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X-rated film maker from Lyme Regis charged with making Porn on the Cobb 0
Ian Searle 24.02.12 12:35pm
Ian Searle
Autopsy results reveal Houston died of winter vomiting bug....

disease renamed "Shitney Spewstons" in her honour...

Haywood Manley 24.02.12 12:21pm
Haywood Manley
Dumpty finally returns home from 'tremendous' autumn break in States 2
Haywood Manley 24.02.12 11:38am
Haywood Manley
Lloyds Bank makes £3.5 billion loss plus £100 overdraft fee 1
Duncan Biscuit 24.02.12 11:27am
Somali government designates September 19th "Don't Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Addressing growing concerns among ordinary Somalis that they now have little or no say when it comes to participating in the annual twat-fest that is 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day', the...

Haywood Manley 24.02.12 10:16am
Haywood Manley
Syrian artillery to target Tunis 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.02.12 9:33am
Duncan Biscuit
Extradited Brit protests Iranian missiles were marked ‘Batteries not included' 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.02.12 9:32am
Duncan Biscuit
Bobby Brown releases controversial tribute song to Whitney "Hump in the ground" 0
Iamthestig 24.02.12 9:31am
Newly-discovered moth with a taste for Chardonnay named Tipsy Moth 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.02.12 9:31am
Duncan Biscuit
Exotic banana identified in batch of venomous spiders.

Quarantine staff at Norwich International Airport were shaken this morning when a cargo of 300 highly poisonous arachnids was found to contain what appeared to be a ‘yellow crescent shaped fruit’...

Curbie Firetank 24.02.12 9:19am
Eric Joyce v David Haye in Tesco car park agreed by Sky box office 2
charlies_hat 24.02.12 9:19am
Lack of grit in the workplace leads to council workers pay freeze 2
charlies_hat 24.02.12 9:03am
Binge drinking MPs could face curfew and ban from travelling abroad

The unacceptable face of Parliamentary Hooliganism reared its ugly head again yesterday, with booze fuelled rival factions clashing in a House of Commons bar. The police say there was one arrest and...

ronseal 24.02.12 8:59am
Gourd Almighty
Apple to produce iOuijaBoard

In an attempt to tap into the lucrative market of dead teen technology fans, Apple are considering bringing out a touch-screen Ouija Board. An internal memo from Apple chief executive Tim Cook...

hughesroland 24.02.12 8:57am
Falkirk MP Eric Joyce suspended by his 'party equipment', not by his thumbs

More (Whips' punishment) soon OR MP Eric Joyce suspended by his 'party equipment', not by his party...

dvo4fun 24.02.12 8:37am
Adele Cordoned off. 15
MADJEZ 24.02.12 8:20am
Read tomorrow's NewsBiscuit jokes today in the new edition of Private Eye

Only £1.50...

Mandy Lifeboat 24.02.12 12:52am
Rain God tells England to ‘dance for it proper.’

‘You want rain? You gotta show me your dancin’ feet!’ was the message earlier today from Rain God Steve. Directed primarily at the south-east corner of the UK, Steve’s booming voice caused...

malgor 24.02.12 12:52am
Astronomers warn that a sequel to Costners 'Waterworld' may exist

Astronomers have claimed the existence of a sequel to the 1995 Kevin Costner turkey "Water-world" could exist with its trademarked thick, dense and incomprehensible script. Astronomers and...

simonjmr 24.02.12 12:06am
Lansley: "OK to abort if neither gender is wanted but not if ...err...hold on.."

More [joined up thinking] soon...

dvo4fun 23.02.12 11:57pm
Other people definitely arseholes, say scientists

Scientists at the Public Research Institute of Clinical Knowledge believe they may have finally proved what many have long suspected, that other people are definitely arseholes. Lead author Dr John...

Teddy 23.02.12 11:52pm
Financial crisis deepens - AA Milne downgraded to just A 1
Ian Searle 23.02.12 11:23pm
CERN scientists forgot to carry the one

Evidence of faster-than light particles was quashed today when it was discovered that the lead scientist, Dr. Osborne, forgot to carry the one on the calculations.Cern released a statement today...

tomholder 23.02.12 11:13pm
Gypsy woman puts curse on people who stereotype gypsies

A local gypsy has cursed the makers of Channel 4 program “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. The woman, who insists on not being named due to legal reasons, has stated that the program demeans and...

paddyparkinson 23.02.12 11:10pm
Depressed frog kermits suicide. More soon.

Got to get these off my chest. I have more...

Haywood Manley 23.02.12 11:09pm
Strait of Hormuz admits to 'having doubts' 2
Ian Searle 23.02.12 11:03pm
New chainsaw safety course could cost 'an arm and a leg'. 0
writinginbsl 23.02.12 11:02pm
Recently discovered Victorian wig weaving machine is important heirloom 5
Haywood Manley 23.02.12 10:49pm
Tributaries continue to pour in for River Phoenix 1
Gourd Almighty 23.02.12 10:48pm
Faster-than-light Nissan Micra ‘may have been down to timing fault’

Two friends from Romford, who last year claimed to have exceeded the speed of light in a modified Nissan Micra, have admitted that the surprise result may have been caused by ‘Dave forgetting to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 23.02.12 10:46pm