specific conjugal rites without any of those awkward commitment issues. In...

Wrenfoe 11.07.13 9:28am
Panic inside Kensington Palace as special delivery Royal male still not arrived. 0
irreverendJ 11.07.13 7:54am
Protesting bluebottle successfully scales the Shard 0
grottymonty 11.07.13 7:45am
"No more Holy Books due to risk of 1-star Amazon reviews", says God 1
Dumbnews 11.07.13 6:26am
Lindy Moone
Gove's Wife Admits to Wishing He Could Be Harder

Last night, in an exclusive interview with TGD, Ms Sarah Vine admitted that she sometimes wished the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP could be 'significantly harder' as he's 'far to soft and not nearly...

TheGoveDelusion 11.07.13 1:38am
sredni vashta
Oxbridge academics confirm Stonehenge 'Built by a giant navvy' 0
antharrison 10.07.13 11:12pm
Genious scholar, philosopher and poet doubles annual income with £10 lotto win 0
antharrison 10.07.13 11:08pm
Royal Male delivered! Poor journalist gets stories mixed up 1
Jesus H 10.07.13 10:42pm
PPI Claims agencies now targeting ‘mis sold’ marriages...

PPI claims handlers have now diversified by targeting ‘mis-sold’ marriages from 1987-1999. The decision to diversify has been down to a new discovery that married couples are not as happy as...

kon.boley 10.07.13 9:56pm
Jesus H
Illinois becomes the last state to permit 'concealed paranoia'

The rest of the US can now breath a collective sigh of relief (before retreating into various underground bunkers) that "The Prairie State" has agreed to embrace concealed weapons. By allowing their...

Wrenfoe 10.07.13 7:27pm
Royal Mail workers are concerned shares will be lost in the post

More later...

Wrenfoe 10.07.13 7:06pm
Jesus H
Sun King defends kitschy palace: "Le tat, c'est moi" 1
sydalg 10.07.13 6:49pm
Last untouched North London loft space undergoes conversion

Unconverted lofts in North London were consigned to history today when Enfield homeowner Frank Shuter unveiled his new extended study and sleep over space. Mr Shuter said: “It’s sad seeing a bit...

Mandy Lifeboat 10.07.13 5:54pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Top Gear Presenters Condemn Jet Shopping Trolley As "Childish and Dangerous"

Titus 10.07.13 5:46pm
Statisticians strike "110% solid"

More to follow...

apepper 10.07.13 5:31pm
DJ Mel Grieg sues for loss of nose

Mangers at Southern Cross Austereo were disappointed to discover that the former DJ had over-reacted to a harmless comedic "slight of hand". Despite previously enjoying the "coin behind the ear...

Wrenfoe 10.07.13 4:33pm
Police admit their report on lorry collision was heavy dents based 4
Smart Alex 10.07.13 4:04pm
Isle of Wight smog 'could last weeks'

The haze engulfing the island could last for weeks, as air pollution soared to record levels. The pollution standards index peaked at 331 yesterday, breaking previous records and well above hazardous...

Blake 10.07.13 3:49pm
Roayal mail sell off gets stamp of approval. 1st and 2nd class shares available.

The city of London almost collapsed today as telephone lines and internet connections buckled under the demand for information regarding the forthcoming sale of a Royal Male. When interested parties...

irreverendJ 10.07.13 3:47pm
SAS Sniper Danny Nightingale convicted of possessing a killer right hook. 0
sdritchie 10.07.13 3:47pm
Vet getting annoyed at parrots asking for second opinion 0
sydalg 10.07.13 3:32pm
Elton John's appendix to make farewell tour 0
Dick Everyman 10.07.13 3:15pm
Dick Everyman
OED update: Thrash (verb) - to lose to, as in 'England will thrash Australia' 4
John Wiltshire 10.07.13 3:00pm
Lindy Moone
Optimist Applies For £2 Million Grant To Investigate Cure For Pessimism

[Hat tip tip me. And to John Wiltshire]...

Titus 10.07.13 2:17pm
Despair as millions realise that Murray victory will not change their lives.

Help and support organisations such as the Samaritans are being deluged with calls as millions of Britons slowly come to realise that Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon win is of benefit only to Andy...

sredni vashta 10.07.13 2:01pm