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Mafia Comes Out in Sympathy with HMRC

Striking HMRC workers were joined by members of the Cosa Nostra today “as a gesture of solidarity”. An anonymous Mafia spokesman told journalists “They’re only doing what we all dream of...

deceangli 08.04.13 9:21am
Matt and Maggie Smith To Co-Star in Dr Who Musical "Hello Dalek!" 1
Iggy Pop-Barker 08.04.13 8:23am
Kim Jong Un vows to avenge father by crushing Team America 0
Scronnyglonkle 08.04.13 8:01am
Heartless Thieves Declared Miracle of Biology. 0
sredni vashta 08.04.13 1:21am
sredni vashta
Relief as new hate crime definitions leave ginger haired people still fair game 1
ginty 07.04.13 10:17pm
Sir Lupus
Shock horror as voters find themselves in agreement with George Osborne

Thousands of people who innocently responded to questions from pollsters about welfare benefits reform are reportedly horrified and distressed at finding themselves in agreement with Chancellor...

roybland 07.04.13 10:16pm
Confusion as North Korea make unclear threats! 0
topfotogmw 07.04.13 10:10pm
Man arrested for spilling seed in garden centre, released after mix up cleared 2
custard cream 07.04.13 10:01pm
Former HBOS Chief Executives' homes to be demolished 0
topfotogmw 07.04.13 9:40pm
Osborne 'That's not a disabled symbol. It's me sitting on a bag of my money"

Special Chancellor parking spaces open all over the country...

Ian Searle 07.04.13 9:36pm
Youth PCC Paris Brown apologises for her hair,'I don't know what I was thinking' 2
topfotogmw 07.04.13 9:04pm
"Osborne in tune with welfare" ?!? Here's his tune..

olddoc 07.04.13 8:10pm
Why are Thai dating agencies targeting the Writer's Room?

They surely don't think we are the sort of sad old men who can't get a girlfriend of their own by chatting one up down the disco?...

Terry 07.04.13 7:52pm
Cameron backs Osborne's crackpot, sorry Philpott, comments. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 07.04.13 6:09pm
'Safe' Grand National sparks new war of words in horsemeat scandal

Although widely regarded by most commentators as having been a great improvement for safety and animal welfare over recent times, this year's the Grand National run yesterday at Aintree, isn't being...

Duff 07.04.13 5:34pm
"War within 24 hours" if Kim Jong Un loses Grand National bet, warns Korea 4
sydalg 07.04.13 5:31pm
Burglar found in plastic surgeon's operating theatre gets three years

works if you have a welsh accent...

Terry 07.04.13 4:22pm
Yosser Mourinho back to his old “Gissa Job” tricks?

After a long silence tarmac gang leader, Yosser Mourinho, has been spotted doing what he does best - job-hunting. Yosser was recently spied taking a sneaky look at the pot-holed surface of a car...

07.04.13 4:12pm
Bananas concerned about the effects of global warming

Researchers at the University of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire have discovered a method of communicating with plants by translating the frequency variations of the piezo-electric currents in plant...

Terry 07.04.13 3:36pm
New Royal Titles for Heads of Government Agencies

The practice in recent years of appointing tsars in such fields as drugs and homelessness is to be expanded. In a move designed to “heighten respect for their vital work”, a number of...

Iggy Pop-Barker 07.04.13 10:38am
Iggy Pop-Barker
Overenthusiastic urologists accused of "taking the piss" too often 0
AReader 06.04.13 9:40pm
Cambridge Bump more popular visitor attraction than the Gherkin

The Cambridge Bump (aka the Royal Bump) is more popular with sightseers to London than the Gherkin, according to the English Tourist Board (ETB). 'The Cambridge Bump has grown in prominence as an...

roybland 06.04.13 5:43pm
Lasagna import/export lorries leave Aintree on empty ..

tickers for tea....

06.04.13 5:12pm
Burger shortage “imminent” as horses get round National course unscathed... 0
Tripod 06.04.13 5:03pm
Animal rights activists pissed off - no Grand National equine fatalities 0
Paddy Berzinski 06.04.13 4:56pm
Paddy Berzinski
Lewis Carroll dug up and questioned in Operation Yewtree 1
sydalg 06.04.13 4:07pm
Al OPecia
Wesley Snipes released from jail. Still no sign of guard's missing eyeball. 0
bonjonelson 06.04.13 3:38pm
Saudi Arabia: Man caught stealing eye makeup gets 30 lashes 3
topfotogmw 06.04.13 3:34pm
Paddy Berzinski
BBC Resume ”In At The Deep End” Series With Revised Format

The BBC have today announced that they have started re-making their landmark series “In At The Deep End”. Each programs in the series focuses on one individual who is trying a job for which they...

Deimos 06.04.13 2:56pm
Al OPecia
Gary Glitter 'determined to regain No: 1 Spot" post-Philpott 1
dvo4fun 06.04.13 2:53pm
Al OPecia