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Boundary changes anger Boycott 2
spoole2112 4 years

Ex-Yorkshire and England glacially paced opening batsman and annoying radio pundit (Sir) Geoffrey Boycott poured scorn on proposed boundary changes announced today. In what could hopefully be his...

Architects say new houses designed by Architects are 'shameful shoebox homes' 2
simonjmr 4 years
Kabul rocked by the sound of B-52's 0
spoole2112 4 years

In one final attempt to rid the Afghan capital of its few remaining insurgents, the UN finally called upon the shock and awe capabilities of the beehive toting 80's American post-punk/pop rock combo...

Strong support from badgers for Commons cull 3
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Strauss-Kahn loses sponsorship deal "No longer a good fit" says Levi. 0
dvo4fun 4 years
Microsoft 'Soffit 8' OS takes computing to higher level 2
Pagantroll 4 years
Irish Catholic Bishop bashed for challenging celebacy law 1
antharrison 4 years
That estimate to pave my driveway did seem awfully low. 11
rikkor 4 years
then we ends up rolling down a hill, 4
Big Mamas 4 years

hes going no no Joan your to tough for me,and we just misses a oncoming tracter and ends up in the village pond,im ducking his head in,hes going no,duck no duck,your to duck tough for duck me.Stop...

Police "IT literacy not in doubt" as 6 more book on-line for Kenya (in the sun). 0
dvo4fun 4 years

More freebies soon...

Police deny the possibility of a lowering of literacy standards 1
greg various 4 years
Phone hacking committee recalls Johnny Marbles. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years
Man with 20/20 vision sees cricket everywhere 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 4 years

Now where did I leave my coat?...

IOW Man Launches £500,000 Appeal to Save His Shed 0
Quaz 4 years

Isle of Wight Resident and unpublished author Keith Plum yesterday sent out an impassioned plea to save his beloved shed, as he launched a campaign to raise the £500,000 that he says is needed to...

Those pears you bought last week are finally ripe 1
dicky37 4 years

[Hey, don't just stand therequick go eat them now]...

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond to introduce 'Rail Cycles' 0
Pagantroll 4 years

Self-powered vehicles are set to become commonplace on the British Rail network. Hammond describes the new proposals as "exciting" in the Governments latest money saving suggestions for commuters....

Hacking MPs recall James Murdoch 1
simonjmr 4 years

"He's a bespectacled, 39 year old Smithers lookalike, with the touch of the 1930's German bureaucrat about him" said John Whittingdale chairman of the Commons culture committee. More soon...

New series of Lewis planned, ITV accused of flogging a dead Morse 8
Ian Searle 4 years
Gentle breeze brings chaos to huge swathe of southern England. 5
spoole2112 4 years

Remnants of of an occasional blustery spell that wreaked havoc on the Isle of White have begun to affect roads and properties in the home counties. Schools and shops have been advised to close early...

'Whale Meat Again' hits number 1 in Japsnese singles chart 0
martin2381 4 years
Osbourne Forewarns Cyclists and Pedestrians of his "100% focus on economy" 2
thisisall1word 4 years
NHS bans Chain Mail on safety grounds 0
Pagantroll 4 years

Hospital staff in Wales have been told they can no longer wear chain mail while at work due to safety fears., There are concerns the material does not offer sufficient protection against sharp...

Miliband promises free NHS liposuction for Lumpen Proletariat 0
pinxit 4 years
Istanbul voted Top European Destination for Couples. 2
Pagantroll 4 years

The revival of the BBC Holiday programme kicks off with a Bedford couple's holiday in Istanbul. "It was the trip of a lifetime" says the wife, "he's been trying to take me up the Bosphorus for years"...

Govt awareness campaign aimed at parents who 'throw babies out with bath water' 1
Mr Target 4 years

'It used to be common sense,' laments veteran Chessington health worker Sharon Daniels after rescuing another new-born from the mains sewer outside a local family's house, 'but these days parents...

MPs recall Jame Murdoch after faults with model found 0
thisisall1word 4 years

MPs have issued a product recall on the previously popular James Murdoch range., Customers have been advised to stop using any James Murdoch product, or other goods and services which may involve...

UKIP lose Euro places after fielding inelligible players 0
simonjmr 4 years
George Osbourne Will Put "110% into Economy" 0
thisisall1word 4 years
James Murdoch recalls very little 0
spoole2112 4 years

More later...

Gaddafi reeling after more revelations of his contacts with Blair’s government 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years