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"Osama's Secret" Underwear range launched in Yemen. More soon 0
Bismarck 08.05.12 11:17am
Former IRA hardman Seamus Murphy claims..

"We didn't need underwear bombs, we just used 15 pints of Guinness and a vindaloo"...

Bismarck 08.05.12 11:14am
David Walliams in ‘doomed’ charity bid to finish Stieg Larsson trilogy

David Walliams has failed in his bid raise money for disadvantaged kids by reading all twenty thousand pages of Stieg Larsson’s millennium trilogy dressed as a transsexual. The writer and performer...

Gary Stanton 08.05.12 11:10am
Gary Stanton
Family discover show amongst Saturday Evening adverts 2
Steve Wilson 08.05.12 10:56am
Cameron and Clegg renew vows in 'intimate' Vegas ceremony

David Cameron and Nick Clegg revealed today that they flew in secret to Las Vegas last week and renewed their coalition vows in front of close family and friends. “We’ve been bored, irritable,...

allmyownstunts 08.05.12 10:29am
Bournemouth EDL Twitter councillor so ashamed she extradites herself.

Following a tweet in which she said "but nobody else except the EDL stick up for the English.", Conservative councillor Sally Henderson said she had suspended herself from the party and referred...

weematt 08.05.12 10:26am
White Star Line relaunches coalition. 0
wallster 08.05.12 10:24am
Argentina rejects British claims to Isle of Wight

As sabre-rattling from Britian's right-wing Coalitionista dictatorship raises fears of renewed conflict, Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has refused to negotiate away the...

Oxbridge 08.05.12 10:13am
Nazi masterplan for Europe 'could have been communicated better', admits Goebbel

Hitler's second-in-command, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, admitted yesterday he could have 'done a better of explaining the Reich's position to the ordinary people', after a Europe-wide...

NewSuburbanDad 08.05.12 10:00am
Elder sibling admits younger brother better at some things

The world of Social Science was left reeling yesterday after shocking research results revealed by Loughborough University. Professor Clive Van Ellis dean of Social Sciences at the University...

button 08.05.12 9:46am
Teenage boy foils mums 'change your underwear' plot 0
Mandy Lifeboat 08.05.12 9:23am
Mandy Lifeboat
Sarkozy considering offers from Disney, Lilliput and the English RFU. 0
Not Amused 08.05.12 9:14am
Not Amused
Priests' call for Vatican to abandon celibacy welcomed by Choristers Union

more later...

dvo4fun 08.05.12 8:42am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Cameron & Clegg rematch at Upton Park - Luxembourg Rules two career comebacks, posh boy pugilists Dave and Nick will relaunch themselves in East London...

ErikP 08.05.12 8:36am
Ann Summers unvails new Terrorist Basque 0
Scronnyglonkle 08.05.12 8:07am
Police protest march will be policed by the general public

"Why should the boys in blue have all the fun when it comes to law enforcement?" a spokesman for the general public said today. "It's amazing what you can buy on the internet. I'll be ready with my...

Scroat 08.05.12 7:42am
Holland takes charge of France, Belgium perturbed 1
acwanaut 08.05.12 7:11am
Clegg & Cameron relaunch coalition as "LabourLite" 0
Scronnyglonkle 08.05.12 7:06am
Winner of British Castration Final given Match Ball 3
seymour totti 08.05.12 7:02am
Greece and France hold synchronised erections 0
08.05.12 4:09am
New underwear bomb foiled by C&A 0
LittleSpender 07.05.12 9:57pm
'No, you hold your march first' insists English Deference League 9
Skylarking 07.05.12 8:50pm
'Non-invasive penis cancer' made up by vindictive wife man relieved to discover.

More spurious ailments soon...

MADJEZ 07.05.12 8:40pm
Ann Summers recall Rampant Rabbits following 'outbreak of myxomatosis'

Ann Summers have been forced to recall thousands of Rampant Rabbits following an outbreak of myxomatosis. This comes just weeks after the disease forced the quarantine of a Playboy Bunny. ‘We...

Perks 07.05.12 6:38pm
Britain no longer leads the world at house price obsession, warns estate agent

Briton's are losing the ability to impress people at dinner parties with their property knowledge, warns a shocking new report by the Association of Estate Agents. It could see us falling behind our...

ronseal 07.05.12 5:32pm
French vote to reject austerity... and responsibility and reality.

When questioned on his economic policy new President Hollande said "la la la la, not listening, not listening." More denial soon...

MADJEZ 07.05.12 2:40pm
Government to move bank holidays to days when there is less traffic. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 07.05.12 12:54pm
May kills two Kurds with one stone as refugees employed as border agency staff

Embattled Home Secretary Theresa May announced that she has simultaneously solved the problems of refugees on welfare, and the airport immigration queue fiasco, with a new scheme which will see...

Yikes 07.05.12 12:34pm
Supermarket shopping “loses its sparkle” for Salford woman...

At 12.24pm last Tuesday, Linda Carstairs slowed down as she pushed a fully-laden trolley down aisle 4 (ketchups, ethnic sauces, marinades) of the 24-hour Tesco hypermarket in Salford, Greater...

Doylem 07.05.12 12:32pm
Disappointment as France elects a Frenchman for President, yet again. 0
Al OPecia 07.05.12 10:44am
Al OPecia