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Ministers resign on Friday evening to avoid wrath of satire websites 0
Runestone Cowboy 14.10.11 6:30pm
Runestone Cowboy
Fox bowed to inevitable rearguard action

resigned for interaction with Mr Werritty...

witless 14.10.11 6:24pm
Jockeys' fury reaches new heights

"We're fed up with being sold short.", said a spokesman...

apepper 14.10.11 6:13pm
Enraged virgin train passenger finally goes off on one

wait for ages then two come along at once...

witless 27.10.11 4:43pm
Jockeys to strike after BHA replaces whips with carrots on fishing rods.

Jockeys are to strike on Monday in protest at the British Horseracing Association's new rule which will replace the traditional whip with a carrot on the end of a fishing rod. Jockeys have claimed...

dominic_mcg 14.10.11 6:12pm
Jockeys organise whip round for Richard Hughes 0
Scroat 14.10.11 5:23pm
GP describes 'No-Balls Butt' as 'freak occurrence' 0
kga6 14.10.11 5:22pm
Poison Homme, a new fragrance for the man in your life 'because he's worthless'

courtesy of Christian 'toxic' Dior...

vertical 14.10.11 5:05pm
Minister Behind Planning Reforms Finds His Garden is Gone

Local Government and Planning Minister Bob Neill woke today to find six new houses going up in his back garden. He also found six sweaty builders making tea in his kitchen and raiding the fridge....

GreyWolf 14.10.11 7:08pm
Wow, this 3D remake of 'Towering Inferno' is amazing, you can almost smell...

Oh shit, this is a 40" Sony!! Arrgh!...

14.10.11 4:33pm
Council to Fill Potholes with Children in Care

Aberdeen City Council announced today that it will save an estimated £12.5million each year by squeezing children who are in the care of Social Services into the City's numerous potholes...

Aberdeen Correspondent 14.10.11 4:31pm
Aberdeen Correspondent
Public Schools to retain Charitable Status: champagne all round

The Independent Schools won a vital legal battle today over The Charity Commission, who had been too narrow in some of the ways it made schools show benefit to society, according to a tribunal ruling...

Drylaw 14.10.11 4:26pm
Daily Mirror Awarded Contract for Weekly Bin Collections

The Daily Mirror have been awarded a lucrative contract to handle weekly refuse collections in and around the Borough of Westminster, despite complaints from residents near St James's Park, where the...

Aberdeen Correspondent 14.10.11 4:25pm
Aberdeen Correspondent
Letwin not thought to be contender for Defence Ministry job 0
Drylaw 14.10.11 4:14pm
Letwin's resignation letter 'may have been posted in wrong box' 0
Long Distance Clara 14.10.11 3:47pm
Long Distance Clara
Liam Fox disposes of career in park bin near MoD 0
Long Distance Clara 14.10.11 3:46pm
Long Distance Clara
Liam Fox steps down from cabnit, and jumps straight into the closet 0
Perks 14.10.11 3:20pm
Adam Werrity denies taking Liam Fox to see 'Friends With Benefits'... 0
deskpilot3 14.10.11 3:19pm
Investigation finds Oliver Letwin's cabinets full of banana peel and coke cans. 0
deskpilot3 14.10.11 3:18pm
Jockeys threaten to strike up to seven times 0
charlies_hat 14.10.11 3:02pm
Wombles arrested for possession of Cabinet papers. 0
Ralphy Snoops 14.10.11 2:50pm
Ralphy Snoops
New Generation of Blackberry to be named Raspberry 0
Drylaw 14.10.11 1:54pm
Oliver Letwin apologises for getting caught dumping papers in park bin..

..paper trail led back to Cabinet Office...

DiY 14.10.11 1:44pm
Is the return of the death penalty in Britain the answer to suicide bombings?

Capital punishment is a topic often debated in Britain, with many advocates calling for a return, and equally, many opponents. One aspect that seems to slip under the radar though is the part it...

Vertically Challenged Giant 15.10.11 5:48pm
Scientists calculate 1972 was the last time you could meet a virgin Madonna 0
simonjmr 14.10.11 12:56pm
Enraged First Bus passenger finally 'goes off on one'

[More soon]...

dicky37 14.10.11 12:52pm
New rotating hat set to turn heads

[More soon]...

dicky37 14.10.11 12:33pm
Slim-Fast model finally figures it out how it works

‘It’s because I was having a fucking milkshake instead of breakfast and lunch isn’t it?’ exclaims Jenny Green, a model who appeared in a late 90s advertising campaign for the Slim-Fast range,...

Vertically Challenged Giant 14.10.11 6:59pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
London to tackle obesity by making pedestrians run

Following the government's announced intention to address obesity by encouraging Councils to promote physical activity, London Mayor Boris Johnson is set to ban walking in the capital. Starting in...

Midfield Diamond 14.10.11 11:44am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Letwin Notorious for Out-Tray Public Behaviour 0
Drylaw 14.10.11 11:31am