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Cash-free ATM machines unveiled

The Royal Bank of Scotland is set to unveil a range of ATM cash machines that will enable UK customers to give the impression they still have money in their bank accounts., The new technology,...

Nerys Hughes 13.06.12 7:03am
Nerys Hughes
Cameron admits to trying to leave Jeremy Hunt behind in a pub

Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted to trying to leave Jeremy Hunt behind in a pub, a railway station, two airports and a caravan. But despite his best efforts, the young minister has been...

Nunnion Splendacular 13.06.12 6:31am
Vertically Challenged Giant
As hosepipe ban is lifted, Brits ready to water lawns as soon as rain stops 2
Perks 13.06.12 5:38am
Danny Boyle to Bailout Po & Co. as eurocrisis spreads to tellytubbyland.

Posted in the chat area by mistake...

liquidusblue 13.06.12 5:36am
Engineer wins Genius award for inventing a double sided usb connector 0
Dumbnews 13.06.12 2:15am
Cameramen resorting to dirty tricks to secure "Fannycam" duties at Euro final

ITV has admitted its cameramen may have been using "underhand practices" against colleagues during live broadcasts in an attempt to win themselves the right to operate the coveted "Fannycam" at this...

grumblechops 12.06.12 10:52pm
Osborne plans to take UK out of metric system

The recent Spanish banks bailout has yet again put the future of the Euro in doubt. It is understood that Whitehall has been working secretly in recent weeks on a plan to take the UK out of the...

weematt 12.06.12 10:47pm
Sweden supporter Inga Lund 'baffled yet moved' by opposition fans' attention 7
Haywood Manley 12.06.12 10:46pm
1,000's of women disappointed as Fifty Shades of Grey is John Major's biography

"It's pretty dull and dreary stuff really except for the stomach turning queasiness of his graphic fumble with the Primcess of darkenss - Edwina Currie" said one London reader More soon...

simonjmr 12.06.12 9:40pm
"Full Archers cast" promised for Olympic opening ceremony. 0
nickb 12.06.12 9:27pm
Russia and Poland fans clash over who is allowed to wear red 0
nickb 12.06.12 9:20pm
Czechs bounce Greeks 0
Yikes 12.06.12 9:10pm
Well thought out prayer ends gay marriage debate. 3
andhrimnir 12.06.12 8:46pm
Opening Ceremony to showcase "rural splendour" of London's East End

Danny Boyle, the artistic director of the Olympic Opening Ceremony today revealed how the spectacle would create “a picture of ourselves as a nation”, despite fears that the wider viewing public...

grumblechops 12.06.12 8:42pm
Men who wear dresses for a living surprisingly not in favour of gay marriage 0
TheNewsWalrus 12.06.12 8:28pm
Greek football team seeks bailout from Germany in Euro2012. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 12.06.12 8:23pm
MOD announces plan to axe 4000 heroes 3
Haywood Manley 12.06.12 7:10pm
Haywood Manley
Dyslexic Australian coroner advises parents to beware of Italians 2
medici2471 12.06.12 7:01pm
nostra da mouse
Cheryl Cole in legal battle over sympathy hand job 'sting'

Following last week's report of 17 year old Kyle Anderson and his dying request to his idol Cheryl Cole to perform certain manual manipulations for him, it can now be revealed, contrary to earlier...

bumtrinket 12.06.12 6:49pm
Auschwitz visit proves big incentive to England team 1
Scroat 12.06.12 6:35pm
'140 years of bigotry will be transfered to New Glasgow Rangers' Says spokesman. 0
JETFAB 12.06.12 6:30pm
Amateur sportsman excels in making a fool of himself 3
Dumbnews 12.06.12 5:31pm
Olympic Authority to claim carbon credits. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 12.06.12 5:30pm
Al OPecia
Olympic opening ceremony cancelled as farmer demands performers get off his land 0
Haywood Manley 12.06.12 5:17pm
Haywood Manley
Waitrose robbery – affordable food left at the store!

Police are investigating a “reverse” robbery at a Waitrose supermarket in Cardiff after five men reportedly broke into the store and left affordable items on the shelves…, One witness, Fifi...

hardev 12.06.12 4:46pm
Apple to charge employees for the privilege of working for them 1
Dumbnews 12.06.12 4:21pm
Bus Drivers to be set new ‘Minimum Standards of Miserableness’

It has been revealed the Government’s new Public Transport White Paper will set out strict guidelines for bus drivers in order to drive down standards of service and comfort on Britain’s local...

TheNewsWalrus 12.06.12 4:19pm
Spanish economy turns corner, caídas de las escaleras. 0
andhrimnir 12.06.12 3:53pm
Church of England issues warning on dangers of not living in the past

The Church of England has warned that members of the public attempting to live in the modern world could have a detrimental effect on a ‘vastly important’ institution; namely the Church of...

Vertically Challenged Giant 12.06.12 3:40pm
Major & Milliband Leveson appearance 'could cause catastrophic charisma vortex' 2
pere floza 12.06.12 3:13pm