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Ross leaves BBC and TV license fee falls. "Pure coincidence" claims Minister. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Collapse of tour operator signals the official start of summer. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Clegg “Misunderstood” euthanasia 2
newbietryer 3 years

Deputy PM admits that he always though euthanasia was a BBC documentary following the lives of young men and women living in the East. More Soon...

Defence cuts could see Top Gear cancelled 1
Mrblacker 3 years

Budget cuts of up to 25 per cent at the Ministry of Defence could lead to the cancellation of the BBC's leading and only motoring show. "Any reduction in current spending would create extra pressure...

Scientists discover your hangovers are no worse than anyone else's. 2
la maga 3 years
Wife joyous as she hangs a door - husband with paint stripper takes gloss off it 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years
Cameron finds horrific picture of Tony Blair in No. 10 attic, calls in artist 0
la maga 3 years

The Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly found a painting in the attic of Number 10 Downing Street that portrays the state of Tony Blair's soul. "Even I was shocked," he confided to a close...

Neighbourhood in shock as roadside skip fails to acquire a mattress 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years
Hollywood blockbuster harnesses merchandising to promote anti-corporate message 0
la maga 3 years
Capped well well capped 3
MrChigleysAunt 3 years
Criminals to cutback crime by 25% 0
ED209 3 years

The UK's criminal fraternity has agree to 'swingeing cuts' in the UK's crime budget, which could result in up to 25% of toe-rags being laid off. One senior lag said 'We simple can't justify keeping...

Life behind the paywall 0
Hunter F. Thompson 3 years

Is there life behind a paywall?, Do snowballs freeze in Hell?, Is anybody listening, or are all, Too deaf to tell?, The creaking of a comfy chair, Suggests that someone might be there,,...

Man shoots himself following 6 hour argument with police over name pronunciation 0
newbietryer 3 years

Relatives of Raoul Moat, 37 from Tyneside claim he was harassed by Northumberland Police for 5 years over the matter. Video recordings obtained by our reporter show that during a final standoff, in...

Royal Doulton issue commemorative Raoul Moat figurine and shotgun 5
Ludicity 3 years

Come on red - I know you can do it...

Daily Express to provide free TruEthnics(TM) Colour Charts with every issue 0
la maga 3 years
Griffin hits out at number of immigating birds 1
fun and games 3 years

BNP leader Nick Griffin has hit out at lax border controls which are causing 20,000 foreign birds to enter the UK every week. “It starts off with a family of thrushes from Poland” said Griffin,...

Elton John to rework "Candle in the Wind" to commemorate The People's Gunman 20
Mr Target 3 years

suggestions for lyrics welcome...

F.A need more english coaches for National Team. 0
Basil_B 3 years

'Daf or Mann are right out' explained F.A Spokesman David Davies ' give me a good old seddon atkinson any day for running the team around '...

The medical miracle recovery man AKA the Lockerbie bomber ,has turned turn a 0
arrghgarry 3 years

chance to appear on Strictly come dancing as he has already promised Nigel Lythgoe, that he will appear on So you think you can dance ...

Council refuses to re-house mother 6
newbietryer 3 years

A mother of two young children has pleaded with St Helens Council to be re-housed following months of anti-social abuse targeted at her Rainhill home. Windows have been broken, 'Slag', 'village...

Religious historian surprised by message on computer... 4
riesler 3 years

'You have unused icons on your desktop'.

BP hail operation to lock stable door after horse has bolted. 0
MADJEZ 3 years
Depression affects 1 in 10 jars of beef paste - mental health experts 0
newbietryer 3 years

Manufacturers and mental health experts have teamed up to warn consumers not to purchase items where the lid show signs of being depressed...

Stonings to stop during Ramadan to ensure women don't swallow small rocks 0
linzzdg 3 years

Muslim clerics advise that being stoned to death poses a high risk of breaking a fast...

Girls' getaway to be at internet cafe for online shopping till they can't click 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Alcoholic still using England's World Cup defeat as excuse. More soon. 0
la maga 3 years
MacDonalds under fire over quality of meat; "It's all bollocks" says spokesman. 5
wallster 3 years
Yorkshire Ripper suicidal 1
ramblesnake 3 years

as condemned to spend rest of his life in jails outside Yorkshire...

Murdering cocktail mixer must spend rest of life behind bars 0
antharrison 3 years
Geneticists engineer a Cheryl Cole-proof Malaria. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years