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BBC's A. Marr changes name to R. Slicker 0
antharrison 20.02.12 9:43pm
Cameron and Prince of Wales celebrate diamond jubilee as "Chas 'n Dave" tribute

As a moving and respectful tribute to HM Queen's 60th year on the throne, the Prime Minister David Cameron and HRH The Prince of Wales have announced that they will mark the monarch's diamond jubilee...

antharrison 20.02.12 9:34pm
Border agency to get fringe benefits. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 20.02.12 8:48pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Bristol man jailed for 'using his weapon as a bus'

A Gang member from Bristol has been jailed for 3 years for attempting to use his Baseball Bat as a bus. Wayne Dwight was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court after being pulled over by police...

Perks 20.02.12 8:21pm
Viola player refuses to take part in benefits fraud.

'I'll not go on the fiddle", she says...

John Ffitch-Rucker 20.02.12 8:01pm
Ofcom calls for Sarcasm to be taught in care homes after latest Clarkson ruling.

Elderly told not everything said on the BBC is the gospel truth. More soon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 7:27pm
Sun on Sunday to feature news 'of the world' 5
MADJEZ 20.02.12 7:21pm
Controversial Ofcom verdict on Clarkson's comments on "The One Show"

The broadcasting standards body, Ofcom, has decided that Jeremy Clarkson was not in breach of broadcasting rules when, in a November edition of "The One Show", he suggested that striking Public...

Gourd Almighty 20.02.12 7:18pm
Gourd Almighty
Border Agency split in two.. with imaginary line down the middle.

More obvious headline soon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 7:18pm
Queen questioned after stalking diamond thief

Police have taken Elizabeth Windsor in for questioning following accusations of stalking by Reg Entwhistle, small time crook and diamond smuggler. Described by police as 5 foot 11 inches with curly...

Immunis 20.02.12 7:11pm
Duracell range slashed as they lose AAA status

More to follow...

apepper 20.02.12 6:46pm
Synthetic meat grown in Dutch Lab, Kebab shop claims got there first years ago 1
simonjmr 20.02.12 4:59pm
Gourd Almighty
Frozen Swedish Meatballs to feature on Heston Blumenthal's latest bizarre menu 2
Gourd Almighty 20.02.12 4:54pm
Gourd Almighty
Cameron: "Nationwide Health Society safe in my hands" 1
yussle 20.02.12 4:38pm
Health Secretary Angela Lansbury heckled by gang of mad old biddies.

More typos spoon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 4:02pm
Leading trombonist's career on the slide 5
Nick McCarr 20.02.12 3:52pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Greece to stop export of olive oil 1
RJWinter 20.02.12 2:44pm
Dyslexic priest downloads images from pedalo site 0
medici2471 20.02.12 2:42pm
Lansley diagnosed with 'chronic selective deafness'

Health minister Andrew Lansley has contracted a rare form of selective deafness, his department announced yesterday. The condition, [i]otitis arrogantia[/i] is know to affect people in the political...

Zadok the second 20.02.12 2:34pm
Zadok the second
Murdoch: Articles for SoS for the next 3 years finished, just need more photos 0
RJWinter 20.02.12 1:57pm
Lost NASA rocks found on moon. 0
RJWinter 20.02.12 1:52pm
Frank Warren apologises: "Usually only one British boxer ends up on the floor" 0
dvo4fun 20.02.12 1:33pm
Haye complains of unfair advantage as he and Chisora go 'toe to toe' 0
JD 20.02.12 12:48pm
FA fine Arsenal for 25 cases of fielding a weakened side 2
charlies_hat 20.02.12 12:46pm
David Cameron To Scotland: "Let's Stay Together For The Welsh" 3
Textbook 20.02.12 12:39pm
Japanese Sooty puppeteer commits Hari-korbett 10
Smart Alex 20.02.12 12:30pm
Madagascar loses AAA rating; will now be known as Mdgscar

In another blow to the developing world, Madagascar has had its AAA rating removed by the Standard and Poor's agency, and will now be known only as Mdgscar. 'This is not serious news for us,' said...

hughesroland 20.02.12 12:18pm
Heston Blumenthal blames dyslexia for Mixed Herpes outbreak at "Fat Duck" 0
dvo4fun 20.02.12 12:02pm
Nonsense-spouting "Sun on Sunday" will be perfect post-church read says Murdoch.

News International's imminent replacement for the now defunct News of the World will be the perfect newspaper for those who like to start their Sundays by listening to ridiculous, made-up fairy...

Haywood Manley 20.02.12 11:54am
Haywood Manley
UK MOD calls up 2,100 Neighbourhood watch coordinators to boost Olympic security 0
simonjmr 20.02.12 11:38am