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Terry misunderstood. He believes everyone is all gold.

I didn't really put this up. Someone hacked my account...

Not Amused 25.09.12 9:20am
Not Amused
Privately-educated “sick of being stigmatised by riff-raff”

In a week that has unearthed the profound class perceptions that threaten to shake British society to its very core, the beneficiaries of independent education have spoken out against the prejudice...

Mary Evans 25.09.12 9:00am
Wind Farm goes into administration after lack of breeding.

A farm in Norfolk has today been put into administration follow a failed project to start a wind farm. The ex-dairy farm had been looking for a new direction after the money it received for it’s...

Perks 25.09.12 8:38am
Man so unpopular even Groupon refuses to email him

Tony Norris from Stockport has been unveiled as the UK's most unpopular man following the decision by Groupon, and even global spam emailers, to refrain from attempting to contact him. 'Six months...

antharrison 25.09.12 8:35am
Abu Hamza extradition 'challenge' for handcuff engineers 7
25.09.12 8:34am
JJB administrators put the boot in 0
victimms 25.09.12 7:21am
Abu Hamza’s last-ditch plea: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”... 0
Tripod 25.09.12 7:12am
Italian magazine publishes photocopy of Prince Andrew's balls 1
BAJDixon 25.09.12 6:39am
Golgeau Treize
PM's night ramblings revealed : a man on the edge ?

Reports are coming in from Downing Street police that the strain of the last few weeks appears to be taking its toll on the Prime Minister. Sargeant Colin Edwards, on duty at the security gates two...

FlashArry 25.09.12 6:39am
Feature: Meet Horris, the World's Most Extraordinary Dog

Sniffing stranger’s crotches? Urinating in public? Will eat anything off the floor? Then you're the sort of person we need to teach this talking, educated dog how to behave properly! Meet the...

jacobmason 25.09.12 6:15am
Anagram website knocked off Internet due to ODSD attack 0
AReader 24.09.12 8:48pm
Jamie Oliver presents 'Jamie's shit cooking for idiots'

Hi guys, I'm giving up trying to teach chavs how to cook swans and peacocks, I've decided to go 'back to basics'. If you have a terror of toasters, kettle-confusion, or the microwave radiates fear,...

24.09.12 7:42pm
78% of all muggings occur in dental practices

Undercover investigators have revealed how asian and eastern european gangs posing as dental teams are ruthlessly extracting vast sums from desperate people and threatening them with medieval style...

vertical 24.09.12 6:59pm
Elvis Presley Estate fined for abusing dog. 2
rikkor 24.09.12 5:24pm
Sofia Vergara Reveals Incredible New Talents Never Before Seen At The Emmy Award

The Emmy Awards got a huge ratings boost right in the middle of the program when Sofia Vergara’s already revealing dress ripped to expose even more luscious skin. The curvaceous star was already...

24.09.12 5:16pm
Maths teacher hopes to integrate abroad 0
medici2471 24.09.12 3:53pm
WHO admits news Sars virus really a plate of Kiwi fruit More soon...

simonjmr 24.09.12 3:49pm
Fed Up Mother Finally Asks 55 Year Old Amateur Satire Writing Son To Move Out 1
24.09.12 3:27pm
Fruit bowls rarely used for fruit, shows new research

A YouGov poll has revealed that most British families keep everything in their fruit bowls apart from fruit. Car keys, bills, things that need repairing, washers and disposable lighters topped the...

DustyBinLaden 24.09.12 3:23pm
Sheffield police accuse Chief Whip of covering up Downing Street incident

Police groups have alleged that Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has doctored a witness statement describing the recent altercation with police at the Downing Street gate where he was alleged to have...

Yikes 24.09.12 3:15pm
Man Spotted In Soho Wearing Shell Suit And Red Kicker Boots Probably Welsh

again really need to be able to upload photo just tweeted from my mate who was on the piss last night in London to appreciate this...

24.09.12 3:12pm
Former Gaddafi Bodyguard Now Employed As London Traffic Warden Looking For Love

Fuck it, I had a great image for this ticker headline and it won't upload. I am positive it was that big one from Sudan with the massive tits, my mate sent me a photo of her clamping a Volvo along...

24.09.12 3:01pm
Championship Manager Addiction Affecting Economy

For some it is drugs or alcohol, for others gambling, but Kevin Maclean’s addiction was the thrill of getting Conference League minnows Ebbsfleet into European completion and ultimately win the...

24.09.12 2:54pm
Apple's foray into mapping the human genome results in worlds 1st Humanitan 0
simonjmr 24.09.12 2:21pm
Special Branch deny involvement in Kew Gardens fatality 0
vertical 24.09.12 1:16pm
Muslim riots peter out on hearing “sticks and stones” rhyme

Violent demonstrations throughout the Islamic world against the US video mocking the Prophet Mohamed have scaled down after the broadcast of the rhyme “sticks and stones will break my bones, but...

Yikes 24.09.12 1:02pm
Edwina Currie reveals sex with John Major 'not as exciting as you might think'. 4
andydog 24.09.12 12:59pm
Chief Whip: I did not say "the words attributed to me".

I said "Fucking pleb"...

Boutros 24.09.12 12:39pm
Mitchell and Pleb to star in 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Fortnum' 0
cinquecento 24.09.12 11:49am
More Plebs Interested In Learning Latin.....

Due to row at Pleb gate...

Jesse Bigg 24.09.12 11:18am
Golgeau Treize