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Olympic gold medals too easy say Ofsted 1
Actual Size 07.08.12 7:41am
Curiosity arrives safely in Arizona 7
medici2471 07.08.12 7:37am
Cool kids right to mock future Olympic loser

It was the arbiters of teenage cool at Alderman Bagnall Comprehensive in Mansfield that drove 21-year-old Clive Burgess on. As early as 2005, the skinny misfit decided to silence their cruel taunts...

Oxbridge 07.08.12 6:41am
Second Amendment right to be denied to men with three names 1
medici2471 07.08.12 6:02am
nostra da mouse
Chalk denies major split with Cheese

Gypsum based mineral Chalk denied today that its partnership with Cheese was in any way under strain, despite Cheese’s failure to gain backing for much-needed blackboard reforms within the wider...

NewSuburbanDad 07.08.12 4:43am
ゴルゴ サーティーン
Clegg beaten by Tory party overlords 0
charlies_hat 06.08.12 11:14pm
British MP ‘not trying to whack Hilary Clinton’

A 41 year old British woman detained at JFK airport last night has been formally charged with ‘plotting to kill a future presidential rival’. The suspect, Ms Louise Mensch, was arrested after a...

NewSuburbanDad 06.08.12 10:53pm
LibDems "righteous indignation" as other politicians don't keep their word 0
dvo4fun 06.08.12 10:35pm
Recess: Congress is out

Congress went on its summer break for the month of August and to the surprise of no one, has left a lot of key issues unresolved. Over the past two years Congress itself has heard from many a critic...

stobiasz 06.08.12 9:59pm
Sources Reveal Mitt Romney’s Past Membership in Gangsta Rap Group

The [/i]Washington Post has recently reported details from Governor Mitt Romney’s past that may derail the presumptive Republican candidate’s goal of the White House in the 2012 Presidential...

pdheller 06.08.12 8:52pm
Louise Mensch resigns to spend more time denying she has had a facelift. 0
nickb 06.08.12 7:10pm
Clegg & Cameron knocked out of synchronised coalition politics event 0
Stan 06.08.12 6:59pm
Games food retailers go for gold in "taking the mickey"

Olympic games food sellers are quietly confident that the taking the mickey gold medal will be theirs. One judge has already expressed how impressed he was with the pricing; "£3.50 for a packet of...

apepper 06.08.12 6:47pm
Controversy as Naked Twister to debut at Horse Guards Parade

After poor ticket sales for the women’s beach volleyball, Olympic Games officials have given the green light for a new event to draw in the crowds. Naked Twister will feature a large playing area...

Actual Size 06.08.12 6:44pm
Actual Size
Official Olympic broadcaster employs 2.75% of people that actually won stuff 0
tedweasel 06.08.12 6:17pm
Assad causes confusion by defecting to rebels 0
Lucy4 06.08.12 5:33pm
Cheshire celebratesTweddle success by painting one golden post box bronze 0
06.08.12 5:24pm
Terrorist Suspect Claims "I Was Just Doing Science"

Boom Boom (he went)....

Nowherefast 06.08.12 5:05pm
Louise Mensch Resigns, Cynics & Satirists Go For Gold In Race To Find An Angle

There has to be one....

Nowherefast 06.08.12 5:04pm
Deputy Prime Minister Defects

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has defected from David Cameron's government to join "the revolution", his spokesman says. Nick Clegg was appointed less than two years ago and his departure is the...

bonjonelson 06.08.12 4:48pm
Shock as woman dressed as octopus snatches marathon gold. 1
BAJDixon 06.08.12 4:45pm
Olympics 2016 to include 100m bottle throw

along with jumping in the sand and running in circles...

nostra da mouse 06.08.12 4:23pm
nostra da mouse
Pippa Middleton announced as shock inclusion to GB beach volley ball team 1
godly1966 06.08.12 3:35pm
Screaming supporters to be introduced in more workplaces

With Britain's medal-winners attributing success to the lift given by a home crowd, policy-makers are hoping a similar effect can be used to kick-start the flagging economy, by having people work in...

ゴルゴ サーティーン 06.08.12 3:32pm
Olympic Latest: "It is not the winning but taking port that counts" says Fergie 0
charlies_hat 06.08.12 3:21pm
BBC News Resorts To Politics & Other Stories As Team GB Olympic Gold Rush Stalls

Spokesman warns: "We might end up interviewing Bronze medallists."...

Nowherefast 06.08.12 2:55pm
UK aiming for gold in 100m bottle throwing 0
bonjonelson 06.08.12 2:39pm
John Terry successfully lands on Mars

Hat tip to Sinnick in the chat room...

Psycadelic Squirrel 06.08.12 1:36pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Mars Curiosity Rover gets first parking ticket 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 06.08.12 1:27pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Olympic Athletes in panic as cliche supply dries up

The phenomenal and awesome performance of the Supermen and Women of Team GB was thrown into question last night as it emerged that there were no more sporting cliches available to repeat ad nauseum...

deluca 06.08.12 1:23pm