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Thatcher funeral: Big Ben "won't be silenced"

Nation's favourite bell refuses to stay quiet on public funeral for the contentious former Prime Minister. "I won't be silenced," said the 13.5 ton iron national treasure, "I think she was a...

monkeyrepublic 16.04.13 8:56pm
Audible Minority
Police hunch over Boston bombers identity is more than a feeling.

More soon. Yes its too soon and I'll burn in hell (again)...

MADJEZ 16.04.13 8:40pm
Dockers to lower cranes, dunking Thatcher's coffin into the Thames 2
Audible Minority 16.04.13 8:33pm
Winston Churchill
Paula Radcliffe admits to bombing in the Boston Marathon

Partially lame British athlete Paula Radcliffe has admitted to bombing in the Boston Marathon to add to her tally of bombing out of Athens and Beijing, according to reports. As several key...

Gary Stanton 16.04.13 8:18pm
Gary Stanton
Avon lady veterans calling for pitched battle against witch is deaders 2
Lucy4 16.04.13 7:50pm
Bombers targeting Thatcher funeral promised “no congestion charge”... 2
Tripod 16.04.13 7:47pm
Millions enraged by "Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?" entry in visitors' book 1
Audible Minority 16.04.13 7:38pm
Fears that Sir Mark Thatcher might get lost on way to his mother's funeral

Organizers of the funeral of Baroness Thatcher are said to be increasingly concerned that Sir Mark Thatcher might lose his way on the drive to St Paul's Cathedral. His mother launched a major...

roybland 16.04.13 7:36pm
Smithfield and Spitalfields to supply market forces for Thatcher's funeral 0
Not Amused 16.04.13 7:30pm
Not Amused
Radcliffe urges security alert for London marathon

the shit could really hit the fan...

irreverendJ 16.04.13 4:50pm
All Members of Parliament to be given State Funeral 7
Guy Fawkes 16.04.13 4:38pm
Audible Minority
Helmand Marathon oversubscribed, says US State Department 0
Audible Minority 16.04.13 4:24pm
Audible Minority
No further Boston threat, says FBI

(This is an actual headline.)...

Audible Minority 16.04.13 4:17pm
Audible Minority
Questions raised as Miliband's medical treatment sponsored by Kleenex 0
sydalg 16.04.13 4:09pm
Inability to prevent NewsBiscuit adding ellipses proves that there is no God

Not being able to finish your sentence is the clearest possible indication that you cannot formulate a defensible argument, claims Stephen Hawkin...

Audible Minority 16.04.13 3:52pm
Audible Minority
MPs to self-immolate at Thatcher's funeral

Labour's Gwent Gathring, MP for Llandfill, has criticised plans by a cross-party group of MPs to self-immolate as a tribute to the late Tory Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Repugnant traitor,...

monkeyrepublic 16.04.13 3:36pm
Justin Bieber can’t understand why “no-one ever bought Anne Frank a drum-kit”... 2
Tripod 16.04.13 3:23pm
Audible Minority
"No one likes us we don't care" to be sung at Thatcher funeral

Milwall fans will join the choir to sing the Conservative Party anthem, before forming an honour guard for the gun carriage, 21 gun salute and triumphal march through London. Mourners along the...

nickb 16.04.13 2:51pm
In face of public dissent, parliament opts for ‘straight to landfill’ funeral... 1
Tripod 16.04.13 2:51pm
Audible Minority
Call For Taxpayer Subsidised Taxis After RMT Strike on Thatcher Funeral Day

Thousands of Public Sector workers, bored middle class students, and welfare scroungers will struggle to attend the protest at the Thatcher funeral due to strike action by the RMT. Bob Crow, the...

thisisall1word 16.04.13 2:45pm
North Korea to be nuked, US opinion poll says

We've been paying for these weapons for decades, and now's the time to use them...

Audible Minority 16.04.13 2:40pm
Audible Minority
Pandemonium as panic-buying window shuts for car parts dealers

The hugely inconvenient directive to restrict the buying and selling of car parts to the months of January and July/August has led to widespread chaos across the country once again. As the window...

Midfield Diamond 16.04.13 1:31pm
Midfield Diamond
Anyone born before 1980 to be classified as Paedophile

Described as a scorched earth policy the Criminal Prosecution Service has decided to re-classify anyone born before 1980s from their current status of ‘suspected Paedo’ to the new one of...

theinvisiblecitychannels 16.04.13 1:22pm
Audible Minority
Jeremy Clarkson's car recalled over faulty windbag problem. 7
sigmund 16.04.13 1:09pm
Left-wing media to celebrate end of Thatcher era with Thatcher-free front page

more one day...

Audible Minority 16.04.13 12:54pm
Audible Minority
Rugby player turned down for one-night stand because of ‘dirty tackle’... 0
Tripod 16.04.13 12:40pm
Handbag Swung From Coffin Strikes Slightly-Out-Of-Step Soldier 3
Titus 16.04.13 12:31pm
60s music critic slams Doors

More to follow...

apepper 16.04.13 11:52am
Facebook appeal gets 4 billion likes for Justin Bieber's state funeral

. . . next Wednesday...

Audible Minority 16.04.13 11:52am
Audible Minority
How I won the Masters. Adam Scott confirms "by taking less swings than everyone" 0
simonjmr 16.04.13 11:43am