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Portillo begins tour of UK brothels

Former Secretary of State and TV celebrity Michael Portillo today embarked on a tour of Britain’s knocking shops for a new series that is to be broadcast on BBC2 this summer. Unlike his previous...

Landfill 13.03.13 7:17pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
No minimum price for alcohol, says Cabernet. 7
Boutros 13.03.13 7:14pm
Could Huhne and Pryce make money in Jail?

There aren't many ways of making good money while banged up in Jail - but there's one. Just like some other MPs who have found themselves languishing at Her Majestys Pleasure they could write a book....

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 13.03.13 7:14pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
Catholic Church takes the dramatic pause to new levels

With all eyes focussed on the Vatican, the reality-tainment industry has been awestruck by the procrastination master class currently being played out by the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel. Aaron...

FlashArry 13.03.13 7:08pm
Cardinal who accidently voted after black smoke complains he was still charged 6
charlies_hat 13.03.13 6:56pm
Belfast toilet roll factory 'Ready whoever the new Pope is'. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 6:13pm
Scandal as cash for pope votes uncovered in PayPal 0
Actual Size 13.03.13 6:10pm
Actual Size
Tesco Put Neck on the Line With New Restaurant Purchase

They're having a giraffe, surely!...

victimms 13.03.13 6:10pm
Zoo executives trampled after ignoring genuine elephant in the room 0
Slante Dangle 13.03.13 5:25pm
Slante Dangle
115 Cardinals Perish In Vatican Fire Tragedy

"We saw the smoke" say Vatican staff "But we didn't realise "...

Titus 13.03.13 5:18pm
Actual Size
Pope vote goes to extra time, penalties 2
FlashArry 13.03.13 5:13pm
Actual Size
Government: We'll deal with cheap alcohol, cocaine, herion, whatever is to hand 0
Not Amused 13.03.13 5:03pm
Not Amused
New Guinness book record. Complete circuit of IKEA in 4 minutes flat.

Don't blame me. Boutros started it...

weematt 13.03.13 4:34pm
Hairy Cornflake probed by Food Standards Agency for ‘serial offences’... 0
Tripod 13.03.13 3:57pm
DLT arrest an elaborate Gotcha. Edmonds in hiding as he fails to see funny side. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 3:52pm
Big swing to Lib Dems in prison showers 2
sydalg 13.03.13 3:26pm
Vatican department shares Rome palazzo with gay sauna

BBC infiltrated by Newsbiscuit headline writer

camz 13.03.13 2:20pm
Coup d'etat suspected in vatican as cardinals elect Pope Mohammed the First 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.03.13 1:41pm
TV Review: Papal Apprentice

An uninspiring first week. The task was to search the conclave of cardinals for homosexuals, and burn them at the stake. Neither Team "Synod of Whitby" nor Team "Diet of Worms" found more than a...

GreyWolf 13.03.13 1:09pm
Welsh aquatic wrestling hero ‘I will go on’

News that sporting hero Owen Davies will continue his shallow water wrestling career has been greeted with total indifference by bathing children everywhere. Owen greeted fans at Cardiff airport...

theinvisiblecitychannels 13.03.13 12:42pm
World's Debt Actually Less Than 10% Of What We Thought

Ahead of the budget, our Investigations Team has been working on what is actually owed by each country - and to whom. Helping us was a retired maths teacher (who can't be named because the court...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 13.03.13 12:23pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
New pope foams at mouth, vows to serve Satan 0
sydalg 13.03.13 12:15pm
Protestors try to get 'Windmills of your mind' removed from Thomas Crown Affair 0
Ian Searle 13.03.13 12:11pm
Ian Searle
Black smoke heralds election of Pope Peter II 0
medici2471 13.03.13 12:04pm
Blind faith and ancient traditions keep Vatican fires ablaze...

For centuries the choosing of a new pope has followed long-standing traditions. The stove in the Sistine Chapel is customarily fuelled by the unread pleas of children abused by Catholic priests....

Tripod 13.03.13 12:04pm
Alcohol minimum pricing dropped

Commons bar regulars rejoice...

camz 13.03.13 11:52am
Black smoke to continue until all child abuse evidence destroyed 1
medici2471 13.03.13 11:01am
Responsible drinker "must have eaten something" 0
Drylaw 13.03.13 10:33am
Carbon monoxide kills 115 in Rome, faulty chimney thought to be cause.

At the scene fire-fighter Domenico Azzini said the tragedy could have been avoided “It appears as though they were burning bits of papers in an open fire and using a poorly maintained chimney, what...

theinvisiblecitychannels 13.03.13 10:19am
'Refugee camps not as busy as I'd expected' says Charles

Thousands of refugees have fled back across the border into Syria following reports that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were on their way to visit them., Refugee camps were said to be...

Gerontius 13.03.13 10:15am