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German parliament votes to ban Mullets

Germany looks set to outlaw the Mullet hairstyle, after the ruling collation narrowly won a vote on new legislation in the Bundestag yesterday. The Mullet will now be gradually phased out over the...

TheNewsWalrus 29.11.12 4:49pm
Leveson report not published on Twitter, Sky News unable to report on it. 0
Gaz 29.11.12 1:07pm
Strong rumours suggest that Leveson will announce...

"I'm sorry I nodded off for a few months around August. We're going to have to start again."...

Nick Parry 29.11.12 12:59pm
Nick Parry
BREAKING: Metropolitan Police apply for superinjunction on Leveson Report 0
Nick Parry 29.11.12 12:56pm
Nick Parry
Japan launches care in the community trading cards - Pokemental a big hit 0
simonjmr 29.11.12 12:19pm
X factor charity single announced - Teletubbies say Eh Oh is early favourite

Syco have today announced that the single released by this year's winner of The X Factor will also be this year's charity song, raising money for a children's charity. In previous years a separate...

simonjmr 29.11.12 12:10pm
Chinese Satirists sentenced to death for 'not being funny'

The Chinese State's satirical website 'the People's Daily' has executed the entire management staff for 'not being funny'. "The People's Daily used to be very funny" said a senior Chinese official...

beagle 29.11.12 11:26am
Ricky Ponting sad to miss losing Ashes again

In a press conference announcing his retirement from cricket, former Australian captain has expressed his sadness at missing next year's Ashes contest. "Losing the Ashes has been part of my life for...

apepper 29.11.12 10:56am
Assange lung infection 'probably caused by pellets laid out to trap him' 0
allmyownstunts 29.11.12 10:12am
Leveson findings recommend lengthy and expensive inquiry into press standards 3
Vertically Challenged Giant 29.11.12 10:08am
Dick Everyman
Churchill to become press watchdog, says Leveson

Churchill, a figure more associated with motor insurance than media regulation is to head the new body overseeing the conduct of the press.  There was swift endorsement of the simulated bulldog from...

nickb 29.11.12 8:20am
The Leveson Inquiry calls for more trouser press regulation 0
Ian Searle 29.11.12 6:39am
Ian Searle
Part time miners strike over under employment 0
Dick Everyman 28.11.12 10:55pm
Dick Everyman
Astronaut ‘still bouncing about’, two weeks after returning from space

Scientists and theologians admit they are baffled by new evidence which suggests gravity may after all be part of our belief system rather than a physical fact. The evidence comes in the form of...

malgor 28.11.12 10:50pm
OCD sufferer campaigns for organised religion 0
Dick Everyman 28.11.12 10:46pm
Dick Everyman
Arafat exhumation confirms he is still dead 1
custard cream 28.11.12 10:39pm
Torch-carrying Rochdale peasants "not going to bother" disinterring MP Smith 1
Drylaw 28.11.12 9:45pm
Cyril Smith was 'addicted to salads' claim 0
custard cream 28.11.12 8:44pm
custard cream
Leveson Report: Prime Minister's response leaked 0
custard cream 28.11.12 8:41pm
custard cream
NB contributers worry minimum alcohol pricing will affect creativity.

More soon after another drink...

MADJEZ 28.11.12 8:40pm
News of The World 'hacked Leveson Report' claim 0
custard cream 28.11.12 8:39pm
custard cream
Care worker re-instated after genuine misunderstanding of acronym

A care worker has had his job reinstated after an employment tribunal ruled that the worker had been encouraged to maltreat those in his care by a subliminal message inadvertently implanted in his...

malgor 28.11.12 8:14pm
Police reveal Cyril Smith was a Liberal 0
custard cream 28.11.12 7:26pm
custard cream
Palace news : DoE "menial / mental" confusion results in footman kebab 0
FlashArry 28.11.12 6:55pm
P.M pledges 'cross Murdoch' consensus over Levenson Inquiry

more forgotten later...

virtuallywill 28.11.12 6:43pm
P.M pledges 'cross Murdoch' concensus over Levenson Inquiry

more forgotten later...

virtuallywill 28.11.12 6:36pm
Depressed man receives unwanted informal facebook contact

Neat-O (at last)...

charlies_hat 28.11.12 6:17pm
Mad dwarf a mite angry

Neat-O Sven...

Dick Everyman 28.11.12 6:05pm
Dick Everyman
Pornography's ruling body propose ban on 'Belly Putters'. 0
pinxit 28.11.12 6:01pm
Government cuts in care staff sees the introduction of 'self-poking mentals' 1
Perks 28.11.12 5:51pm