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Ferguson commissions new sculpture for Etihad stadium: "The B of the Bastards!" 0
Nails UK 14.05.12 10:43am
Nails UK
Cameron and Clegg to sue Ashleigh and Pudsey for stealing their long-running act 0
cinquecento 14.05.12 10:04am
Only boys Aloud fans slam Ashleigh and Pudsey for buying the title.

To some Ashleigh and Pudsey may seem like a lowly mongrel and a moderately attractive teen done good but fans of rivals Only Boys Aloud have moved to condemn their success, claiming that they brought...

Smith0ne 14.05.12 9:58am
Rochdale welcomes return of 'bob-a-job' 0
pere floza 14.05.12 8:42am
pere floza
Big political surprise as people learn Peter Hain was in the shadow cabinet 0
Duncan Biscuit 14.05.12 8:32am
Duncan Biscuit
Royal College of Nursing report panned by critics 0
Duncan Biscuit 14.05.12 8:32am
Duncan Biscuit
Price of silver reaches record high 0
Duncan Biscuit 14.05.12 8:31am
Duncan Biscuit
Britain's Got Talent winner states in interview he just likes to "Win-a-lot"

More shite jokes about dogs to come...

kimllfixit 14.05.12 8:29am
"£500,000 scant compensation for being made to dance like an idiot" says dog 0
Haywood Manley 14.05.12 8:23am
Haywood Manley
Sonic Weapons to be deployed at Olympics - Mario and Luigi on standby

A spokesperson for the MOD said,"Our main concern is to protect those golden rings". Earlier this month there was outrage when plans were revealed to place Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on top of blocks...

Ian Searle 14.05.12 8:18am
Ian Searle
F.A. bans Joey Barton from Olympic Tae Kwando squad 0
Scronnyglonkle 14.05.12 8:18am
Lorne Spicer's voice to be deployed as 'sonic weapon' during Olympics 3
Haywood Manley 14.05.12 7:09am
Newsbiscuit disappears into alternative universe "to recycle old submissions".

More again soon...

Al OPecia 14.05.12 7:07am
Al OPecia
Neil Diamond Headlines Branson, MO Theatre but No one Cares

Branson, MO, USA Long time singer-songwriter Neil Diamond made, what his agent calls, "A triumphant comeback" to Branson's 2,500 seat Osmond Theatre, but the expected audience never materialized.,...

chrisjaybecker 14.05.12 2:54am
Man city Sheik Manchester with Allahst gasp title winner 0
tonylemesma 13.05.12 10:12pm
Haiti applies to compete in Eurovision Song Contest...

"We're at least as European as countries like Israel and Turkey", claims Haitian spokesperson...

Smart Alex 13.05.12 9:48pm
Smart Alex
Brooks denies "doing Charlie" at Chequers sleepover 0
nickb 13.05.12 8:58pm
Cameron doubtful re attending Olympic opening.....

as all depends on his skiving schedule...

Jesse Bigg 13.05.12 8:19pm
Jesse Bigg
Tory cuts hit London Olympics.....

starting gun - a blown up crisp packet...

Jesse Bigg 13.05.12 8:04pm
Jesse Bigg
Emergency aid shipment of sky blue shirts despatched to Surrey 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 13.05.12 7:58pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Malcolm X (Wise Head) Statue

to be unveiled soon...

Jesse Bigg 13.05.12 7:55pm
Jesse Bigg
Simon Cowell lures Pudsey away with dog biscuit and bottom sniffing deal

The cut-throat nature of show business was once again shown as Britain’s Got Talent boss Simon Cowell signed Pudsey the performing dog but not Pudsey’s fellow winner 17 year old Ashleigh Butler....

Yikes 13.05.12 7:53pm
Brain Blessed to understudy for Ian Paisley as Olympics' sonic weapon


dvo4fun 13.05.12 7:21pm
Mugging targets urged to carry more cash to avoid “social death”

It’s a nightmare scenario – to be violently robbed and murdered and then have the tabloids scream: “Socialite killed for 85p and a TV Guide.” Image consultant Jane Smith says such luridly...

Yikes 13.05.12 7:01pm
Surrey residents gutted their team came second in the Premiership. 0
MADJEZ 13.05.12 6:18pm
Lord Archer re-enters public life as Daily Mail fact checker

More follows...

apepper 13.05.12 5:58pm
Bookmakers install Manchester City as favourites for 2056 Premier League title 0
Mandy Lifeboat 13.05.12 5:27pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Bangla Desh government announces new austerity measures. 0
Maverick 13.05.12 1:30am
Greek President looking for a donor. 0
Maverick 13.05.12 1:26am
Metropolitan Police to outsource training to Taliban. 0
Maverick 13.05.12 12:55am