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'Jagger, Wyman and Richards just wanted to use my hotel shower' insists Campbell 0
jp1885 3 years
To be honest I'm completely stumped.. Oh no, that was the guy carrying my bag! 0
Sharpehunter 3 years

Naomi Campbell caused a stir in The Hague today when asked if she had any idea where the blood diamonds given to her by Taylor came from.. She responded by saying "To be honest I have no idea, at the...

Campbell was given “dirty stones” and a bottle of Fairy Liquid... 1
ironbridgeboy 3 years

Charles Taylor asked her to do his washing-up; the blood on the crockery (transferred from his hands) couldn’t be removed by water alone, and needed a large squirt of Fairy Liquid and a good scrub...

Dirty little stone to blame for Campbells late court appearance 0
kellog 3 years

Naomi Campbells relationship with rocks took another negative turn as her spokesperson claimed a faulty Quartz crystal in Naomis watch was responsible for her late appearance to court. Campbell...

Exam results show that Scottish pupils are 'quite intelligent' this year. 2
Ostsee 3 years
Pakistan Floods: sales of umbrellas, canoes and wellingtons rocket 0
ironbridgeboy 3 years

Forecast is for record profits in the umbrella, wellington and canoe markets...

Isle of White to get landline telephones and facsimiles this decade 0
ironbridgeboy 3 years

Mobiles by 2036...

King Abdullah 'gets the hump' as Saudis vote on Camelfighting ban 0
pinxit 3 years

Bernard Matthews share plunge on news of 'possible shortage' of CamelTwizzlers...

campbell appears before before war crime tribunal ,I don`t think it`s fair 3
arrghgarry 3 years

to be in front of a court in The Hague just for getting a bit of a beer gut ...

Cloning fears averted in the jazz world as spelling of Cleo Lane is corrected. 1
Basil_B 3 years

'Appearing tonight at Ronnie Scott's will be Clo Nane' should of read 'Appearing tonight at Ronnie Scott's will be Cleo Lane'...

ID card project gone bust as it can't distinguish clones 3
4ty2 3 years

The illegal immigration of cloned cattle could not prevented by ID cards as they all share all biometric data. Thus they can not be personally identified / distinguished from their parent - it's a...

Prince Charles to launch bulluck organic range not cloned or inseminated 2
4ty2 3 years

initially aimed at the dodgy / duchy product range charles is to launch his new range of organically conceived beef living happily on royal meadows under the name bulluck. With the kettle industry...

The Pope's visit to UK: Pay per view, pay per pray, buy a candle, say G'Day 1
Hunter F. Thompson 3 years
Meat from cloned cows discovered in McDonalds, working behind the counter 0
LittleSpender 3 years
Scientists unsure whether to clone chicken or the egg 2
ramblesnake 3 years

Late news: Illegal immigrants plan to enter Britain through cloned embryos...

BBC: “Top Gear” does not condone the use of drugs of any classification 3
ironbridgeboy 3 years

No more soon...

Taylor claims he was "assaulted by Campbell". Bloody mobile given as evidence. 1
FormerlyAlOPecia 3 years
W E L C O M E T O B U R N t L E Y 0
Maureen Hope - Dan Angha 3 years

Emergency services sent to the scene of a gas explosion that ripped through a house in Burnleigh on Monday afternoon have been criticised for going to the wrong address., Local police were first on...

Prince Phillip signs for Manchester City on £150 grand a week (tax free) 1
ironbridgeboy 3 years

Princes' Charles, William and Harry being courted by the wealthy club...

Psychic Pikey, Derek Acorah to lauch John Peel from the Dark Side radio show.. 3
Sharpehunter 3 years

Sick of all the crap music and commercial play lists on the BBC Radio Channels. Tune into Derek Acorah, Music From The Dark Side at Midnight on Radio Blackpool. Derek will use his awesome,...

'If You Should Die Unexpectedly - Do you think your loved ones 1
Sharpehunter 3 years

can afford to pay your bills?' Advertising blurb from a life insurance advert for Is this as opposed to dying expectedly?...

What now for Freddy Flintoff? Celebrity Big Brother, X Factor or BBC Radio 8? 0
ironbridgeboy 3 years

Certainly no more cricket...

Almost all memory of Tony Hayward has now ‘disappeared’ say US officials. 7
Boarfunkel 3 years

New measures by engineers have led experts to believe that people’s memory of the largest and most politically embarrassing figure to come out of the UK for decades are starting to dissipate....

New "static" SatNav is in book form and doesn't have an annoying voice. 0
FX Man 3 years
Belgium cancelled. Greeks to run Brussels, Albania to run Wallonia. 2
Griffin 3 years

Who cares about the Flemish...

PM slammed for suggesting lazy underclass scum aren't entitled to a free house 4
ED209 3 years

David Cameron was today rightly berated by everyone for suggesting that people who can't be arsed to do anything with their lives shouldn't be given a free house forever. Normal people were also...

UK Gimp Union demands better working conditions 0
sodhat 3 years

Gimps up and down the UK have today announced they will hold a ballot on strike action in an attempt to force better working conditions. This is the latest twist in a saga that has been running for...

Boris Johnson to appear before Hague Fashion Crimes tribunal 4
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Scientists concerned over side effects of eating clowned meat 0
Phlegm 3 years

Bag of stones given to Naomi Campbell actually her lost marbles 1
Iamthestig 3 years