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Devon Women's Institute in Pirate fancy-dress faux pas

A Women's Institute have apologised after blacking up and carrying fake AK-47 machine guns to look like Somali pirates when attending a talk on piracy. Once the North Devon WI branch realised that...

Danny 05.05.13 4:28pm
BNP member suggests up to 12 million Jews killed in holocaust

Life-long fascist and BNP member, Kevin Reid, has taken to social media to air his opinion that up to 12 million Jews, and a larger number of Gypsies and Gays than previously thought, perished in...

Yikes 05.05.13 12:44pm
Syrians flee A-level reforms

Hundreds of Syrians have fled coastal areas attempting to escape Michael Gove’s relentless changes to the sixth form sector. Gruesome videos posted on the web appeared to show massacres of schemes...

Wrenfoe 05.05.13 10:24am
Venezuelan President escapes "Patronization" attempt

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has narrowly avoided an attempt to make him look like a "doofus" in the eyes of the world. In the early hours of Saturday morning verbal shots were fired in the...

Wrenfoe 05.05.13 9:41am
Man who thinks he has hypochondria actually seriously ill During one of his regular and normally entirely trivial visits to his GP, Dave Smith, 38, was found to have a genuine set of symptoms...

Peter749400 05.05.13 8:03am
Norman Tebbit chosen to represent the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2014.

In a move which has surprised the general public but has been an open secret in Westminster and the wider entertainment industry for some time, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Norman...

Al OPecia 05.05.13 7:42am
Call For Ban On New Porn Video Website "Youtree" 1
Titus 05.05.13 7:39am
Kiera Knightly off the A list after driving a Renault Clio. 0
Maverick 04.05.13 10:57pm
Kiera Knightly off the A list after driving a Renault Clio. 0
Maverick 04.05.13 10:57pm
Farage: "Here's looking at UKIP" 0
Smart Alex 04.05.13 9:06pm
Smart Alex
NHS 111 latest: "Go back to your constituences and prepare for the Grim Reaper" 0
ginty 04.05.13 8:37pm
Farage: "Go back to your miracles and pray for a constituency" 0
AReader 04.05.13 7:37pm
"All publicity is good publicity" says Clifford

Perhaps not...

tedweasel 04.05.13 5:43pm
UKIP relaunched as FRUITKIP after sponsorship by Mr Kipling 1
nickb 04.05.13 5:12pm
sredni vashta
Oven-ready chickens beg to differ. 2
sredni vashta 04.05.13 5:08pm
sredni vashta
Miliband latest - “Go back to your constituencies and pray for a miracle” 10
Lenny Bee 04.05.13 4:45pm
MasterChef won by dish of twice-heated beans on a bed of lightly-toasted bread

MasterChef won by dish of twice-heated beans served on a bed of lightly-toasted bread and dressed in a rich tomato jus The BBC’s MasterChef competition was today won by a contestant successfully...

Long Distance Clara 04.05.13 2:33pm
Al OPecia
Nick Griffin's 'SEX'

After they urged their members to follow their urges and unleash an army of intolerant tots, the British National Party today published a book of Nick Griffin in erotic poses. ‘People have been...

Hooch 04.05.13 2:01pm
Cameron regrets leaving Clegg in charge of local election policies

Sinnick 04.05.13 12:26pm
Billy Smart to provide UKIP Conference facilities 1
Abernethy 04.05.13 12:19pm
Dyscalculia conference-delegates called from 'every corner of the globe' 1
writinginbsl 04.05.13 11:59am
sredni vashta
Westboro' Baptist Church to launch new UK anti-smoking campaign. 0
bonjonelson 04.05.13 11:44am
Popes agree to appear in 50th Anniversary of Dr Who

A feature-length film to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic British sci-fi show, is due to star not one but two Popes! Traditionally Popes sign an exclusivity deal when appearing in any...

Wrenfoe 04.05.13 10:51am
Reginald D Hunter's white half-brother murdered by audience at comedy gig

literally this time...

Terry 04.05.13 10:15am
Our Defence Correspondent
Farage overtakes Cox and Cameron in "Face you'd most like to slap"

Sinnick 04.05.13 10:02am
Corporate Communicator of the Year: Joe Dixon, Spondoolica (final sub honest)

With a mission statement that promises to “seek to empower the people of Britain, boost consumer confidence and stimulate the sustained customer-led economic regeneration of British and global...

Sir Lupus 04.05.13 9:59am
Sir Lupus
Cameron recalls troops from Helmand to defend Mercia

In the Conservative government's most decisive defensive move since the late Lady Thatcher launched her combined services attack on South Georgia, Prime Minister David Cameron today ordered the...

Our Defence Correspondent 04.05.13 9:47am
Our Defence Correspondent
The town of Wilmslow, Cheshire placed on Sex-Offenders` Register

In a bid to save on legal fees and expensive litigation, TV company bosses have decided to pre-empt potential court-case outcomes...

Nimrod 04.05.13 9:09am
It's Fruitcakes versus Eton Mess as voters complain of being desserted 0
ronseal 04.05.13 8:46am
Cameron to support skiving Britons

Following losses in local elections across England, David Cameron has announced a change in policy to support skiving Britons. Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference, the Prime Minister...

monkeyrepublic 04.05.13 8:14am