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"I'm not a political lightweight" argues Ed Milligram

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Scroat 11.01.12 12:52pm
War Whores vying with Shaving Ryan's Privates as best Porn remake at 2012 Oscars 28
simonjmr 11.01.12 12:39pm
Scots Independence Ballot paper to include 'any team except England' option.

In a bid to ensure the correct result is returned, and explain in terms explicable to the populace what might otherwise be a complex and abstruse legal and constitutional issue, the SNP has decided...

muchofamuchness 11.01.12 12:31pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Out of date food; the New Year slimming fad?

A shopkeeper in Greater Manchester has hit on a money making scheme to get rid of out of date goods by repositioning them in the health and beauty section., Mr. Roger Gill of Gill’s Stores in...

beau-jolly 11.01.12 12:28pm
Pregnant dog has had a spaniel in the works 1
Smart Alex 11.01.12 12:08pm
Hadrian’s Wall (HW2) To Go Ahead

Signalling an end to infrastructure investment focus of the South East, today the government is to announce that it is to go ahead with the construction of HW2 (Hadrian’s Wall 2). Deputy Prime...

Deimos 11.01.12 12:08pm
Worrall-Thompson named as villain in Bond remake "You only lift rice". More soon

..and "For your pies only", "Sieve and let sieve".all together now...

Al OPecia 11.01.12 12:06pm
Shopping precincts disruption as Pensioners to recreate Reservoir dogs walk

Pensioner pressure groups are planning mass disruptions to your local shopping centres and precincts every Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime for the next year, by walking two abreast in a slow moving...

simonjmr 11.01.12 12:05pm
Man wearing M&S cardigan involved in heroic act

A man wearing a M&S cardigan is reported to have been involved in what witnesses describe as 'an heroic act'. The act is said to have involved throwing caution to the winds and to have...

roybland 11.01.12 11:50am
Birmingham ‘to move to Wales’

Following the recent HS2 announcement, which will cut 30 minutes off the average London to Birmingham journey time, the city and larger metropolitan area of Birmingham has decided to move to Wales,...

Zadok the second 11.01.12 11:48am
Cameron insists that Labour is 'part of Scotland' 0
pere floza 11.01.12 9:53am
pere floza
Cameron and Clegg Revealed as British Synchronised Diving Team

The latest British Olympic hopefuls were unveiled at Scunthorpe baths today as David Cameron and Nick Clegg in the synchronised diving. They modelled their trunks (which are a pleasant mid blue with...

Immunis 11.01.12 8:09am
Man in £18k debt after misreading letters stating Speeding, Fine 1
Perks 10.01.12 9:09pm
Surveillance for Olympic Relays as TV Chef Threatens to Half-Inch Batons 0
charlieworth 10.01.12 8:27pm
HS2 go-ahead "A welcome boost" for cash-strapped east-european building industry 4
dvo4fun 10.01.12 7:21pm
Roberto Mancini caught stealing players

The manager of mega-rich Manchester City FC, Roberto Mancini, has been caught stealing a professional footballer. Following his team's defeat against Manchester United on Sunday, Sir Alex Ferguson...

kga6 10.01.12 7:09pm
Porn Oscars Told: Watch Out! The Brits are Coming 1
thisisall1word 10.01.12 6:38pm
HS2 will make shoplifting too fast for CCTV

The cost of attempting recipes on TV programmes was given a boost today by HS2; CCTV will be unable to detect unapid items in supermarkets, making them accessible for all...

Laughingstock 10.01.12 6:10pm
Jar Jar Binks Wins New Hampshire Primary

Outsider Jar Jar Binks was hailed as the new Republican favourite this morning after having swept a massive winning margin in the New Hampshire Primary. His policies on abortion and gay marriage went...

Immunis 10.01.12 5:51pm
Campaigners say something a bit whiffy about H2S train link proposal

more soon, for the chemists amongst you...

bonjonelson 10.01.12 4:09pm
Stephen Hawking not ill at all, just very, very, drunk.

The scientific world accidentally revealed one of its best kept secrets today, which has shocked the world of academe, popular media and broadcasting. Professor Hawking was crossing a road in...

Al OPecia 10.01.12 3:16pm
Madeley, Worral Thompson, Ryder, Lohan and Gerrard to record charity record

"Shoplifters of the world unite" More soon...

simonjmr 10.01.12 2:55pm
Critics say HS2 promises ‘worthless’ without high-speed replacement buses 3
Duncan Biscuit 10.01.12 2:23pm
Study finds frequent breaks from surfing the web increases office productivity 0
Dumbnews 10.01.12 2:15pm
Celebrities endorse ‘random word generator’ for baby name choices 1
PReady 10.01.12 12:12pm
Fear as gushing Arsenal fans show signs of spreading new disease - Thierry Ennui 0
simonjmr 10.01.12 12:06pm
Worrell-Thompson's New Cookery Show.....

.Ready, Steady, Took...

Jesse Bigg 10.01.12 9:59am
John Ffitch-Rucker
“My race for power is not over” says Milliband.

“Oh, yes it is", says everyone else., Well, it is panto season...

John Ffitch-Rucker 10.01.12 9:58am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Orpington to Victoria high speed rail link approved

The government has announced today that the Transit 1 High Speed rail link from Orpington to London Victoria is to go ahead at a cost of £20 billion. The 17 mile trip currently takes an average of...

Gong of Fur 10.01.12 9:42am
Gymnastic's giant backflip "turned her world upside down" 0
kimllfixit 10.01.12 9:40am