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Man Spotted In Soho Wearing Shell Suit And Red Kicker Boots Probably Welsh

again really need to be able to upload photo just tweeted from my mate who was on the piss last night in London to appreciate this...

24.09.12 3:12pm
Former Gaddafi Bodyguard Now Employed As London Traffic Warden Looking For Love

Fuck it, I had a great image for this ticker headline and it won't upload. I am positive it was that big one from Sudan with the massive tits, my mate sent me a photo of her clamping a Volvo along...

24.09.12 3:01pm
Championship Manager Addiction Affecting Economy

For some it is drugs or alcohol, for others gambling, but Kevin Maclean’s addiction was the thrill of getting Conference League minnows Ebbsfleet into European completion and ultimately win the...

24.09.12 2:54pm
Apple's foray into mapping the human genome results in worlds 1st Humanitan 0
simonjmr 24.09.12 2:21pm
Special Branch deny involvement in Kew Gardens fatality 0
vertical 24.09.12 1:16pm
Muslim riots peter out on hearing “sticks and stones” rhyme

Violent demonstrations throughout the Islamic world against the US video mocking the Prophet Mohamed have scaled down after the broadcast of the rhyme “sticks and stones will break my bones, but...

Yikes 24.09.12 1:02pm
Edwina Currie reveals sex with John Major 'not as exciting as you might think'. 4
andydog 24.09.12 12:59pm
Chief Whip: I did not say "the words attributed to me".

I said "Fucking pleb"...

Boutros 24.09.12 12:39pm
Mitchell and Pleb to star in 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Fortnum' 0
cinquecento 24.09.12 11:49am
More Plebs Interested In Learning Latin.....

Due to row at Pleb gate...

Jesse Bigg 24.09.12 11:18am
Golgeau Treize
John Terry retires to spend more time with his friends' families. 1
Boutros 24.09.12 11:03am
Maze desingers invest heavily in hedge funds 0
Ian Searle 24.09.12 11:01am
Ian Searle
Vampire Hunters to get stakeholder pensions 0
Ian Searle 24.09.12 10:59am
Ian Searle
Oik seeks damages for pleb insinuations 0
24.09.12 10:51am
UK in crisis as millionaires go on the run

The UK economy was again in ruins today after countless millionaires suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving no trace and no forwarding address. Faced with the threat of a Coalition squeeze on the...

24.09.12 10:29am
Mitchell crisis deepens: Allegation that he called Officer a fucking 'Cl*gg' 2
dvo4fun 24.09.12 10:29am
Terry to concentrate on racism

Admitting he can't compete with the pace of racism at an international level, John Terry will focus on club level racism, and hopes to move into TV punditry, like his boyhood hero Ron Atkinson...

ThunderSquid 24.09.12 9:48am
Amateur Narnia video an insult to Aslan 4
medici2471 24.09.12 9:11am
Plebs form political party

Following on from events at Westminster and the recent 'plebgate' affair, it has emerged that plebs all over the country are uniting behind the idea of forming their own political party. The Party...

andydog 24.09.12 8:46am
Cameron Tells Tory MP's To Play Vuvuzela When Approaching Downing Street Gate...

To avoid 'Pleb and Non-Pleb' rows...

Jesse Bigg 24.09.12 8:26am
Jesse Bigg
Makers of 'Guess Who? Religious Edition' criticised for leaving out Muhammad

Hasbro, makers of the famous ‘Guess Who?’ game, have had to increase security at all of it’s offices and factories worldwide following threats of protests and violence. The complaints have...

Perks 24.09.12 8:17am
Need A Workout?

Try Babacombe - It's great for a workout...

Jesse Bigg 24.09.12 8:05am
Jesse Bigg
ADVERT: Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise now available.

After the success of the recently released Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, containing fifteen tracks for lovers of the book to play in their own Red Room of Pain, we are pleased to announce the...

WatcherMark 24.09.12 7:54am
Chief Whip denies calling police officer 'a fucking Clegg'

"I admit I probably used every pejorative term under the sun," said Andrew Mitchell, "but I'd never stoop so low as to call someone that."...

Bravenewmalden 24.09.12 7:47am
Grandparents to use pensions to bail out Spain and Greece, says Nick Clegg

. more soon...

Squudge 24.09.12 6:25am
John Terry pulls out of International as he sees husbands car approaching 0
burnmybridges 24.09.12 2:31am
John Terry pulls out of internationals...

for fear of impregnating a foreigner...

Ironduke 24.09.12 2:03am
Army called in to fill empty seats at Lib Dem conference 8
PeterB 24.09.12 1:00am
Japanese prisoner in Chinese prison denies killing 300,000 in Wan king massacre. 0
burnmybridges 24.09.12 12:55am
English Banned By Miami Area Mexican Restaurant

Despite a wave of protests a Mexican Restaurant in South Florida is standing by its decision to ban English and insists that despite the ruling trade has actually doubled with many regulars calling...

24.09.12 12:23am