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David Cameron admits lack of knowledge over Magna Carta

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has responded to questions about Magna Carta by saying he'd never met the person. "Is she Boris's daughter?", he enquired. "I thought she was called Mea Culpa."...

apepper 28.09.12 11:07am
Brooks' claim that PM rejected Obama call confirmed by Rebekah's records 1
medici2471 28.09.12 10:22am
Alien abductions ‘getting pervier’

Abductions by ‘Type 1’ aliens or ‘greys’ are becoming increasingly pervy, according to an eye witness. No longer satisfied with the data garnered from a simple anal probe, many are thought to...

28.09.12 9:39am
Curiosity Rover finds Asda Trolley, empty beer cans in river bed.

In startling new proof of the existance of life on Mars, Nasa's Curiosity rover has found evidence of teenage delinquents on the Red Planet., The shopping trolley, thought to have come from the...

moanygit 28.09.12 9:26am
First person jailed for squatting in Indian toilet

toilet humour...

Skoob1999 28.09.12 8:59am
Chief Justice clarification ignites rush to build moats

plus watchtowers, drawbridges etc...

vertical 28.09.12 8:12am
Police statement confirms 'Kelvin McKenzie apology for an editor' 0
charlies_hat 28.09.12 8:05am
Ofsted reports schoolgirls "getting easier". More soon.

Naughty Maz...

Mary Evans 28.09.12 8:03am
Duncan Biscuit
Competition Commission asked to compare the market for car insurance 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.09.12 7:58am
Duncan Biscuit
G4S fiasco continues as it asks armed forces to supply two new directors 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.09.12 7:58am
Duncan Biscuit
McLaren to sign Andre Santos as replacement for Lewis Hamilton 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.09.12 7:57am
Duncan Biscuit
No apology possible for Kelvin MacKenzie 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.09.12 7:56am
Duncan Biscuit
Maths teacher's continental breakfast – a roll with a little honey. More soon.

It all adds up...

NewCriminal 28.09.12 7:42am
Experts stunned as wind farm goes into meltdown, forcing mass evacuation of cows 0
AReader 28.09.12 7:28am
Statue of liberty Found on Mars by Rover

During routine instrument checking, NASA's Curiosity Rover has accidentally uncovered what appears to be the Statue of liberty., The American Icon was found just outside a patch of sedimentary rock...

moanygit 28.09.12 6:42am
Geneticist Finally Nails Down 'Lazy' Gene

A Lithuanian geneticist today released a paper revealing that she believes she may have finally nailed down the so-called 'Lazy Gene,' and that there is a distinct possibility that within a single...

Martin Shuttlecock 28.09.12 6:32am
Israeli kids "really quite scared of New TV Test Card". More soon

SuburbanDad 28.09.12 12:26am
Andrew Mitchell's house burgled, Police promise to respond before end of 2013

Apparently it will take them that long to recruit someone called "Pleb", train him/her up, and then deploy to his local station. Andrew Mitchell was unavailable for comment...

MahoganyGas 27.09.12 11:06pm
Cameron on Letterman - the footage they dared not show

David Cameron had a largely unsuccessful appearance on the David Letterman show while in the US this week. Desparate to outshine old-school rival Boris Johnson, who put in a turn earlier in the...

Miss Hegas 27.09.12 11:04pm
Miss Hegas
NSPCC awarded ‘Charity bin-bag of the year’

The charity collection bag from the NSPCC has beaten strong competition from Help the Aged, the British Heart Foundation and Mencap to be awarded ‘Charity bin-bag of the year’ in the prestigious...

antharrison 27.09.12 10:13pm
Liberal Democrats Never Existed

Ancient writings spoke of a party that would remove tuition fees, end wasteful military spending and demand proportional representation but newly discovered texts suggest that the Liberal Democrat...

Hooch 27.09.12 10:04pm
Terry retires from England duty to spend more time with white people 0
Midnight Dreary 27.09.12 9:52pm
Midnight Dreary
Ryanair Boss Defends Introduction of Coin Operated Oxygen Masks. 2
reforse 27.09.12 9:46pm
Liberal Democrats Oust Clegg In Favour Of Small Dog

In a last ditch post-conference attempt to revive their standing in the opinion polls, the Liberal Democrats today ousted Nick Clegg in favour of a cute looking dog called Trougher. In an interview...

Nonopod 27.09.12 7:33pm
Grab a bargain in the Spanish closing down sale

The Spanish government has announced that following further austerity cuts the country will close permanently on Saturday evening. Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria announced that the...

antharrison 27.09.12 7:24pm
Simon Cowell confesses he is a bicycle

Music mogul Simon Cowell has sensationally confessed to gossip magazine Ooh! that he is a bicycle. In an exclusive interview, he revealed that he had felt this way for a long time and wanted his fans...

BaronVonNoodle 27.09.12 6:49pm
Man kept a record of all Justin Lee Collins’ comedic travesties

A Swindon man, Mr Barry Kent, appeared in court today charged with harassing West Country funny man Justin Lee Collins by keeping a detailed dossier of the comedian’s professional history and using...

Long Distance Clara 27.09.12 5:42pm
Move over Jamie: Anthony Worrell-Thompson releases "The REAL Naked Chef" on DVD

Former celebrity chef and sometime kleptomaniac Anthony Worrell-Thompson has released a DVD of great meals, starters and desserts, all made while completely naked. "I suppose that a lot of people,...

AReader 27.09.12 5:37pm
Opthalmic Surgeon Flees Country With Pupil In Blinking Outrage! 3
Martin Shuttlecock 27.09.12 5:36pm
Martin Shuttlecock
CPS hands over all its cases to the FA. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.09.12 5:22pm