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Clegg: "I heard May told Clarke that PM emailed Davey to say no snooping"

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has quashed reports that the government is to legalise web and telephone surveillance, after telling reporters that he heard that Teresa May had told Ken Clarke that...

The Paper Ostrich 04.04.12 9:01am
The Paper Ostrich
Lincolnshire man builds Ark from hose pipes and lawn sprinklers 0
Draco 04.04.12 8:59am
B.A. say new Olympic livery is based on Urine Sample 1
Scronnyglonkle 04.04.12 8:57am
Buttocks "as unique as fingerprints" claims scientist

A biometric researcher at the University of East Wessex has declared that the shape, size and structure of human buttocks can be as unique to an individual as their fingerprints or retina patterns....

FlashArry 04.04.12 8:30am
Depressive composer pens suicide notes 6
button 04.04.12 8:10am
Panic in US jail canteen after Richard Reed orders choux bun 0
Underconstruction 04.04.12 7:52am
Tapping up suspicions as "Rooney secures Primary hat-trick" 0
Oh Danny Boy 04.04.12 7:17am
Oh Danny Boy
Cameron to issue Mauday money to queuing motorists 0
Scronnyglonkle 04.04.12 7:03am
Historical significance of 'Last Supper' downgraded as Arch-Bishop declares that

breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

Underconstruction 04.04.12 6:34am
Local man who saw only one film last year now pretty sure it was the wrong one

Despite a very specifically worded article in the South Devon Herald advising him that if he only saw one film that year, that it should be the J.J.Abrams directed Summer release, "Super 8", local...

Mr Target 04.04.12 5:04am
Mountain rescuers bemoan 'Costa climbing' generation

A 19 year old media studies graduate caused a full scale mountain-rescue search after texting a friend to inform her that he had 'got into trouble on Ben Nevis'., The drama unfolded after 19 year...

Underconstruction 04.04.12 3:18am
Screwfix adds sex aids to small tools catalogue. 1
weematt 03.04.12 10:07pm
Australian web surfer survives loan shark scam 2
Dumbnews 03.04.12 9:49pm
Jesus loses 'Masterchef - The Deities' final - loaves & fishes dish disappoints

Jesus loses in 'Masterchef - The Deities' final following disappointing 'loaves and fishes' dish[u] Fans of the BBC's popular 'Masterchef - The Deities' series were left reeling last night as...

ianslat 03.04.12 9:27pm
Sacked baggage handler reinstated after case is dropped. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 03.04.12 8:35pm
US campus gun stores close for an hour "as mark of respect" 2
nickb 03.04.12 8:33pm
Split jury decides Eurovision Thong Contest. 0
weematt 03.04.12 7:49pm
Hot Cross Buns

The Easter Bunny was aghast that VAT had been levied on Hot Cross Buns. A debate ensued with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse about when was a Hot Cross Bun Hot and when was a Hot Cross Bun...

Otis B Driftwood 03.04.12 7:38pm
Lib Dem pasties to be zero-rated for VAT "as they are served lukewarm, tops" 0
JohnA 03.04.12 7:30pm
PM urges public to fly early to Easter ski holidays as airport strike threatens.

David Cameron today urged the public to panic buy air tickets for their Easter getaway in case of a threatened airport strike. He said 'Whether you are skiing in Courcheval or taking in the sun in...

MADJEZ 03.04.12 7:24pm
Climate change to affect Britain, dictates Government

After the warmest March It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. May in the Sun "it would not really affect ordinary people". Outlook stormy with a lot of hot wind...

Otis B Driftwood 03.04.12 7:17pm
Police investigating murders at Shanklin domino competition draw double-blank

Yes, yes I know...

JohnA 03.04.12 7:16pm
Scotland remembers the long hot summer of 2012

No more soon...

beau-jolly 03.04.12 7:12pm
Maundy money 'will be chocolate this year'

Following extensive consultation, the Maundy Purse - traditionally containing coins for distribution by Her Majesty the Queen to well-deserving pensioners - will consist of large foil-wrapped...

Zadok the second 03.04.12 7:05pm
Otis B Driftwood
New web startup tackles simplifying something nobody does 0
Dumbnews 03.04.12 6:57pm
BP Offers Royal Air Force 'Significant' Sponsorship Deal

BP has offered the Royal Air force a 'significant' sponsorship deal if NATO establishes a no fly zone over Syria. The deal would include huge financial backing for the struggling department of Her...

Ethan Harrison 03.04.12 6:52pm
Ethan Harrison
Inventor of rear view mirror looks back at his career

swollof eroM...

apepper 03.04.12 5:23pm
Spiders complain of intrusive government Web monitoring 6
Scronnyglonkle 03.04.12 5:21pm
Chemist in London Takes Tube to Work

He said he was fed up with taking work home...

GillsImp 03.04.12 5:18pm
Fire chiefs' delight at success of Ewood Park fire drill

Blackburn Fire Brigade have praised the calm, orderly manner in which thousands of fans left Rovers' stadium during a fire drill ten minutes before the end of the game last night. "It must have...

Midfield Diamond 03.04.12 5:16pm
Midfield Diamond