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Danny Boyle criticised for 'half arsed' Anniversary Games ceremony

Academy award-winning British director Danny Boyle, who last year mesmerized London and the world with his captivating 'Isles of Wonder' opening ceremony at London 2012, has found himself under...

Jesus H 27.07.13 10:54am
Stuart Hall disappointed 15 month sentence doubled to 15 month prison term

Ex-BBC commentator and prolific sex offender, Stewart Hall, is said to be disappointed at a court ruling that sees his 15 month sentence doubled meaning he will now have to serve about 15 months with...

Lens Cap 27.07.13 9:24am
Lens Cap
Mail Online to get “sidebar of sidebar of shame”

It’s a newspaper feature like no other – instantly recognisable, eminently readable, fascinatingly distasteful. But now the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame is to get its own sidebar of even...

CulchaVulcha 27.07.13 8:58am
New Search Engine 'Bluegle' Has Not-Porn Filter To Aid Porn Searches

Filter setting will default to 'Porn Only' unless puritans, eunuchs or other deviant users deliberately choose otherwise...

Titus 27.07.13 7:32am
Citizen of Rome disappointed to find XXX magazines just 30 copies of Womans' Own 1
Smart Alex 27.07.13 6:43am
"Vinaigrettes, I've had a few", admits wino who'll drink anything 14
sydalg 27.07.13 4:01am
Paddy Berzinski
Church of England to introduce Prayday loans 4
Scronnyglonkle 26.07.13 10:50pm
The Last Detail
Catholic Church to put providers of child porn out of business

Massive database of previously unseen images to be made available to the public...

The Last Detail 26.07.13 10:40pm
The Last Detail
Ray Mears hard-man act 'not fooling anyone', confirms everyone

The new 'fearless tough guy' approach by TV bushcraft expert Ray Mears in ITV's new Close Encounters series is fooling 'absolutely nobody', an online opinion pole has suggested. Mears, who was...

Jesus H 26.07.13 10:20pm
Jesus H
JESUS SAVES ...but moans about falling interest 3
Squudge 26.07.13 9:43pm
Judge doubles Hall's sentence citing 'he was rapier than first thought'.

Nod to discussion in the Spain thread...

raudus 26.07.13 9:42pm
Church of England to preach to the cash converted. 1
godly1966 26.07.13 9:40pm
Hall term doubled. Dyslexic schoolchildren celebrate

more soon (I have a feeling I need to mention 'half term' so this probably doesn't work!)...

Not Amused 26.07.13 9:37pm
Ray Pea sues Newsbiscuit for libel. 0
MADJEZ 26.07.13 9:18pm
Tim Westwood sues BBC for discrimination. 'Is it cos I is black...'

Look mate, you're not black, you've never been black, so why do you have to talk like that. More soon...

MADJEZ 26.07.13 8:29pm
South Africa's worst serial rapist very well hung...

Now that's a rapey headline. Let the abuse begin...

MADJEZ 26.07.13 8:25pm
HS2 Cost To Be Paid For With Loan From Archbishop Of Canterbury

"Well it will be cheaper tha Wonga" says chancellor...

Titus 26.07.13 8:25pm
Another C of E shock they have money invested in Tracey and Rob's pawn shop 0
Ian Searle 26.07.13 6:49pm
Ian Searle
Welby, Wonga and the Prelate Hypocrisy. 0
Al OPecia 26.07.13 4:22pm
Al OPecia
C of E "Save R Souls" loan campaign. Catholic priests eager to make deposit.

No early with drawl penalties...

irreverendJ 26.07.13 4:16pm
Hall's sentence doubled as Court of Appeal plays its Joker. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 26.07.13 3:25pm
Stuart Hall Judge plays the Joker and doubles score. More soon.

. Oops - just noticed previous posts. Soz...

Al OPecia 26.07.13 2:38pm
Al OPecia
James May 'fears for job' following lengthly driving ban

Motoring journalist and Top Gear presenter James May is said to be 'fearful' for his job today, after Thames Valley Police clocked the TV star driving at speeds 'in excess of 160mph' on the M4,...

Jesus H 26.07.13 2:11pm
Not Amused
Anthony Weiner's penis appeals for privacy 2
sydalg 26.07.13 1:58pm
Stuart Hall regrets doubling-up with Tescos Clubcard. 0
MADJEZ 26.07.13 1:45pm
Zeitgeist Publishing launches for the That'll Do Community of TDC1s

One of Britain's most disenfranchised demographics, the That'll Do Community, is to get its own magazine. Zeitgeist Publishing is to launch, aiming for a break even figure of 20 million...

ronseal 26.07.13 1:23pm
Mick Jagger caught acting 70 on speed speed camera 0
sydalg 26.07.13 1:22pm
Newsbiscuit in turmoil over Wonga headlines

Newsbiscuit has been thrown into turmoil today with the revelation that many real world headlines and stories over the Church of England's spat with pay day lender Wonga are actually funnier than...

clarksn 26.07.13 1:04pm
Church launches new water into wine service to put pubs out of business 2
ronseal 26.07.13 12:11pm
Midfield Diamond
Obama's Brother Still Waiting For a US Visa

Nairobi, Kenya. , Malik Abongo Obama, the half-brother of the US President Barack Obama, still waiting approval for his tourist visa application to the United States. The 49 year old teacher stated...

Aittakalla 26.07.13 11:48am