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A koala walks into Australian bar... and nods off 0
arrghgarry 3 years

Baby koala shot 15 times in cruel attack...

46 % of men aged between 25 and 40 feel that once it`s in there 0
arrghgarry 3 years

is no going back during sex and the girl moans no ,75% of 46 year olds said what`s sex...

Charles: “I’m thrilled... and the geraniums feel the same”... 0
Doylem 3 years
"Now piss off and stop quoting everything I say" Says Kate 4
ramblesnake 3 years
Mrs Middleton denies exploiting daughter in exclusive Hello! interview 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Sports writer thinks gay premier league players shoud come out 0
arrghgarry 3 years
Fire fighters to take their own fire extinguishers to London protest rally 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Flash floods hit Cornwall and UK media 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Bread in the oven, circuses scheduled, serfs rejoice and all will be well... 0
Doylem 3 years
Ireland set to be Bailed Out by Boyzone 1
De-scribe 3 years
Royal Wedding harms world cup bid as patriotic chavs may explode with excitement 0
Moggsy 3 years

Authorities fear the streets will be littered with Burberry clad limbs and bunting if FIFA announce England will host the 2018 World Cup so soon after Prince William has revealed he and Kate...

Philip on Kate: 'Crap Tits, but Not a Touch of The Tar Brush About Her' 0
De-scribe 3 years
Clegg: "We do have principles. And if you don’t like them, we have others"... 1
Doylem 3 years
Middleton's to meet investment bankers to pay for Wedding 0
simonjmr 3 years
George Michael is to be Kate's Official Chauffeur says Prince Philip 1
IABP 3 years
Prince Philip suggests new royal couple honeymoon in Capetown 3
bonjonelson 3 years

[more soon]...

Massive demand for replica "Diana" engagement rings 0
Sinnick 3 years
Genesis tribute band actually "more boring than the original" 2
Nick McCarr 3 years
Diana's ring chosen for Kate as so much "good karma" associated with it. 1
Nick McCarr 3 years
Daily Mail Online to be converted to spoof website 1
Sinnick 3 years
Excitement as royal couple set date for spectacular divorce 0
antharrison 3 years

Commentators and observers of the royal family are rejoycing after Buckingham Palance announced the likely date for a spectacular royal divorce in October 2018. 'She was a lovely girl' announced...

Kate to marry in Dublin. 0
Ostsee 3 years

Another Kate to marry in Norwich...

Body Parts Inquiry 'Cost an Arm and a Leg' says Energy Secretary Chris Huhne 0
IABP 3 years
After 4 year old boy uneaths 1 million pound amulet dad and grandad 0
arrghgarry 3 years

arranges a trip to the Algarve with morning with Morning and evening meal at nearby restaurant.The dad was quoted as saying "lovely jubbly"...

Nigel Havers Checks a Cricket's Testicle For Cancer Lump During Bushtucker Trial 0
IABP 3 years

Devoted couple Cameron and Clegg to marry next year. 5
Stan Laurel 3 years

[i]Topical NiB in search of a punchline. Help please![/i] The post recession gloom has been lifted by the news that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are to marry next year after a whirlwind romance. ...

'Common People Can Cheer' Says Palace. 1
Dun Dunkin 3 years

'Preferably from a distance'...

Kate Middleton to insist on prenuptial agreement 1
roybland 3 years
Wills and Kate opt for "Family only " Wedding. Harry "gutted". 2
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years
Wetherpoons shares surge. Osborne budgets for royal wedding. 0
antharrison 3 years