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Belfast needs to be more 'ginger, gay and cockney'

Chief Constable Matt Baggott has said that the only way Northern Ireland can have a peaceful marching season is by sporting a red fluorescent mullet, while wearing a lycra onesie covered in 'mother...

Wrenfoe 11.08.13 11:17am
Paddy Berzinski
Humanitarian doubloons targeted by Pirates

The Department for International Development has admitted that it may have been an error to send buccaneer-themed aid to Somalia. 'In retrospective it's easy to say people would prefer food, tools or...

Wrenfoe 11.08.13 10:25am
Elderly Woman Found Living Alone In Space Station With 143 Cats 7
Titus 11.08.13 8:44am
Lindy Moone
Innovative New Scheme for Nuclear Waste

The ever-resourceful and innovative Japanese have come up with an exciting new way to get rid of nuclear waste and the solution could become an international breakthrough. A spokesman for the Japan...

Russell Grenning 11.08.13 7:18am
Russell Grenning
Prison has become gentrified complain long term residents of Wandsworth

An influx of MPs, game show hosts, TV presenters and other celebrities is changing the traditional character of Wandsworth, complain prison residents. With every Blue Plaque resident that stays in...

ronseal 11.08.13 7:09am
Pregnant Scots Panda Develops Craving for Deep-Fried Bamboo Shoots

(Re-written in an attempt to be more topical...

Titus 11.08.13 6:59am
Healthy Fag Ban Is To Stop Scots Dropping Ash Onto Their Deep-Fried Mars Bars 0
Titus 11.08.13 6:52am
Alternative Commonwealth Games Planned for Smokers 0
Titus 11.08.13 6:48am
Belfast chicken riots: Police using rubber pullets. 1
FOAD 11.08.13 6:39am
Widespread Gingerism In Scotland Due To Excess Jam Consumption

Titus 11.08.13 6:34am
Aussie panda eats, roots, and leaves. 1
Maverick 11.08.13 6:31am
Women's Institute admits feminist climb-down: the Robertson Golliwog was male 1
Arthur 10.08.13 10:21pm
General outrage as pregnant panda appears with two black eyes

F*ck it! It wasn't funny the first time. Hat tip to Sydalg obviously...

beau-jolly 10.08.13 9:35pm
Large mob of flashers in Hyde Park had been carefully orchestrated. 4
Al OPecia 10.08.13 9:28pm
Lindy Moone
Pandas In Scotland Develp Taste For Deep-Fried Bamboo Shoots 0
Titus 10.08.13 8:38pm
Toyota's new car proves unreliable, recall announced on the Rolph Auris 0
topfotogmw 10.08.13 8:36pm
Natural Cure for Ageing

In a claim made today by herbal remedy company [i]Nature Org[/i], the effects of aniseed can actually reverse ageing. According to a paper published by the company's chief research scientist, Niels...

Arthur 10.08.13 5:53pm
Media-savvy panda tweets, shoots and leaves 3
sydalg 10.08.13 5:39pm
Headmaster removes cubicle locks after discovery of organised bonds of showers 0
Arthur 10.08.13 3:13pm
Plumber stops bad smells from drains with better-organised bends of showers 0
Arthur 10.08.13 3:07pm
Heating Failure Cools Community Spirit in Alaska

A community dance had to be called off last night in the small town of Barrow, Alaska, after the heating system failed. So severe was the outside temperature that within minutes of the failure, the...

Arthur 10.08.13 2:47pm
Lady Bracknell found working in Zurich shop 7
A.A.Arkwright 10.08.13 1:37pm
Al OPecia
World Cup 2022 to be moved to Bongobongoland. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 10.08.13 1:36pm
Al OPecia
General outage as pregnant panda disappears in blackout... 0
Al OPecia 10.08.13 1:32pm
Al OPecia
Pandas thank Pope for contraception tips 1
sydalg 10.08.13 12:20pm
Scientists reconstructing Mona Lisa's head say she was no oil painting. 0
Boutros 10.08.13 11:28am
Scientists open Mona Lisa tomb and find she looks nothing like the painting. 0
dominic_mcg 10.08.13 10:52am
Shooting deaths down after Stephen Fry urges boycott of Russian roulette 0
sydalg 10.08.13 9:47am
'You Must Only Slander Real Countries, Not Imaginary Ones' Decrees BBC 0
Titus 10.08.13 8:30am
Bongolese Trolls Threaten UKIP MEP

Tweets say "We am goin' to get yo', Massa!", "Git yo' theivin' white hands off our aid money, Boss!" and "Yo is dead, Bwana". In response, Websites and ISPs say they are considerig closing the...

Titus 10.08.13 8:28am