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Cast of The Little Mermaid reunited in Goan Curry 2
gaijintendo 12.12.12 9:59am
Dick Everyman
First Gay Marriage for ‘Nick and Dave’ from Westminster

Nick Clegg and David Cameron made a public demonstration of their commitment to gay marriage yesterday by formally tying the knot at Westminster Abbey. The happy couple make their vows before...

Burlington Danes 12.12.12 9:18am
Church bracing itself for massive turnout

The Church of England is said to be bracing itself for a massive turnout this Sunday morning after the government announced the ban on same sex marriage in church., But research carried out amongst...

Gerontius 12.12.12 8:36am
OAPs threaten to bare all in Old Girls Calendar fundraiser

An enterprising group of elderly ladies from Buxton believe they have hit upon a unique fund raising scheme by promising not to issue a nude calendar provided the public pledge sufficient funds for a...

Stan 12.12.12 7:22am
Dickens or Shakespeare
Multinationals refuse to answer calls from UK in case it's the taxman. 0
Gaz 12.12.12 1:02am
US fines HSBC $1.9bn plus $50 for the letter telling them 2
Duncan Biscuit 12.12.12 12:26am
Clegg's visits to behind his opposition to web monitoring 2
Gaz 12.12.12 12:23am
Mandela health concerns deepen as Keith Vaz on Heathrow standby 4
dvo4fun 11.12.12 11:15pm
, 0
ゴルゴ13 11.12.12 10:45pm
BNP blame more non-British residents on 'bloody foreigners' 0
Perks 11.12.12 10:10pm
Scotland to allow the Gay Gordons at weddings. 0
bonjonelson 11.12.12 9:14pm
John Terry approves of FA plan to give cultural lessons to foreign players 0
Ian 11.12.12 8:27pm
Web monitoring: 'With great power comes great responsibility', says Clegg 1
custard cream 11.12.12 7:53pm
Dick Everyman
Belfast management consultant says fly Union flag to see if anyone salutes it 1
Duncan Biscuit 11.12.12 7:40pm
custard cream
Civil liberty group launches 'mind your own f*****g business' app 1
Dick Everyman 11.12.12 7:39pm
custard cream
Jaguar Land Rover mulls factory in Saudi Arabia to build hands-free car 1
Duncan Biscuit 11.12.12 7:37pm
custard cream
Fiery Hoop Systems launches more stupid IT things you might have to keep up with

Stuff you have to learn to remain employable just got even more bloody frustrating, with the launch of Wazza Point, the new social media in the cloud as a service platform, that promises to...

ronseal 11.12.12 7:35pm
custard cream
"Tax avoidance schemes" most searched term on Google. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 11.12.12 7:20pm
Al OPecia
Lurpak on offer in Asda, says your wife's mother at 6 in the frigging morning

According to a source close to your wife, who has just been positively identified with her mother, Lurpak is 40% off in Asda this week. The news emerged in a phone call that woke you from a dream...

Oxbridge 11.12.12 6:41pm
Belfast greengrocer told to remove onion flag. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.12.12 6:31pm
Operation Yewtree to investigate Ventriloquist

Operation Yewtree has been widened to investigate abuse claims brought against Keith Harris, one of the UKs best known Ventriloquists. We cannot tell you the identity of his alleged victim but can...

beagle 11.12.12 6:31pm
Otto Jespersen
Women Bishops question moot as census shows no-one is Christian anymore

Senior Church of England officials have breathed a sigh of relief after the census has revealed their are no Christians left in the UK. "That's a load off.", said a spokesman. "So many issues don't...

apepper 11.12.12 5:13pm
Anonymous officially labelled "a bigger deal than Kony"

When you hear the word anonymous, what comes to mind? Some guy with no life who makes a living off of terrorizing our super efficient government of the people, some human being thing that wrote some...

11.12.12 4:48pm
Supermarkets inexplicably still putting Brussels sprouts in food aisles 19
Oxbridge 11.12.12 4:22pm
Rootin Tootin
Cross dressing loophole paves the way for gay marriages in church

Gay marriage supporters have thrown religious leaders into turmoil over claims that at least five gay weddings have gone ahead this year in a religious setting. One ceremony was even performed by...

Dick Everyman 11.12.12 3:49pm
Dick Everyman
Failed asylum seeker upset at being sent to death row

Dyslexic judge admits he probably meant Heathrow...

Smart Alex 11.12.12 3:13pm
Smart Alex
Herod added to Yewtree list of historic child abuse suspects 0
cinquecento 11.12.12 12:10pm

Scousers called 'Nigel'never get arrested!...

Jesse Bigg 11.12.12 11:59am
Britain not in global maths Top 10 after all, admits British statistician 0
cinquecento 11.12.12 11:39am
Census news: falling Christian numbers due to Muslim pranksters and icy weather. 0
sigmund 11.12.12 11:24am