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Bashar Al-Assad dismisses gassing of civilians as a "playful tiff"

Hopefully no more...

NewBiscuit 19.06.13 11:31am
Government to open talks with badgers

The agriculture minister has said that the government is to start talking to the badgers as "the first step on the long road to peace." An unnamed source admitted that, "There's been fault on both...

apepper 19.06.13 11:19am
Unanswered prayers went into junk mail, says God

The Creator of the Universe has announced that the inability to answer people's prayers is down to “simple administrative errors” and should in no way compromise their faith in Him or stop them...

sydalg 19.06.13 10:24am
Lindy Moone
The shafters shafted : E-Wing prepare 'special' welcome for jailed bankers 1
FlashArry 19.06.13 10:17am
G8 tax avoidance reforms in doubt after final session held at airport duty-free 1
Duncan Biscuit 19.06.13 10:17am
$500 billion dollar surveillance “Possibly worth every cent” says US Public

Chuck Griffiths from Wisconsin used to work for a government agency but when the agency laid off half its workers in the recession Chuck lost his home, his car and had to BBQ the dog to stop the...

sillybugger 19.06.13 9:05am
Fatcat Football League bosses reject fan calls for fair ticket pricing

Sir Harry Tiles, 73, chairman of the premier league, today rejected calls from fans to regulate ticket prices at top clubs., Sir Harry is reported to earn a salary of £400,000 which has recently...

NewBiscuit 19.06.13 8:44am
NHS watchdog’s bark found to be worse than its bite 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.06.13 8:26am
Duncan Biscuit
About-turn as Taliban fighters made redundant offered suicide bomber roles 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.06.13 8:24am
Duncan Biscuit
Electropop civil war latest, Tubeway Army gains territory lost to Tubeway Rebels 0
Scronnyglonkle 19.06.13 7:09am
Brazilians refuse to take a haircut 1
medici2471 19.06.13 6:18am
God goes to pot by dropping old fashioned guides in favour of # brownies. 0
irreverendJ 19.06.13 6:05am
Brazilians protest declining living standards by going to work 0
Dumbnews 19.06.13 3:12am
Poor summer due to wetter Atlantic, say climatologists.

more bad weather soon...

Boutros 18.06.13 10:46pm
G8 Members Agree To Supply Arms to National Tax Authorities

At least, I [i]think[/i] that's what they said - I admit, I wasn't listening too closely...

Titus 18.06.13 9:18pm
Child slavery preferred to RADA

Hundreds of middle class parents and their pushy children were horrified to discover that Renaissance child actors were 'kidnapped’. Rather than going through the torturous audition process, these...

Wrenfoe 18.06.13 8:19pm
Lenny Bee
The pen is mightier than the sword, says Ian Brady's lawyer. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.06.13 7:49pm
Russia to arm Assad with great big missiles, UK to arm rebels with irony. 1
Al OPecia 18.06.13 7:23pm
USA lifts Tali-ban. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 18.06.13 7:14pm
Al OPecia
There's a word for this 4
Arthur 18.06.13 7:13pm
Marrying a celebrity chef and dining outside expensive restaurants is pointless 0
Arthur 18.06.13 6:23pm
Nigella's neck found to contain DNA traces of Carol Thatcher's mother's horse. 0
Paddy Berzinski 18.06.13 6:17pm
Paddy Berzinski
Lizard Point less dangerous thanks to lighthouse 2
Arthur 18.06.13 6:12pm
Nigella's 'Pulled Neck Of Mutton' recipe to feature on Man vs Food.

More later...

Paddy Berzinski 18.06.13 6:11pm
Paddy Berzinski
Could French zombies head for Britain to pick up benefits asks Daily Mail

Zombies from the French town of Les Revenants could be heading for a benefits bonanza in soft touch Britain, warns a report in the Daily Mail. The work shy undead, none of whom has held down a...

ronseal 18.06.13 5:33pm
Assad insists Syria's civil war is just a "playful tiff" 2
Sinnick 18.06.13 5:30pm
Hall gets 15 months for child abuse and 15 years for ‘It’s a Royal Knockout.’

More soon., 15 months - his victims got life, FFS!...

FOAD 18.06.13 5:27pm
In Order To Block them, Google To Seek Out Child Porn Sites By Using ... Google?

I don't think they've thought this through...

Titus 18.06.13 5:27pm
Ian Brady lives 0
medici2471 18.06.13 5:10pm
Internet Watch Foundation rejects 50 celebs for active child porn search job 0
cinquecento 18.06.13 4:51pm