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US Delight that Jail Breakouts Will Increase Number Of Potential Drone Targets 0
Titus 04.08.13 8:54am
Protests About Choice Of New Doctor Who

While an international corps of dedicated news media are camped at the roadside opposite the front door of the studio and the world waits with bated breath for an announcement confirming the arrival...

Titus 04.08.13 7:56am
Dr Who Anniversary Overshadowed By Inquiry

Beloved television icon Dr Who, just months shy of its 50th anniversary, has been rocked by a series of allegations, ranging from claims that he is not actually a medical doctor, to concerns about a...

Textbook 04.08.13 3:14am
Newcastle yachtsman practices on pond: Geordie sails inshore 0
Smart Alex 03.08.13 8:42pm
Smart Alex
US security alert level raised to "Squeaky Bum time" 0
Zen 03.08.13 7:02pm
Ellen DeGeneres used to execute prisoners

In response to a shortage of the drug, pentobarbital, the state of Texas has decided to employ [i]live[/i] footage of the 86th Academy Awards to euthanize Death Row inmates. A Department of Criminal...

Wrenfoe 03.08.13 3:19pm
One in five drivers have "driven angrily under the influence of the Daily Mail"

. More soon...

Al OPecia 03.08.13 3:13pm
Twitter accused of sexism after abused women asked to talk to Mr Wang...

They could have got someone other than the boss to pass on the message. I'll get my coat....

MADJEZ 03.08.13 1:48pm
Learn while you sleep! Full details in snore.

Neat-o for Goodness sake!...

beau-jolly 03.08.13 1:26pm
Jane Austen Ring Seeks Asylum In Moscow 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 03.08.13 1:08pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Ferrero Roche shares plummet as embassies close worldwide 3
topfotogmw 03.08.13 1:07pm
Katie Hopkins unveiled as the "Tories' Doreen Lawrence"

Not to be outdone by their Labour counterparts, Tory HQ has announced they will be offering a peerage to the ex-Reality TV star. David Cameron insisted that the Conservatives needed to find their own...

Wrenfoe 03.08.13 1:04pm
Al OPecia
Art world excited by opening of the National Selfie Gallery. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 03.08.13 12:53pm
Police to enforce "Shut It You Slag" notices on Twitter abusers. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 03.08.13 11:37am
Al OPecia
Newsbiscuit author "AReader" reveals new role as "Dr. WhoCares?"

"Bring back Tom Baker" says grumpy old sod...

AReader 03.08.13 8:54am
Unemployed mother records occupation as 'Mistress of the United Kingdom' 0
Arthur 03.08.13 8:28am
Local councils recommend renting out Eric Pickles

More to follow...

apepper 03.08.13 8:20am
Royal Mail CEO repays £250,000 overpayment in stamps 1
custard cream 03.08.13 7:51am
Robert Mugabe declares himself the new Doctor Who

Although the official outcome of Zimbabwe's elections is still to be announced, Mr. Mugabe has confidently predicted he will become the next Time Lord. Bookies and the Electoral Commission have...

Wrenfoe 03.08.13 7:26am
Police combing area for missing grooming suspect. 0
sredni vashta 03.08.13 12:05am
sredni vashta
Popular Tory brainwash rag introduces paywall for the plebs - No one is shocked

A popular anti benefit, pro Tory and brainwashing newspaper has introduced a pay wall to promote that greed is good. It also needs to support at least 5 Eton boys and kids of oil barons who need all...

RavenH 02.08.13 11:51pm
Nepal To Levy Everest Congestion Charge

"It's not so much the parking meter on the summit which upsets us" said a group of climbers "As the council tax on our base camp. They put out tent in band D, for goodness sake, and it hasn't even...

Titus 02.08.13 9:22pm
Damon Albarn to be new Doctor Woohoo. 1
MADJEZ 02.08.13 9:07pm
Heads! Con man has coin flip gamblers fooled. Tails in store 0
Not Amused 02.08.13 8:36pm
Not Amused
Insect repellent accident ruins Anne Summers shop: "Fool, DEET ails Sin Store". 0
Al OPecia 02.08.13 8:14pm
Al OPecia
Clearasil revealed as sponsors of recent immigration spot checks

No more soon please...

Not Amused 02.08.13 8:03pm
Al OPecia
News Biscuit hiatus attributed to staffers performing at Edinburgh Fringe 1
Paddy Berzinski 02.08.13 8:03pm
Other Side Of 'Those' Vans Says "Don't Vote UKIP - Vote For Us ... Please?"

More desperate Coalition propaganda soon...

Titus 02.08.13 7:24pm
Friends Of Green Earthpiece Object To 'Unobtrusive' Fracking

"Wind farms are far better" said their spokesperson "They may only produce derisory amounts of unreliable electricity and require massive subsidies, but they advertise our cause far and wide over...

Titus 02.08.13 7:20pm
Anger That Ariel Castro Might Only Serve 500 Years Of His 1,000 Year Sentence

"At least he won't be able to keep on appealing repeatedly to the European Court of Human Rights every 20 years" said a spokesman for one of his kidnap victims...

Titus 02.08.13 6:55pm