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Germany pleased as Greece says it’s payback time 0
Yikes 22.06.12 8:48am
Labour wrong on immigration, claims son of Polish immigrant 0
medici2471 22.06.12 8:46am
PM slams Dunc over tax

In the aftermath of Jimmy Carr-Gate, the Prime Minister has expanded on his decision that he would not provide a running commentary on celebrity tax affairs. Former Olympic swimming champion Duncan...

dvo4fun 22.06.12 8:45am
Gove to reintroduce school bullies

Education secretary Michael Gove has defended his decision to reintroduce formal bullying into secondary schools, and rejected accusations it would mean "two tiers before bedtime." “There’s...

nickb 22.06.12 8:17am
New Democracy toga party back on.

ATHENS - The newly formed government celebrates tonight but not without compromise from both coalition partners. The thread count of Greece's party toga's may drop below 700 for the first time,...

simonhansen 22.06.12 7:38am
Olympic archer wounded after being hit in the chest by three pints of cider 1
JohnA 22.06.12 7:10am
Suu Kyi to open string of Suu Kyi bars 0
Drylaw 22.06.12 6:55am
Cameron says "I made a terrible error of judgement"

Just days after being caught out using a massive blame avoidance scam to divert attention from his close relationship with the Murdoch Empire, David Cameron has admitted that he made "a terrible...

Quaz 21.06.12 11:43pm
Jimmy Carr apology in full

I appreciate as a comedian, people will expect me to ‘make light’ of this situation, but I’m not going to in this statement as this is obviously a serious matter. I met with a commissioning...

loveandgarbage 21.06.12 11:02pm
Paint Boss Turns Fifty Shades of Red

Colin Grey, managing director of Bradford paint manufacturer Grey Shades, has found the firm’s latest catalogue to be surprisingly popular. “Naturally we’re very proud of our range of paints,...

Iggy Pop-Barker 21.06.12 10:55pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Unelected UK Peer leads praise for Burmese democracy campaigner

more later...

dvo4fun 21.06.12 10:40pm
Michael Fish charged with siphoning off weather

Michael Fish may or may not have been charged with siphoning off the best weather and keeping it for himself. The controversial rainman come witch doctor has been taking advantage of his position to...

The Masked Frog 21.06.12 10:02pm
Medieval re-enactors claim "chivalry not dead" in desperate bid to entice women 0
quango 21.06.12 9:12pm
Aung San Suu Kyi looking forward to having student unions named after her 0
Mandy Lifeboat 21.06.12 8:52pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Jimmy Carr to host '0.1 out of 10 Cats' 0
Nunnion Splendacular 21.06.12 8:38pm
Nunnion Splendacular
Second tier Prime Minister complains about two tier GCSEs. 0
MADJEZ 21.06.12 7:58pm
'Olympic torch relay passed me by' claims disinterested onlooker 0
Mandy Lifeboat 21.06.12 7:51pm
Mandy Lifeboat
"Go on - pull my finger" says Dalai Lama

Scroat 21.06.12 7:24pm
Diagnosis of Terminal Diseases Raise 400% as GPs Strike

With Doctor Surgeries closing their doors to any non-emergency cases on Thursday many patients have taken to self-diagnosis and the majority of them are not long for this world., Betty Wright, 60,...

Hooch 21.06.12 7:08pm
Chuck Norris accelerates to red lights 0
Dumbnews 21.06.12 5:41pm
Carr apologises: Barlow gets OBE

Carr apologises: Barlow gets OBE...

Mark Gregory 21.06.12 5:28pm
Mark Gregory
Carr cites Ken Dodd as major influence

Carr cites Ken Dodd as major influence...

Mark Gregory 21.06.12 5:27pm
Mark Gregory
Michael Gove to reintroduce school bullies

In a further attempt to force his own personal experiences on all children, hot on the heels of compulsory humanities and O levels, we now look forward to our children being terrorised by centrally...

grottymonty 21.06.12 4:45pm
Thousands rush to sign-up to 'Jimmy Carr avoidance' scheme

Thousands of people the length and breadth of the UK have today been reported to be signing up to a Jimmy Carr avoidance scheme. The highly controversial scheme allows ‘subscribers’ to filter,...

muggyfresh 21.06.12 4:32pm
Dr Who admits having offshore account in Gallifrey as part of K9 tax avoidance 0
Ian Searle 21.06.12 4:25pm
Ian Searle
No time travel today as Dr Who goes on strike. 0
Ian Searle 21.06.12 4:23pm
Ian Searle
The Pirate Bay Celebrates

Torrent website The Pirate Bay today celebrated the huge increase in anonymous visitors from the UK that recent ISP blocks have created. "We have been trying to convert our user base to complete...

Boroughbloke 21.06.12 2:30pm
Is Queen In Grip Of Chronic Gambling Addiction?

Fears are growing today for Her Majesty the Queen who it is believed is becoming heavily addicted to gambling on horse racing. It's widely known that most monarchs spend all day sitting on a throne,...

Duff 21.06.12 1:50pm
Cameron's carr u-turn 0
medici2471 21.06.12 1:26pm
Cameron: I've made a terrible error 0
medici2471 21.06.12 1:24pm