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Research shows Britain's pubs 'full of technocrats'

There may be hope for the ailing UK economy, after researchers found that Britain’s pubs are ‘chock full’ of technocrats. ‘After the resounding success of the new governments in Italy and...

The Paper Ostrich 18.11.11 12:48pm
Nail clipping and soil open sandwich is 'cheapest meal' 7
18.11.11 1:25am
Crackdown on NHS queues just makes matters worse 0
17.11.11 12:25pm
Northern Rock to be rebranded as Virgin on the Ridiculous

Or maybe NoRoVirus. More soon...

Scroat 17.11.11 11:33am
US debt crisis sees govt. conspiracies budget slashed - or does it?

The global financial crisis has had an unforeseen impact in the USA, forcing President Obama to cancel spending on concealing fake space missions, high-profile assassinations and alien abductions....

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.11.11 11:24pm
Northern Rock and Virgin Money combine to create ‘Northern Virgin’ oxymoron 6
Qoxiivi 17.11.11 1:34pm
Berlusconi, Strauss-Khan & Goran Erikkson planning a European "sexy" road trip 0
simonjmr 17.11.11 10:24am
John Terry to follow FIFA "make up make up never never break up" directive 0
charlies_hat 17.11.11 10:20am
Sepp Blatter steps up attempts to fill comedy void left by Berlusconi 2
Vertically Challenged Giant 17.11.11 10:51pm
Nick Griffin offers hand of friendship to Sepp Blatter! 0
simonjmr 17.11.11 9:57am
Blatter: 'I meant bribes - everything can be resolved with bribes!' 0
ianslat 17.11.11 9:54am
New 'Northern Virgin' brand pledges to give bankers boners 0
charlies_hat 17.11.11 9:41am
Football race row latest: England captain should be whiter than white

After the announcement that Luis Suarez will be charged with racist abuse by the FA, Chelsea and England captain John Terry has been speaking out about his own ongoing case. ‘As captain of my...

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.11.11 11:24pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Investigation launched as to how a tank of fuel in Austria costs only £20k 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.11.11 9:27am
Duncan Biscuit
Gervais sees the joke as 9 foot tall lectern unveiled for Golden Globes awards 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.11.11 9:27am
Duncan Biscuit
New Award for Engineering to be outsourced to China to cut costs 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.11.11 9:26am
Duncan Biscuit
Burlesconni to Replace Blatter in FIFA Top Job.

Burlesconni to Replace Blatter in FIFA Top Job...

No Beard 17.11.11 8:36am
No Beard
Scottish Devolution Leads To Rise of Hard-Drinking Ginger Ape

Devolution in Scotland has lead to the rise of a new member of the Homo genus. Scientists described the new ape as having ‘A red shock of hair, an indiscernible dialect and a penchant for...

UnoEye 17.11.11 10:44pm
The All New Jeni B
Benetton poster of Thatcher kissing Scargill

Anyone with better images, or someone handy with Photoshop ?...

Sinnick 17.11.11 4:03pm
Lt Frank Slade
Santorum Informs Des Moines First Graders That Classmate Gino is Deformed

Des Moines, Ia. For someone who has never set foot in a school, Rick Santorum seemed to be in his element in Miss Hess’s first grade classroom. Friday’s visit to Miss Hess’s first grade...

bobo lutz 17.11.11 1:10am
bobo lutz
Resignation letter of ex-European IMF director found in St James’s Park bin

Oliver Letwin MP was today unavailable for comment following the discovery of the damning resignation letter of Antonio Borges, until recently the head for Europe at International Monetary Fund...

fernandomando 17.11.11 12:41am
MoD Harrier eBay blunder

Ministry of Defence officials were putting on a brave face today after the National Audit Office highlighted failings in cost-cutting projects. 74 Harrier Jump Jets have been sold on eBay to the US...

Patrick Tobin 17.11.11 7:22am
Ernest Jones to design "Royal Vajazzle"

In a move described by a Buckingham Palace spokesperson as "putting a regal finger on the pulse of the the nation", The Queen today awarded high street jeweller Ernest Jones the honour of designing...

grumblechops 17.11.11 12:18am
Unemployed turned away from The Iron Lady : "No DSS, Irish" 0
Drylaw 16.11.11 8:58pm
Martin Amis resigns as England rugby coach

Poet and novelist Martin Amis has left his post as England rugby coach. "I really don't understand how I was appointed in the first place; I thought I would be driving the team to games, I didn't...

apepper 17.11.11 7:39am
Lorry driver drops acid outside Buckingham Palace. Harry denies involvement. 0
Monkeycustard 16.11.11 7:35pm
Sepp Blatter announces, 'minor disputes should be resolved with racism' 0
Perks 16.11.11 7:33pm
UKuncut latest: still no sign of a Linux user 0
ronseal 16.11.11 7:01pm
UK Economic outlook downgraded to "a quick peek". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 16.11.11 6:58pm
Al OPecia
Shock as Sir Cliff appears on 'Loose Women' and still goes home alone.

SAGA Magazine seal deal for aftershow party pics...

Bryan with a Y 16.11.11 6:17pm
Bryan with a Y