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Beautiful woman kicked out of bed for farting. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 08.12.12 5:40pm
Uuuuuuurrhhhhhhh Custard Cream you young rascal

theres no advantages to being a pensioner except if your in a hostage situation your bound to be released first,or if theres a house fire with little children inside nobodys going to ask you to run...

Thubs Swirlim 08.12.12 5:17pm
Thubs Swirlim
Nick Grimshaw accused of 'blood on his hands' as listeners commit mass suicide 1
custard cream 08.12.12 4:34pm
Dick Everyman
Government announces jobs growth funding for Royal baby experts

George Osborne has announced funding for the creation of thousands of jobs across the broadcasting industry for Royal baby experts with at least £6m of private sector investment to keep the story...

Dick Everyman 08.12.12 4:25pm
Dick Everyman
Scooby Doo

Now where see who the masked menace is Scoob,pull off his mask and lets take a look at him, Hooooookay Shhhhhaaaaagy..JJJJIIIIIMMMMYYYYY SSSSAVVILLLLEEE!, Yeah its me Jimmy,and Id have gotton away...

Thubs Swirlim 08.12.12 4:09pm
custard cream
Norfolk ring first evidence of fall of the Roman NHS

A gold earring disc, found in Norfolk by a metal detector enthusiast, was reported to have left treasure experts initially baffled as to the exact meaning of its decoration. Discovered in Keswick,...

Squudge 08.12.12 3:06pm
Phallus and crabs earring "firm evidence of Norwich nightclub in Roman Times" 1
Underconstruction 08.12.12 3:02pm
custard cream
Roman earring disc reminds man of his love for his brother.

A Norwich metal detector enthusiast realised how much he owed his sidekick younger brother after finding a rare Roman earring on farmland near their home. Although inseparable, the two brothers...

Gålgö13 08.12.12 2:20pm
Evan Davis Stars As Gollum In BBC "Hobbit" Panto

no makeup required...

Mike Turbine-Hamilton 08.12.12 2:15pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
I dont get the joke Custard Cream

then again I wouldnt would I becouse Im a pensioner and we dont get anything do we,my god whats it all come dowwn to ay?New Feature?New Labour New Danger.Bar Humbug,having to wear 8 cardigans just to...

Jack Grouche 08.12.12 12:56pm
Al OPecia
Art experts uncover 17th Century moon prank

In a routine cleaning of a 17th Century painting by the Dutch painter Vermeer art experts were stunned to discover the painted over image of a man bent over and mooning towards the viewer. The...

Dick Everyman 08.12.12 11:19am
custard cream
Jimmy Starbuck denies name change to avoid tax. 0
godly1966 08.12.12 10:06am
Aussie 2day FM radio boss 'greatly regrets the loss' of advertisers 0
dvo4fun 08.12.12 8:50am
China lists 700 mountains for sale on eBay

“Are you a Bond villain looking for a place to hide, or just a totalitarian dictator who wants to suppress a rebel uprising in style? Either way, have we got the perfect Christmas gift for...

thumper 08.12.12 8:33am
McAfee now available for a trial period. 4
Maverick 08.12.12 8:25am
List of football grounds for Euro 2020 released

Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino told a press conference that "Uefa Euro 2020 will be staged across the continenint in iconic venues, following a decision taken today by UEFA's Governing...

custard cream 07.12.12 10:51pm
Dick Everyman
Study reveals that men with penises are living in fear

A recent study by psychologists and human profiling experts has revealed that men with penises are more and more at risk from the current witch hunting frenzy sweeping the UK in the search for sexual...

Dick Everyman 07.12.12 10:43pm
Dick Everyman
Global consortium wondering how best to fuck up the Moon

With the global economy still in the doldrums, the CEO of a faceless international company is turning his gaze skywards and wondering how best they might fuck up the moon. For decades, the technology...

07.12.12 10:39pm
Ke$ha: Sorry I thought you said "Goat"

Ba boom tsch! Old joke. (Who is Ke$ha?)...

beau-jolly 07.12.12 9:10pm
Midfield Diamond
Treasury fears Global brands might leave UK & start not paying tax elsewhere 1
dvo4fun 07.12.12 8:50pm
custard cream
Pippa Middleton & Ricky Tomlinson co-write series of ‘My Arse’ books... 1
Tripod 07.12.12 8:48pm
custard cream
"Snowman" accused of child abduction case going back 25 years 0
brd888 07.12.12 8:01pm
Researchers find anger management classes 'all the rage.' 2
custard cream 07.12.12 7:30pm
Isle of Wight Starbucks claims offshore tax haven status

"Yeah, like it's INLAND bloody Revenue innit?", Isle of Wight Starbucks manager Wayne Scoggins said yesterday, "INLAND! They shouldn't be able to touch us just off the Hampshire coast"...

Smart Alex 07.12.12 5:39pm
Sports Presenter Clare Balding honoured in WTF awards 4
custard cream 07.12.12 5:15pm
custard cream
Homeless Totness man died looking for a Costa Coffee outlet 1
custard cream 07.12.12 3:35pm
World Cup 2030 Finals to be held in every country in the world

In the wake of UEFA's controversial proposal that the 2020 European Championship Finals could be staged in a number of countries throughout Europe, FIFA have now announced that the 2030 World Cup...

jamsieoconnor 07.12.12 3:21pm
Sex probe police to posthumously arrest Robert Maxwell.

Metropolitan police today announced they have issued a warrant for the arrest of Robert Maxwell in connection with sexual abuse allegations. Police from Operation Yewtree decided to look into...

Gaz 07.12.12 2:42pm
Osbourne admits closed curtains during the day down to internet porn. 1
MADJEZ 07.12.12 1:37pm
terence mcflurry
Hard working cannabis growers hit out at Osbourne's closed curtains stereotype. 0
MADJEZ 07.12.12 1:07pm