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Wealthy landowner weds gleaning lady 3
Arthur 23.08.13 12:12am
Dignitas Clinic Baffled By Over-flowing Car Park

Hat tip to MADJEZ...

Titus 22.08.13 10:21pm
Manning refuses to take his punishment like a man 3
topfotogmw 22.08.13 10:14pm
Al OPecia
Gibralter to twin with Ceuta. More soon. 22
Al OPecia 22.08.13 9:52pm
Al OPecia
You're much too Slane girl.

Slane girl, get out of my mind, My love for you is way out of line, Better run girl,, You're much too young girl With all the charms of a woman, You've kept the secret of your youth, You led me...

rikkor 22.08.13 9:49pm
Al OPecia
Count von Count quits Sesame Street

starts new job as quantity surveyor...

camz 22.08.13 7:14pm
Yorkshireman acquires packet of PK. 'E buy gum. 0
Maverick 22.08.13 6:54pm
Soz 0
nickb 22.08.13 6:12pm
FA say No to Monkey-Rush rule

With the new Premier League season only one week in, and with it the inclusion of long awaited, state-of-the-art goal line technology, news that football's governing body has decided to scrap its...

Robopop 22.08.13 5:58pm
Bradley Manning inspires surge in criminals discovering their feminine side

Women's prisons across the country are gearing up for an influx of previously male convicts who are determined to live life as women after being sentenced, as more and more are following the example...

sydalg 22.08.13 5:47pm
It's obvious he's a woman - he can't keep a secret 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 22.08.13 5:43pm
US military sends Chelsea to Coventry 0
Squudge 22.08.13 5:29pm
Dick Van Dyke accident threatens completion of Dutch lesbian joke.

An unfinished joke about dicks, dykes and fingers has been “put on hold” till the 87 year old comedian who was to star in the joke recovers from a recent fire. “It’s incredibly...

CulchaVulcha 22.08.13 5:23pm
Seaside donkeys strike over unfair hay practices 0
camz 22.08.13 5:05pm
"Doctor Finlay's Facebook" idea not "liked" by BBC

A treatment for an online, social networking-based version of the AJ Cronin classic stories has been rejected by BBC Drama. Once a successful Sunday Night TV drama series, it was last broadcast in...

nickb 22.08.13 5:00pm
Bradley Manning glad father Bernard not alive to see him sully family name. 10
MADJEZ 22.08.13 4:53pm
Head of BBC News reprimanded over Middle East omission

The Head of the BBC news service, James Harding has been reprimanded by the Director General after there were numerous complaints by TV license holders. It seems that on the 7th of June of this...

camz 22.08.13 4:41pm
Bradley Manning re-classified. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 22.08.13 4:08pm
Al OPecia
From now on Bradley Manning wishes to be known as Bradley Womanning 0
Smart Alex 22.08.13 3:47pm
Smart Alex
Porn star in HIV scare insists it's "just a dose of athlete's penis" 0
sydalg 22.08.13 3:27pm
"Nice try, but you're not going to a women's prison", Manning told 0
sydalg 22.08.13 2:18pm
California porn industry shuts down as British civil servants take holidays 0
sydalg 22.08.13 2:13pm
Bradley Manning wants to live life as a Guardian Journalist 0
Scronnyglonkle 22.08.13 2:10pm
Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum to be replaced by 'The heroes of fracking'

In an hitherto unprecedented joint statement from Labour and the Con/Dem Hqs it was today announced that the Tolpuddle Martyrs had been discredited as being pinko leftie fifth columnists (or...

underwhelmed 22.08.13 2:03pm
Complaining about GCSEs getting easier is getting easier, says Gove. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 22.08.13 2:01pm
Touching swansong from 92-year-old man 0
sydalg 22.08.13 1:36pm
Manning announces innovative solution to improve prison sex experience. 0
Ref Minor 22.08.13 1:35pm
Ref Minor
Manning sent secret Welsh recipes to Wikileeks. 0
britwombat 22.08.13 1:09pm
Manning sentenced to read ‘every last word’ of leaked documents

Bradley Manning, the US soldier found guilty of passing masses of classified military intelligence to Wikileaks, has been sentenced by a court to read every last word of the hundreds of thousands of...

Long Distance Clara 22.08.13 1:01pm
Pharaoh who moonlighted as estate agent accused of pyramid selling 0
sydalg 22.08.13 12:48pm