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Efforts to find pics of Gadaffi and Blair together in tents "intense"... 0
nickb 25.10.11 10:48am
Lemming rebels reopen debate over whether to walk blindly over a cliff

A group of lemmings last night rebelled against their party leadership and voted to start walking unthinkingly towards a vertical cliff face. Despite pleas from a number of senior lemmings, the...

The Paper Ostrich 25.10.11 2:16pm
Chinese airline company charged with 'employing pirates' 1
Perks 25.10.11 11:12am
Halloween killer Michael Myers’ family accuse police over excessive use of force

The estranged family of ‘probably dead’ serial killer Michael Myers say they ‘want answers’ after a succession of films showed him being hit, manhandled and shot dead several times over by...

Gary Stanton 30.10.11 7:27am
ME link to EU

Researchers in Norway believe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also known as ME, may be caused by an over exposure to EU related news stories.The disease is thought to affect some 250,000 people in...

medici2471 26.10.11 10:38pm
Madonna's Wallace & Gromit acting more animated than her previous film work

More soon. I may expand this later when I get back from the pub lunch...

dvo4fun 26.10.11 8:23am
Early Pinter pause discovered

One of Harold Pinter’s earliest pauses has been found. The pause, probably dated 1959 was discovered at the British Library and is one of the earliest examples of the playwright’s trademark...

nickb 25.10.11 5:04pm
BBC man’s brain explodes explaining complexities of EU vote

In a tragic incident, the BBC’s Nick Robinson’s head exploded under the strain of trying to explain the intricacies of last night’s European Union referendum vote. Paying tribute, a BBC...

Clarky 25.10.11 8:36am
MET to investigate Terry's racist comments as "may make a good training video" 0
Perks 25.10.11 8:20am
Eurocamp announces new St. Paul’s site in time for half term holiday

Eurocamp, the leading family camping holiday company, has announced the opening of their prestigious London City campsite just in time for the school half term holidays. In their brochure, Eurocamp...

Gong of Fur 25.10.11 3:01pm
Sarkozy has something "special" planned for Camerons next holiday 0
simonjmr 25.10.11 8:01am
UN Report: World Population May Reach "Fuckloads" In Our Lifetime 0
Textbook 25.10.11 2:58am
Farm Foodies declare "Supreme gourmet evening a complete success"

Following the success of the UK's Michelin starred restaurants customers competing for "Foodie of the year", cut-price frozen food reseller Farm Foods has announced the result of its own competition...

antharrison 24.10.11 11:21pm
Rebel MPs hanging tough on Cameron 0
simonjmr 24.10.11 10:08pm
Libyan Olympic shooting squad selection 'overwhelmed' by late applicants 0
FlashArry 24.10.11 9:26pm
Somali Pirates to advise Wall Street occupiers...

meanwhile reports are coming in of Somali pirates falling foul of Nigerian scammers - while Abuja cyber cafes being occupied by Nigerian Protestors. "Some of these internet experts have all the...

brd888 24.10.11 9:21pm
Dale farm travellers enjoying their new spot at St. Paul's... 3
Psycadelic Squirrel 24.10.11 10:03pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Cameron banned for 3 days for over use of the whip 6
Perks 25.10.11 9:03am
Merkel sends Sarkozy/Cameron to bed early after "Silly Argument" 0
Drylaw 24.10.11 8:08pm
Roonie's dad unexpected billionaire. 1
Boutros 24.10.11 11:09pm
Anti-capitalists demand grammar law change

Anti-Capitalist protesters have continued their protest outside the British Library promising not to leave until grammar rules have been changed. The group, Occupy Sesame Street, believe that...

Perks 24.10.11 8:18pm
British holiday-makers pool hoarded Euros to buy back power from EU 0
kga6 24.10.11 7:16pm
Sony launch new TV range for women - HD Nearly Ready 5
brownpaperreporter 20.10.13 4:36pm
Al OPecia
Football manager questions commitment of players only giving 100% 0
Plockton Assbeard 24.10.11 7:06pm
Plockton Assbeard
Latest Facebook app judges which of your friends you should dump

Facebook has claimed that their latest app can accurately predict which of your friends you will fall out with, to an accuracy of a week and a half. The social media site also claims that the reason...

13.12.11 9:34pm
New Zealand's world cup joy mixed with woe as Man U. loses

New Zealand's happiness at the rugby world cup triumph has been mixed with sadness at the shock 6-1 defeat of Manchester United. Most United fans live in the southern hemisphere with a...

apepper 24.10.11 6:31pm
FTSE closes 59 points up - hits 3 month high - Occupy camp becomes lucky charm 0
GreenCross 24.10.11 5:38pm
Ethiopia Vote for Ban on celebrities and camera crews

THE people of Ethiopia have unanimously voted for an immediate ban on camera crews and celebrities filming them for charitable means. Viktor Lamadu, spokesperson for EALHAC (Ethopia Against Lenny...

delightfullyodd 24.10.11 5:11pm
"Harold Camping was right" claims Gaddafi through a medium. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.10.11 5:05pm
Al OPecia
Daily Mail reports "Dastardly French beaten in final by former British Colony"

Well done Kiwis. Well played...

JohnA 24.10.11 4:46pm