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Shock as banks are caught doing what they're best at doing

Millions of bank customers are today coming to terms with the shock revelation that banks have been doing what they are best at doing. The manipulation of a key bank interest rate by Barclays and...

roybland 29.06.12 6:43am
Vertically Challenged Giant
North of Britain puts faith in mystical “fire orb” in sky to combat the flood

With the north of Britain gripped in floods the inhabitants has put faith in the “fire orb”. Apparently there is a “sphere of fire” that rest in sky, but British scientist have found little...

confuzzled 29.06.12 1:58am
Governor of Pentonville Slates Escape For "Lacking Any Real Creative Flair"

A prisoner serving a life sentence who escaped from Pentonville Prison earlier today has been slammed as being "unimaginative and passé" by the jail's Governor in a scathing attack this afternoon....

Duff 28.06.12 11:24pm
Rupert Murdoch Quits Newspaper Game to Concentrate on Apocalypse

In the wake of the phone hacking scandal Rupert Murdoch is said to have grown tired of existence and is planning an earth shattering announcement; that he plans on shattering the earth. ‘The UK...

Hooch 28.06.12 11:13pm
Pentonville escapee last seen climbing wall into Ecuadorian embassy 0
grumblechops 28.06.12 11:11pm
Question Time's first streaker goes down well

David Dimbleby admitted he was left "somewhat hot under the collar" after a female streaker invaded the set of Question Time, cutting short a hate-filled rant from some tosspot from The Mail. The...

grumblechops 28.06.12 11:02pm
Barclays Bankers Found Guilty Of Knocking Out Another One

Bob Diamond (Geezer) is tonight under extreme pressure to step down from his position as Barclays Chief Executive, following the financial giant having been found guilty of yet another...

Duff 28.06.12 9:48pm
Beckham's hope of normal haircut dashed 0
nickb 28.06.12 9:42pm
Google launches ‘built-up shoe’

Google has caught it rivals well and truly on the back foot, as it announced plans for a clonky, built-up shoe. The 7” high unit is based on an Android ‘platform’, and can look a little...

Nunnion Splendacular 28.06.12 9:12pm
Nunnion Splendacular
Cameron says Banks have a big question to answer "Are we still OK for donation?" 2
dvo4fun 28.06.12 8:34pm
Beleaguered economy caused by an imbalance of humours, say Greeks, Romans. 0
simonhansen 28.06.12 8:25pm
"Lots of lolly" pop ladies as the job changes to commission only

Lollipop ladies (and men) are to see their role changed to commission only with unlimited earnings potential in the wake of a report that shows a truly shocking turnover of virtually nil for the...

The Masked Frog 28.06.12 8:05pm
The Masked Frog
BSkyB sent to bedroom as News Corp. discuss's who gets the Lexus. 1
simonhansen 28.06.12 7:54pm
News Corp break up: James Murdoch to visit Cameron "on alternate weekends only" 0
simonhansen 28.06.12 7:45pm
R.A.F budget hit by 82,000 fixed penalty fines for littering. 0
JETFAB 28.06.12 6:42pm
Healed With A Hand Shandy

The Queen made an historic act of forgiveness yesterday by giving former IRA leader Martin McGuinness a hand shandy. The momentous encounter – which would have been unthinkable ten years ago –...

Simon Balch 28.06.12 6:40pm
New Muse single "a bit over the top for me" says Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV of France has criticised the new single by prog-pop group Muse, calling the track “a bit over the top for my tastes”. Wearing a bejewelled crown, a bejewelled necklace, and brandishing...

@spinal_bap 28.06.12 6:32pm
Old couple describe their life as a daily reenacment of "Back to the Future" 0
Dumbnews 28.06.12 5:57pm
Barclay's behaviour "disgraceful, should have swigged Dom Pérignon" - Osborne. 0
Al OPecia 28.06.12 5:39pm
Al OPecia
Moonpig launch "Sorry you're not getting your Seven Figure Bonus' card range 1
dvo4fun 28.06.12 5:34pm
Al OPecia
Barclay's claims their "social justice" agenda the reason for supporting Libor. 0
Maverick 28.06.12 4:58pm
Pentonville cancel macrame classes until further notice.

More Soon. With inspiration from Al OPecia...

MADJEZ 28.06.12 4:49pm
Lancaster bomber drops 80,000 memorial Poppies on local housing estate in error 4
dvo4fun 28.06.12 2:46pm
Pentonville admits climbing wall in exercise yard experiment "an own goal" 1
Al OPecia 28.06.12 1:57pm
"Me, you and your mate in a threeway" wins 2012 Proposition of the year award

Last year's winner "Lets go half on a bastard" well beaten in second place More soon...

simonjmr 28.06.12 12:28pm
BMA call for members to show some balls

Doctors have called for Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to resign, saying they have "no confidence" in him. Hamish Meldrum, chair of the British Medical Association, says "Lansley is an absolute...

nostra da mouse 28.06.12 12:05pm
nostra da mouse
GDP increased by 5% in Q1, announce Barclays 0
medici2471 28.06.12 11:32am
England blast their way to Euro 2012 Blow Football Championship.

At last England can blow its trumpet about a football championship. The European Blow Football Championship which shadows the bigger soccer tournament was overlooked by the media until England went...

weematt 28.06.12 11:18am
McGuinness to unveil bomber memorial 0
bonjonelson 28.06.12 10:46am
Cowell and ITV in search for Britain's eccentrics - The Icke Factor launches 0
simonjmr 28.06.12 10:07am