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Cameron “prefers Strictly when Brucie isn’t on” revealed by leaked documents

As The Guardian continues to publish leaked top-secret documents, one shocking revelation has come to light. E-mails from David Cameron to members of his cabinet have disclosed that, amongst other...

james_doc 11.10.13 11:02am
Drug dealer seeks media customers, takes up poetry in new series: Breaking Bard

Driven to despair by his regular customers, drug dealer Dave Kitson has an ambitious plan to go up market. But breaking into the media is never easy. You gotta know somebody, who knows somebody,...

ronseal 11.10.13 11:01am
Russians ask when The Guardian will start printing things they don't know

The head of the Russian People's Democratic Party (KGB for short) has demanded to know when The Guardian will start printing 'secrets' that it doesn't know already. 'It is disgrace!' said Mr V Putin...

John Wiltshire 11.10.13 10:59am
John Wiltshire
Indestructible Watch Company Hit Hard Times 0
Flugelbinder 11.10.13 10:59am
Smoothie Manufacturers Go Into Liquidation

Hat tip ludicity...

Flugelbinder 11.10.13 10:57am
Bra Manufacturers Go Bust 0
Flugelbinder 11.10.13 10:56am
Company Doing Their Job Gain Nobel Peace Prize

What next An author winning the literature prize?...

Flugelbinder 11.10.13 10:42am
Archbishop calls for more smiting of evil-doers

In what was widely interpreted as a shift away from the Christian messages of love and forgiveness, the Reverend Justin Welby called on God today to use his powers to smite the evil-doers of the...

blacklesbianandproudofit 11.10.13 10:30am
Shareholders receive 'Tried to deliver your Mail shares but you were out' cards. 0
MADJEZ 11.10.13 10:26am
Boeing Dreamliner passengers shocked to reach destination

A Boeing Dreamliner operated by Japanese Airlines today reached its destination with all parts of the cutting edge jetliner still on the plane, and with no bits on fire. On the approach to Narita...

suki 11.10.13 10:17am
Jesus H
Nick Clegg talked safely back down to earth after vote collapses.

Nick Clegg, passenger in a light political party somewhere over Middle Britain was talked safely down to the ground after his vote collapsed leaving him spiralling out of control. He'd been totally...

Boutros 11.10.13 10:13am
Facebook introduces 'Enemies' category

Social networking site Facebook has announced that it intends to supplement its existing 'Contacts' and 'Friends with' user categories with a new 'Enemies' category for people you hate or cannot...

antharrison 11.10.13 10:11am
Miley Cyrus releases own range of ‘penis beakers’

Not content to promote her new album with an obligatory graphic video, twitter rant and sense of desperation; the new ‘Queen of Shock’ has decided sell glass and tupperware, themed around the...

Wrenfoe 11.10.13 8:53am
Nobel Peace Prize to be decided by paint ball shoot-out. 0
Boutros 11.10.13 8:35am
'Live Each Day Like a Functioning Alcoholic' business book helps you prioritise

A new lifestyle and business book promises to help people concentrate on the basic essentials of life and forget the time wasting stressful distractions of modern living. "Live Each Day Like a...

ronseal 11.10.13 8:29am
WW2 Naval hero, Bosun Higgs, pleased at overdue recognition by Nobel Committee. 0
FOAD 11.10.13 5:21am
Nationwide celebrations as Britain selected to receive 250 free business cards.

More soon if we're lucky...

sredni vashta 11.10.13 1:49am
sredni vashta
Amazon no longer friends with customers as '…recommends' function becomes honest

Upset has erupted this week after's famous 'Amazon recommends' function has been adjusted by the site's designers to be more frank with their consumers. Despite 'honesty is the best...

TobiasBV 11.10.13 1:46am
sredni vashta
BBC Announces Plans to Destroy Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who fans have ercently befome overjoyed with the announcement that nine old episode of the series have recently been recovede. These were episodes from the fifth-season serials “The Enemy of...

lordblackadder 11.10.13 12:14am
Racially motivated wizard attacks Cameron's plans to block internet porn

Estrol Raffielli, who claims to be a racially intolerant version of Harry Potter's Albus Dumbledore, recently hit out at David Cameron's latest plans to make internet porn an opt in system....

derskine 10.10.13 10:54pm
Guardian Claims It Is OK For Newspapers To Betray State Secrets ...

but not for them to reveal that Miliband's dad was Marxist malcontent...

Titus 10.10.13 10:42pm
Investors mystified when Post Office share certificates fail to arrive. 0
deskpilot3 10.10.13 9:58pm
Syrian government in emergency dash to Washington to help struggling Congress. 0
deskpilot3 10.10.13 9:55pm
Market research company slammed for poorly executed green eggs & ham focus group A market research interview to ascertain attitudes to the deli-counter staple ‘green eggs and ham’ was today condemned by...

Skylarking 10.10.13 9:37pm
Man who says his penis looks like Jesus disappointed with response from public

Mr Kevin Weston, of Sheffield, has been excitedly showing his organ to anyone who'll listen to him, asking, “Is this the face of Jesus or what?” He claims he first noticed its resemblance to the...

sydalg 10.10.13 8:01pm
History undergrad likes Hitler less and less the more he learns 0
TobiasBV 10.10.13 7:48pm
Tendulkar retires from Indian cricket. Will now play for England.

Wilshere ecstatic...

MADJEZ 10.10.13 7:26pm
Morrissey memoir too late for Nobel Prize for Literature

Singer Morrissey is reported 'down in the dumps' after he failed to win the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature after being pipped at the post by Canadian short story writer Alice Munro. 'Because this...

roybland 10.10.13 6:49pm
Libyan Prime Minister Describes Own Kidnapping As "Magical Adventure"

CAIRO - Ali Zeidan, Libya’s prime minister, was kidnapped on Thursday in the capital city of Tripoli in a retaliatory act for his consent to the capture of a suspected al Qaeda leader by the...

JesseDoc 10.10.13 5:29pm
Guy Fawkes Society Finally Admits ......

.Guy probably just wanted a cosy corner, with a lantern in the Parliamentry cellar...

Jesse Bigg 10.10.13 4:08pm
Jesse Bigg