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Thatcher still milking system. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 28.10.11 6:53am
Al OPecia
Obama admits that EuroDisney for France was "a mistake". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 28.10.11 6:50am
Al OPecia
John Terry denies making comments on the title race 0
charlies_hat 28.10.11 6:48am
Lazy worker demands to be paid overtime for doing his job 0
Dumbnews 28.10.11 4:18am
Stevie Wonder releases, "I just called to say can you hear me now?" 0
Dumbnews 28.10.11 4:05am
Apple to launch new AyePhone for the Scottish market 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 28.10.11 3:15am
Psycadelic Squirrel
New Honda Smiley a breakthrough in drivability

With no dashboard to worry about, the new Smiley is the easiest car to drive ever, claim Honda's auto engineers. Driver information is provided by a single circular LED display on the steering wheel,...

Boutros 28.10.11 11:05am
Euro, Euro, gently over the dam ...

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, banks are such a scam...

DorsetBoy 27.10.11 11:52pm
Enormous pile of urine-soaked euros found up against Athens wall 0
Nick McCarr 27.10.11 11:42pm
Nick McCarr
Flooded Scottish town keeps drinking thanks to raft of measures. More soon.

Only my second post so bear with me. I'll crack something funny eventually...

DorsetBoy 28.10.11 10:13am
Kelly Clarkson agony: Wants to Breakaway from Clarkson Clan 0
Drylaw 27.10.11 9:21pm
Shipping industry reacts to legislation on rodents and time-keeping devices

Industry experts warn that the proposals, which moot a restriction on vertical social interactions between mice and specified categories of time-recording equipment, could spell the end for Hickory...

El_GloryBoy 27.10.11 6:39pm
Report into causes of UK riots lays finger of blame on BBC's 'Miranda'

A leaked copy of the highly-sensitive report reveals that the hilarious hit comedy about the engaging yet zany middle-aged singleton was at once both the cause, and the solution, to the rioting that...

El_GloryBoy 28.10.11 8:50am
Gaddafi’s killers to be given fair trial...

and a medal...

John Ffitch-Rucker 27.10.11 6:27pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Jeremy Clarkson criticised for road-testing wives

TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's latest Top Gear Challenge has sparked fresh criticism after he and his co-presenters set out to discover which of them had the fastest wife. Much of the criticism came...

Darkbill 2.0 27.10.11 9:54pm
The All New Jeni B
St Paul’s gift shop to sell Lego protestors set.

They may be preparing to leave the St Paul’s concourse, but the protestors’ next stop is the St Paul’s gift shop, where they’ll be part of a special commemorative Lego set. Little bearded...

nickb 27.10.11 7:56pm
Environmentalists lament the rise of Squirrel Self-tanning Booths...

but add that 'it does explain why the red ones are dying out'. More soon...

El_GloryBoy 27.10.11 8:08pm
Future telvised 'Leader's Debates' to incorporate 'Pokemon Rules'

A review of the 'leader's debates' held in the run up to the last election is expected to recommend that the format be tweaked next time around, with the introduction of so-called 'Pokemon rules'....

El_GloryBoy 27.10.11 5:29pm
Germany decides to leave Eurozone, and have a go in the Crystal Dome.

Old school tv...

Perks 27.10.11 3:44pm
More serious offenders face life. Silly ones let off with a fine. 1
Not Amused 27.10.11 4:12pm
Customer trying to buy "touch" is out of touch claims Apple

Apple shop customer, Piers Fishandhunt, has caused a row in an Apple store by trying to update his non-touch phone to the latest iPhone simply by buying some "touch". "They kept saying I was out of...

apepper 27.10.11 4:46pm
"Joy of Sex" models revealed to be John McCririck and Margaret Thatcher

Doctors surgeries are being overwhelmed with people suffering from nausea, shock and trauma after it was discovered that the original models for the 1970s bestseller [i]The Joy of Sex[/i] were a...

apepper 28.10.11 9:39am
Piers Morgan to be first space tourist - "return ticket under negotiation"

Virgin Galactic has named broadcaster Piers Morgan as the first space tourist to get a seat on the new SpaceShipTwo sub-orbital space craft. "His name was the first that came up.", explained Virgin...

apepper 27.10.11 3:11pm
GPs say Simon Callow DVD "cheaper and more effective" than Temazepam 0
Drylaw 27.10.11 2:06pm
Town is Dying, say Royal Wootton Bassett folk 0
Drylaw 27.10.11 1:54pm
Man City to use Tevez as world’s most expensive door stop

Manchester City F.C. said Thursday it has no intention of selling sometimes footballer Carlos Tevez to Corinthians in the January transfer window, instead opting to trigger a contract clause that...

Tim Collins 28.10.11 11:49am
‘Reapply gagging order over Jeremy Clarkson’s sex life’ demands British public 6
jp1885 28.10.11 8:53am
Canon fired

St Paul's Canon,Dr Giles Fraser, has left his job over the Occupy London protesters...

apepper 28.10.11 7:11pm
John Terry 'fears a lynching' from the press 1
charlies_hat 27.10.11 1:02pm
Martin McGuinness vows to join the 'war against terrorism'

As the Irish electorate go to the polls, the high profile presidential candidate Martin McGuinness has vowed to join Britain in the war against terrorism. McGuinness, former IRA commander, told...

Perks 27.10.11 10:14am