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SuBo for Pope

The Catholic church has denied that it is considering Susan Boyle as the next Pope., Although a church spokesman agreed she fits alot of the criteria i.e she looks awful in a dress, her voice is...

SPUD 11.02.13 7:42pm
Pope steps down "to shit in the woods"... 0
Tripod 11.02.13 7:19pm
Harry Styles poor voice due to swollen tonsorials 0
charlies_hat 11.02.13 7:01pm

Simon Cowell has been asked by the Vatican to find a replacement for Pope Benedict., Mr Cowell's SYCO Productions will launch its new TV show POPE IDOL at the end of the month...

SPUD 11.02.13 6:59pm
New labelling storm - 0% horse in Sainsbury's horse radishes 0
lane-avenger 11.02.13 6:16pm
Mafia make Findus an offal they can't refuse. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 11.02.13 5:53pm
Al OPecia
As sun says it may get rid of 'page 3', campaign starts to get rid of other 50 2
One Line Only 11.02.13 5:48pm
Pope Berlusconi Promises Mucha Bunga Bunga

Surprise new Pontiff Silvio Berlusconi told Catholics he will lead the Church into an exciting new era of sleaze and depravity that would make past perversions seem positively puritanical. ‘Now I...

daneade 11.02.13 5:41pm
Vatican clarification: 'Pope Benedict re-signs Beckham for further 5 seasons' 0
Skylarking 11.02.13 5:40pm
Catholic Church distraught following Mumford Grammy award

News that Mumford and Sons have walked away with the Best Album of the Year award at this years Grammy’s has sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic Church., A spokesman for the Vatican said the...

Gerontius 11.02.13 5:27pm
Ten things you didn't know about Ten things' lists 2
Dumbnews 11.02.13 5:25pm
Al OPecia
Residents of Rome organising surprise send off for Pope on Good Friday 0
charlies_hat 11.02.13 5:19pm
Bullshit from Dr. Phil tainted with 20% horseshit 0
Dumbnews 11.02.13 5:18pm
Pope to resign while "still at my peak" 0
Dumbnews 11.02.13 5:17pm
Pope headhunted by Islam. Benefit package includes 72 virgins. 0
MADJEZ 11.02.13 4:52pm
Boris Johnson urges major export drive of foxes to Romania 0
Dick Everyman 11.02.13 4:18pm
Dick Everyman
Calls for action after repeated attacks by Foxes

Former page three girl Samantha Fox is in custody today after a brutal though apparently ‘not entirely unpleasant assault’ on a 17-year-old boy in London earlier today. This is just the latest in...

topfotogmw 11.02.13 4:05pm
Pope Benedict XVI resigns "to stand in Eastleigh by-election". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 11.02.13 3:59pm
Al OPecia
Infallible man retires due to failing health. 0
MADJEZ 11.02.13 3:56pm
God "probably going to call it a day" as well.

God, the Lord Creator of Heaven and Earth, has announced that in the wake of Pope Benedict's resignation, He too is thinking about 'calling time on the whole creation thing'. In a press conference...

Ablative Fabsolute 11.02.13 3:51pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Pope resigning to become Brylcream spokesman after he's heard shouting Mein Herr 0
One Line Only 11.02.13 3:50pm
One Line Only
Parents' outrage as DNA tests reveal Peppa Pig may be up to 50% horsemeat

Children’s favourite Peppa Pig has become the latest casualty of the food scandal after DNA tests forced her to reveal that she is ‘up to 50% horsemeat’. A tearful Peppa made the admission at...

The Paper Ostrich 11.02.13 3:47pm
The Paper Ostrich
Pope denies resigning for calling an angel at the pearly gates a pleb 0
One Line Only 11.02.13 3:44pm
One Line Only
Philip Pope, The Comedian, Resigns?

Never! He's a first class act...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.13 3:36pm
Jesse Bigg
Much loved satirist prepares to have piss ripped out of him by own footsoldiers in case you haven't heard...

Skylarking 11.02.13 3:36pm
Charles applauds Pope’s decision

Prince Charles has commended Pope Benedict for “doing the right thing” and “letting someone younger have a go”. “In all honesty” he added, “the old fool has been batty for a while now...

lane-avenger 11.02.13 3:33pm
'RC United Manager Steps Down'

In a shock announcement today, it's reported that RC United and their talismanic Manager 'Benedict' will part 'by mutual consent'. Many expected 'Benedict' to continue in the top position for the...

Retuner 11.02.13 3:23pm
Horses "never been angrier" according to GALLOP poll 2
lane-avenger 11.02.13 3:19pm
Contest to become new Pope to be shown on Sky Papal View 0
One Line Only 11.02.13 3:04pm
One Line Only
Tube stations playing classical music see sharp rise in porcelain-penis attacks 1
Qoxiivi 11.02.13 2:58pm