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Mathematical prude society: "We are the new sex squares"

neat-o no, I'll regret that ....

Not Amused 25.06.13 12:41pm
Not Amused
Mick Aston's grave to be made undetectable by Ground Penetrating Radar 0
bonjonelson 25.06.13 12:38pm
Call for more BBC football pundits to be sacked live on air

A football pundit receiving news that he’d been fired while he was on live TV has prompted the BBC to consider dismissing some of its other so-called experts. Brighton and Hove Albion announced...

Midfield Diamond 25.06.13 12:37pm
Midfield Diamond
Snowden 'could be on the Isle of Wight'.

Isle of Wight sources says it has had no involvement in the travel plans of fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden. The exact whereabouts of Mr Snowden, who fled from Hong Kong on Sunday, are...

Boutros 25.06.13 12:35pm
Thousands Of Neglected Elderly NHS Patients Demand Transfer To Brady's Hospital

(or could be "Thousands of ill-treated Elderly NHS Patients ")...

Titus 25.06.13 12:28pm
Mandela admits he only held on to find out name of Kardashian baby

Wanted to die laughing, obviously...

sydalg 25.06.13 12:26pm
Millions wonder what the 'legal age' of prostitution is in Italy. 3
MADJEZ 25.06.13 12:24pm
Midfield Diamond
Serial Child Killer Brady Complains That Captivity Infringes his Liberty

And manages to keep his face straight as he does so...

Titus 25.06.13 12:23pm
Sadness As Brady Seems Likey To Outlive Mandela 0
Titus 25.06.13 12:20pm
Mick Philpott Protests That Rape Accusations May Give Him A Bad Repuataion 0
Titus 25.06.13 12:16pm
Guinness Book declare Brady worst hunger striker ever after 14 years. 1
MADJEZ 25.06.13 12:15pm
Serial Child Killer "I'm Not A Loony" Brady To Have His Own Regular TV Series 0
Titus 25.06.13 12:12pm
BBC unveil "Paint Dry Live" in autumn schedule

The BBC today unveiled its autumn schedule today which will be headlined by a new fly on the wall paper documentary called “Paint Dry Live”. The programme will be hosted by Ant & Dec...

Scronnyglonkle 25.06.13 12:02pm
Judges just playing hard to get, insists Berlusconi

The three female judges at Silvio Berlusconi's sex trial only returned a guilty verdict because they were struggling to accept their true feelings for him, claims the former Italian Prime Minister. ...

jamsieoconnor 25.06.13 11:39am
Lindy Moone
CIA track down Snowden in North Wales

After he cunningly changes his name...

Ian Searle 25.06.13 11:31am
Snowden sheep summit shambles

The reputationS of the CIA, FBI, MFI and B&Q are in ruins this morning after a combined operation to capture wanted fugitive Edward Snowden ended in complete chaos. Following on from a number of...

irreverendJ 25.06.13 11:12am
Police arrest a Mr Benjamin Nevis in a case of mistaken identity 0
A.A.Arkwright 25.06.13 10:48am
Public swimming pool confines celebrities to the shallow end. 0
sredni vashta 25.06.13 10:45am
sredni vashta
Kermit abdicates in favour of Robin

He has spent long enough "half-way up the stairs", said the world's most popular amphibian today. "I think it's time to hand over my crown to my nephew." "It's true that it hasn't always been easy,"...

colophon 25.06.13 10:26am
Clegg at mental health tribunal attempts to stop being force fed Tory propaganda 0
Ian Searle 25.06.13 10:16am
Ian Searle
Construction of emergency flood defences is slowed by "too many sandbags"

would have been topical a fortnight ago...

NewBiscuit 25.06.13 9:18am
Mandelson tipped for Mandela job.

not much more soon...

Boutros 25.06.13 8:55am
Riots Latest: There's an awful lot of coughing in Brazil. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 25.06.13 7:24am
Al OPecia
Blumenthal diner chokes on setsquare 0
Dick Everyman 25.06.13 7:20am
Dick Everyman
Embarassment at BBC as Match of the Day and Apprentice scripts get mixed up

Your Offside!...

Scronnyglonkle 25.06.13 7:00am
Isle of Wight tennis player arrives with a sense of hope and a SwingBall set

After being granted a place in the historic tournament as a completely unknown wild card, Isle of Wight tennis hopeful Mickey Pickles arrived at SW1 this morning carrying a solid plastic racquet and...

Jesus H 25.06.13 6:58am
Welsh Mountaineers Upset By Disappearance Of Snowden 1
Titus 25.06.13 12:28am
sredni vashta
Homophobic Jibe Upsets Queer 0
Titus 25.06.13 12:09am
Smear Tests To Be Introduced For Metropolitan Police.

(posted on behalf of Not Amused, so please don't blame me.)...

Titus 24.06.13 11:27pm
CIA Surrounds North Wales In Attempt to Trap Snowden 2
Titus 24.06.13 10:15pm