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Panic In Tory HQ As Milliband Quits

- until they realise it's the [i]other[/i] one, not the swivel-eyed, Chris-Eubank-soundalike one...

Titus 26.03.13 11:14pm
David Miliband in 'no-strings' move to International Rescue... 0
Tripod 26.03.13 11:11pm
David Miliband to replace Parker in International Rescue... 0
Tripod 26.03.13 10:59pm
“Failing hospitals to be named", says Hunt. “We’ll call them all Mid-Staffs”... 3
Tripod 26.03.13 10:21pm
“Failing hospitals to be named", says Hunt. “We’ll call them same-joke" 0
Bourbon 26.03.13 10:14pm
“Failing hospitals to be named", says Hunt. “We’ll call them Cecil" 0
sponge finger 26.03.13 10:13pm
sponge finger
“Failing hospitals to be named", says Hunt. “We’ll call them shit" 0
Squudge 26.03.13 10:12pm
“Failing hospitals to be named", says Hunt. “We’ll call them morgues" 0
Squudge 26.03.13 10:11pm
Tattoo parlours to be allowed to carry out minor amputations

In the latest cost-cutting initiative to be rolled out by the NHS, men can now go to their local tattoo parlour for removal of minor body parts that are beyond medical intervention. "We feel there...

sydalg 26.03.13 9:51pm
Paddy Berzinski
Jeremy Hunt: Revised nurse training to "outlaw smothering patients with pillows"

more (radical proposals) soon...

dvo4fun 26.03.13 9:31pm
Follicly-challenged Yorkshireman buys twig 7
Smart Alex 26.03.13 8:59pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
May shapes up in food crisis

In light of the recent triangular flapjack furore, and in a populist move to attract the Essex vote, the government is to introduce the Dangerous Triangular Food Act and promises not to fudge the...

Reg Herring 26.03.13 8:58pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
Some households in north of England still without Royal update warn Met Office

Thousands of homes around the UK have been without an update on the Duchess of Cambridge’s health for several hours say emergency services., Severe weather has left some homes in the north of...

Gerontius 26.03.13 8:44pm
Al OPecia
WWII American pilots have safety concerns over Jap flak 0
Smart Alex 26.03.13 7:20pm
Smart Alex
School Catering Staff Now Required To Wear Protective Flapjackets 0
Titus 26.03.13 6:28pm
Cypriots unworried by pointy flapjacks but do have concerns over Angular Merkel

More contrived news soon...

Smart Alex 26.03.13 6:26pm
New Strain of M.E. Develops Resistance to Placebos

Doctors warned today that made-up disease M.E. - also known as "yuppy flu" - is developing resistance to all known placebos. "It's really worrying", said a leading clinician. "M.E. isn't actually an...

deceangli 26.03.13 6:18pm
Dizzie Gillespie......

.All swings and roundabouts, man!...

Jesse Bigg 26.03.13 6:03pm
Jesse Bigg
Tory Leadership Change In The Air?

From bouffant to buffoon?...

Jesse Bigg 26.03.13 5:45pm
Jesse Bigg
Eddie Mair interviews Nick Griffin, "You're a Nazi piece of work, aren't you?" 0
Walter Eagle 26.03.13 5:41pm
Walter Eagle
Lindsey Vonn delighted to have Tiger Woods back on top

"I'm so glad he's started to find the hole again", she added, "Tiger's been a long time in the rough, and we're both enjoying it so much more now. I do believe I came in to his life at the right...

Walter Eagle 26.03.13 5:22pm
Walter Eagle
Government Health Warning....

'Old three penny bit highly dangerous!'...

Jesse Bigg 26.03.13 5:18pm
Jesse Bigg
Campaigners warn Google Glasses may be 'half empty' 0
bonjonelson 26.03.13 5:05pm
Consultants’ Report on Consultants’ Proves Importance of Consultants

[i]Listen To Us![/i] a new independent report on the work of consultants, by consulting firm Logorrhea, affirms their role in business and government as being “strategically vital” and...

Iggy Pop-Barker 26.03.13 5:03pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Pope to feature in new Easter TV special "Whose Lamb Is It Anyway" 0
Walter Eagle 26.03.13 4:57pm
Walter Eagle
Nigel Adkins given a Ray Mears book to help make his dreams come true

no more soon. Especially one that probably needs to be explained...

Not Amused 26.03.13 4:25pm
Not Amused
Richard III Final Resting Place To Be Discussed At 20,00-Strong Bosworth Meeting 0
Titus 26.03.13 3:31pm
“Fluffy animal deaths NOT my fault” – A message from the Chancellor

In what appears to be a pre-emptive attack, the Treasury this morning released details of a speech to be given by George Osborne. In it, the Chancellor distances himself from the deaths of adorable...

Ablative Fabsolute 26.03.13 2:53pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Foxy Knoxy 'no longer too pretty to be guilty', rule Italians 2
cinquecento 26.03.13 2:52pm
In a reversal of fortune Thagorus Pie off school menus 0
irreverendJ 26.03.13 1:28pm