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Ordnance Survey admits Syrian A to Z only covers half of Azaz. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.08.12 5:55pm
PR agencies increasingly desperate to cash in on Olympics

As the post-Olympics euphoria swiftly slips away, an air of panic is growing among PR agencies desperate to cash in on behalf of their clients. Latest, shocking examples of PR-land immorality...

Miss Hegas 15.08.12 5:25pm
Miss Hegas
Transformers scandal claims new scalp

Optimus Prime is standing down as leader of the Autobots following a scandal over expenses. Leaked documents show he had been receiving up to three hundred energon cubes per year by claiming the...

ricky33 15.08.12 4:57pm
Schools hire G4S to shout at pupils

Security firm G4S is now set to roll out its “shouty squad” across education departments in seven troubled local authorities. “It’s a really simple scheme!!” G4S Head of Educational...

nickb 15.08.12 1:56pm
News that Jeremy Clarkson stowed away on Martian Rover elicits mixed responses.

The news that Jeremy Clarkson stowed away inside the rover 'Curiosity' has received a mixed reception from Nasa, motoring pundits and adoring fans. NASA scientists are up in arms at the news which...

Boutros 15.08.12 12:58pm
Vatican 2020 Olympics flame to be ignited by frenzied rubbing of altar boys 0
cinquecento 15.08.12 11:53am
Clive, Trevor and Keith facing extinction as less than 40 born in UK in 2011 0
simonjmr 15.08.12 11:09am
Tim O'Toole - FirstGroup's CEO, not a brand of pubic shampoo 0
medici2471 15.08.12 10:52am
Eric Pickles 'beached' in Torbay

Communities secretary Eric Pickles was this afternoon being cooled with buckets of seawater by tory activists from the Torbay area who had heard of his distressed condition after being washed up onto...

newsfelch 15.08.12 10:12am
"Athlete" with two artificial legs was actually a horse

An athlete has been banned from the Paralympics after medical experts became suspicious of his claim to have two artificial legs when photographic evidence showed he still had two legs of his own...

apepper 15.08.12 9:39am
Equine Equality demands humans hand Olympic medals to their members 0
simonjmr 15.08.12 9:10am
World intrigued by UK practice of Boris Dancing after Olympic closing ceremony 0
simonjmr 15.08.12 9:08am
Virgin disappointed by first group o'toole experience

more to come...

medici2471 15.08.12 9:03am
Virgin given First shafting

Plenty more where that came from...

Psycadelic Squirrel 15.08.12 8:48am
Psycadelic Squirrel
DWP sponsores Channel 4 Paralympics 0
nostra da mouse 15.08.12 8:37am
nostra da mouse
Low Standard Chartered shares rise 0
medici2471 15.08.12 8:28am
London's grumpiness restored in full 0
Nick McCarr 15.08.12 7:43am
Nick McCarr
Curiosity rover's progress delayed by download of Windows updates 0
Nick McCarr 15.08.12 7:41am
Nick McCarr
Judicial Process for Child Murder Cases to be Outsourced to Mumsnet

Following the latest national outcry over the suspected murder of Tia Sharp, the Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the judicial process for all such cases is to be outsourced to the...

GreenCross 15.08.12 7:22am
South London arrests: not our members claim National Insulation Association 0
nostra da mouse 15.08.12 6:11am
nostra da mouse
Facebook Connection Results In Homicide

An innocent friend request via Facebook has ended in a blood bath, leaving several children orphaned and one man facing murder charges. On June 17th this year, Wayne Ogden contacted an old school...

HIGNFY 14.08.12 11:34pm
Bum Note from Mail Columnist

There were red faces at the [i]Daily Mail[/i] yesterday as it was revealed that, due to a printing error, Richard Littlejohn’s readers have been left with the impression that he is an obsessive...

ricky33 14.08.12 9:25pm
Barrister working for NUM accused of soliciting for miners. More soon.

The old ones are the best...

dominic_mcg 14.08.12 8:15pm
Solution to rail fares hike: Hike. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 14.08.12 8:13pm
Pantomime horse disqualified from dressage

More to follow...

apepper 14.08.12 8:07pm
Driver found in 'Olympic lane' asked how he got a car in the pool 0
Perks 14.08.12 7:40pm
Government appoint vampire to cabinet; Labour find it hard to shadow

The labour party is considering a formal protest about the appointment of a vampire to the cabinet. "How can you have a shadow vampire?", said a spokesman...

apepper 14.08.12 5:23pm
Philatelist struggles with difficult second album 5
cinquecento 14.08.12 4:48pm
Tree company rescued by car order; "Not dead, we're pining for the Fords"

Parrots, the Norwegian tree growers, have been saved from bankruptcy by a massive order from Ford motors...

apepper 14.08.12 4:21pm
Hypersonic jet aims to hit Mach 6 for smoothest shave ever 0
button 14.08.12 3:19pm