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Humans 'may die out' as internet generation fails to reproduce by bukkake, anal - 2

Many modern parents are relieved that the easy availability of pornography on the internet means they no longer have to have the difficult 'Conversation' with their offspring about how babies are...

rickwestwell 15.01.13 9:45pm
Man Pays £840 for Eight Haunches of Venison But Clams It Was Two Deer. 1
Titus 15.01.13 9:39pm
Lens Cap
It's the vinyl countdown 8
Perks 15.01.13 9:35pm
Lens Cap
Tesco drop The Galloping Gourmet from future TV adverts 0
bonjonelson 15.01.13 9:26pm
Thirty year BeefShergar project unmasked 2
Pharcite 15.01.13 9:05pm
British Airways unveils first ‘Happy-Clapper’ Air Bus

Christians throughout the world are today united in joy at the announcement by British Airways to operate the world’s first Christians only Air Bus. Affectionately known as the...

Dick Everyman 15.01.13 9:03pm
Dick Everyman
Aldi burgers found to be sweetened with large amounts of Shergar 2
charlies_hat 15.01.13 9:03pm
John Smiths to water down their beer, “to save landlords the trouble”... 2
Tripod 15.01.13 9:01pm
Shergar finally found. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 15.01.13 8:55pm
Al OPecia
Luvvies boast they're one adaptation away from wiping out PG Wodehouse for ever

Luvvies are killing PG Wodehouse's memory one adaptation at a time - and its no accident, says a shocking expose on BBC. With a series of buttock clenchingly awful televised abominations, the luvvie...

ronseal 15.01.13 8:49pm
Big Mac wins 2.30 at Cheltenham... 0
Tripod 15.01.13 8:47pm
Long faces as burger eaters get the trots 0
charlies_hat 15.01.13 8:43pm
Snow 'completely unprepared' to land in Britain.

Snowflakes are up in arms about having to cope with landing in Britain, reports the Morning Frost, which describes scenes of utter chaos in clouds up and down (but mostly above) the country. "We...

Boutros 15.01.13 8:37pm
European Court ruling clears way for Jedi to wear lightsabre at work 1
custard cream 15.01.13 8:26pm
Maladjusted loners slam NRA for not releasing shooting game on Android

Heavily armed introverts have slammed a decision by the NRA to exclusively release their new shooting game on the iPad. 'NRA: Practice What You Breech' is available for download through iTunes, if...

15.01.13 7:31pm
Stretch Armstrong admits taking spandex. 0
wallster 15.01.13 5:23pm
New Research Reveals Politicians Unable to Process the Meaning of Words

Researchers at the Westminster Institute of Psychology have published the results of a study into the causes of politicians' inability to process language in the same way as normal people. The...

stalinetta 15.01.13 5:11pm
Lloyds TSB unveils new Business Banking logo

Dick Everyman 15.01.13 5:05pm
Eric Pickles to be moored off Essex to provide home for Romanian immigrants

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles will become a haven for European immigrants, if plans to moor him as an artificial island become reality. The buoyant politician has already received a...

Dawsons creek 15.01.13 5:04pm
Newscasters ‘nod their heads and raise eyebrows too much’ says watchdog

A dog who is obsessed with watching television has apparently deciphered the head-nodding and raised eyebrows code of 24 hour newscasters. “He barks like a lunatic when Jane Hill is on” said...

Reg Herring 15.01.13 5:02pm
'Slinky' to be the main focus of this year's BBC Springwatch 3
Perks 15.01.13 4:17pm
TNT UPS merger goes TNT UPS 2
custard cream 15.01.13 3:21pm
Lens Cap
Lance Armstrong has 7 costume changes during Oprah Interview 0
simonjmr 15.01.13 3:05pm
The Golden Diarys extracts from a secret Madman,by J O Farrell.

"Land ahoy sir",cried sailor Fred,"bring her about keal Fred make fast the grog for the boys",said I.It had been a long trip,wed been in the bath for over an hour,but finally wed made it,a hat of...

Thubs Swirlim 15.01.13 2:59pm

pinxit 15.01.13 2:21pm
The Golden Diarys extracts from a secret madman by J O Farrell

I was lying back in bed Lesley was smoking a extra long Silk cut I had my pipe,Lesley always loved a smoke after wed made love,i settled for my pipe,i knew it annoyed Lesley,me with my pipe,especiely...

Thubs Swirlim 15.01.13 2:12pm
HMV makes record breaking loss 1
Sinnick 15.01.13 2:11pm
Oprah admits systematic use of weight loss drugs in Armstrong interview 1
Yikes 15.01.13 11:35am
custard cream
Clegg: 'EU uncertainty will hit jobs...'

‘and that’s our responsibility.' More redundancies soon...

sigmund 15.01.13 11:33am
Lance Armstrong unexpectedly comes out as gay at Golden Globes 1
Midnight Dreary 15.01.13 11:31am
Dick Everyman