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Hamid Karzai surprised to wake up in Taliban stronghold... 0
Dexter 3 years

after visiting a British base in Helmand. "I do remember feeling very tired after dinner last night", he said, "but after that, everything is a bit hazy"., He added "I just hope they don't send the...

Italian restaurants expect record sales in christmas period 0
4ty2 3 years

after Interpol added lasange to most wanted list. Clegeroons predicts speedy economic recovery due to lasagne exports to Sweden. If we buy all their furniture they can at least buy some of our...

Length of index finger useful in diagnosing prostate cancer 23
MrChigleysAunt 3 years
WW II Shocker: Gurkhas promised white women and endless canned beans. 1
rikkor 3 years
secret service identifies Kelly as the source of wikileaks 0
4ty2 3 years

and a BBC conspiracy to help Russia win the bid. Hutton reinstated to confirm the findings...

wikileaks no surprise to daily mail readers 0
4ty2 3 years

as it is common knowledge that Russia is corrupt and the UK troops failed Afganistan by lack of resources. Daily Mail editor starts to worry if either the US diplomats have common sense or if its...

Becks, Wills & Cameron go back to the boardroom. One of them will get fired. 3
MADJEZ 3 years
ITV to launch new sets of channels 0
3disoooh 3 years

A spokesperson for ITV says "Our first channel is ITV 1 + 1 Meridian HD, ITV 1 in Meridian in HD with programmes an hour later." However, only 147 people are expected to view the service. "Our next...

Putin arrives in Zurich with the polonium antidote in the nick of time 3
ianslat 3 years
Russia to take over UK snow preparations. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years
'Booze for oil' barter plan for Quatar 2022 0
Scroat 3 years

More backhanders soon...

David Cameron and Prince William filmed buying 20 Cee-Lo Green Albums 0
antharrison 3 years
NewsBiscuit Celebrates One Whole Page of the Same Topic 3
IABP 3 years
Surprise as Russia win the right to hold the world cup 0
dotdash 3 years

There has been wide spread surprise that the Russian bid for host the world cup was successful. A unnamed source from the England bid said “We thought Spain would win it, we never expected a...

TV cameras catch PM chanting - 'you're going home with a fxxcking oligarch' 0
Milo Shame 3 years

(more soon)...

Latest News! Russia to host Royal Wedding. 0
surdoux 3 years
England football team to boycott 2018 World Cup by failing to qualify 3
ianslat 3 years
Putin wasn't in; Has to collect World Cup event from Zurich postage depot 0
thackaray 3 years

Well if you've paid for something you at least want it delivered to your doorstop...

Cameron Legs It Back To Number 10..... 1
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.after failing to lick enough FIFA bottoms...

Roman Abramovich buys Fifa. 1
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years
UK World Cup bid 2018 - 'They think its all is now!' 2
Milo Shame 3 years

(more soon)...

Russia to get the Oxford - Cambridge boat race in 2011. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 3 years
FIFA changes name to FEE-FOR 2
antharrison 3 years
“One World Cup, two World Wars, three lions, forfeit £15m”... 0
Doylem 3 years
Why only two votes? Demands Beckham, we bunged 12 of them. 0
surdoux 3 years
US Armed Forces adopt "Don't Check, Don't Care" policy on hostage rescues. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years
Vince Cable not sure he would vote for England either. 1
the coarse whisperer 3 years
Met office to divest "BBQ Summer" brand to concentrate on "Big Freeze" 0
rikernumber1 3 years

The Met office have announced today that they are to divest their "BBQ Summer" brand in order to concentrate on their more successful "Big Freeze" product. "It's doing really well" said a Met office...

It gets worse... Even England’s Fifa representative voted for Russia... 0
Doylem 3 years
No World Cup but at least we have freedom of speech, say BBC Panorama twats 0
Des Custard 3 years