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Gay marriage opponents attempt to stop mandate 2
charlies_hat 20.05.13 10:29am
Hollyoaks now broadcast down under. Attacks on British expats soar.

More reasons to whinge soon...

brianflan 20.05.13 10:28am
Increase in spam down to ‘excellent quality replica designer bags’ say experts

A marked increase in the amount of spam appearing on internet forums has been caused by the outstanding quality of replica designer goods that are now available, according to experts. ‘For a long...

Vertically Challenged Giant 20.05.13 9:18am
Eurovision latest - Bonnie Tyler lost in Sweden 4
Smart Alex 20.05.13 8:38am
Britain to introduce the world's first battery-farmed nursery

In an attempt to control costs while maintaining a "healthy" childcare ratio, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the UK intends to lead the world in intensive battery raised toddlers. ...

Wrenfoe 20.05.13 8:16am
Eric Pickles denounces motorists for passing speed cameras at 29.99 mph

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has denounced the behaviour of a majority of motorists when passing speed cameras as ‘fine dodgers’, saying they have a moral duty to man up, speed up and pay...

Des Custard 20.05.13 7:08am
Decorator misunderstands instruction to "Paint the door matt" 0
Smart Alex 20.05.13 2:54am
Smart Alex
Relief for local residents as 'School of hard knocks' finally acquires doorbell 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 19.05.13 11:24pm
Google Glass found to be able to see through tax loopholes

More obvious targets soon...

brianflan 19.05.13 11:14pm
"I heard him not saying it" claims Schapps.

Co-chairman of the conservative party Grants Schapps said he was in the room and "in perfect earshot" when he heard Lord Feldman not call activists of his party "swivel eyed loons". "I distinctly...

nickb 19.05.13 10:59pm
Sir Lupus
"Yahoo to buy over-priced drink's glass for $1.1bn due to clerical error"

More later...

Wrenfoe 19.05.13 9:33pm
Not My Real Name
NiB "something else" man in u-turn shock 0
nickb 19.05.13 8:55pm
David Icke outraged at not being identified as a 'swivel eyed loon' 1
custard cream 19.05.13 8:49pm
Man with Arab addiction wakes up with the sheiks 1
Perks 19.05.13 8:47pm
Arsenal win race to be embarrassed in Europe.

Fans of the North London club were celebrating the opportunity to be totally humiliated as soon as they play a half decent team in next season’s Champions League. They had been locked in a year...

Hooch 19.05.13 8:30pm
Dissapointment as Ennis comes first on wedding night 1
Backup Brian 19.05.13 3:02pm
Barbie's Ken denies calling Action Man a 'Swivel-eyed Loon' 1
ginty 19.05.13 2:16pm
sredni vashta
Time Warner sues Elstree Studios in prior rights claim

Movie giant Time Warner has today filed an injunction prohibiting Elstree Studios from distributing further copies of its 1955 film "The Dam Busters", citing prior claim to the principle used by...

Our War Correspondent 19.05.13 1:41pm
Our War Correspondent
Gardener found asleep in hedge denies resting on his laurels. 0
godly1966 19.05.13 12:58pm
Free catalogue of errors available from

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sredni vashta 19.05.13 11:05am
sredni vashta
Loyal tory Activists “to wear loon pants”

Conservative local organisers will wear skin tight, low slung brightly coloured flared trousers as a gesture of solidarity to the parliamentary party, it was announced last night. “This is the...

nickb 19.05.13 10:39am
Marty Feldman distances himself from 'swivel-eyed loon' comment.

Moron soon...

The All New Jeni B 19.05.13 10:26am
Victoria allows David to grab limelight by publishing a photo of him - with her

More soonish...

brianflan 19.05.13 10:26am
Oxford 'blue up' pair spark racism row

Two Oxford University students caused controversy after ‘blueing up’ as Smurfs at a fancy dress ball last night., Complaints were made after another student advised them to remove the Smurf...

brianflan 19.05.13 9:44am
UK puts on woeful performance in European block voting and song competition 0
ronseal 19.05.13 9:20am
New EU regulation to ban Imperial drill sizes for trepanning

UKIP accuses European medics of protectionism...

Not My Real Name 19.05.13 9:15am
Not My Real Name
Gay marriage decision cost us Eurovision say Tory faithful

Hardliners on the Tory right are saying David Cameron’s unequivocal support for gay marriage may have cost us any chance of winning last night’s Eurovision Song Contest., With homophobia,...

Geraldine Wiley 19.05.13 9:10am
Al OPecia
David Dickinson considers move to Ulster to join the Orangemen 0
Smart Alex 19.05.13 8:25am
Smart Alex
Fire service 'needs Transformers'

Fire and rescue services would be much better if staffed by ultra-powered, giant robots, according to a review commissioned by the Government. Following seven months of careful research, Sir Ken...

monkeyrepublic 19.05.13 7:59am
British doctor invents cardiac microwave; read his heartwarming story

More to follow...

apepper 19.05.13 7:48am
Not Amused