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Britain stunned by allegations James Murdoch may have lied to MPs 1
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years
Rudolph Hess's grave hacked. 3
MADJEZ 4 years
Cameron regales PMQ's with the tale of his first Eton wedgie experience 1
thackaray 4 years
Prince Andrew steps down. 1000 jobs go in aviation and hospitality industries. 0
MADJEZ 4 years
Killer Nurse "used to read News of the World". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 4 years
Shuttle pilot left wifes bag at International Space Station. Has to go back. 0
MADJEZ 4 years

No more soon...

Bristol zoo announces Terry Nutkins breeding plan and reintroduction to the wild 0
simonjmr 4 years
Coming soon: Cameronmysun on Sunday! 0
dickiewdean 4 years

Respected publishing house News International has announced its most generous rapprochement yet with the Conservative Party of Great Britain, following continuing reverberations from the phone...

Conspiracy theorists claim the Space Shuttle programme was a hoax 0
Tammy Flugh 4 years
London 2012 setback as beach volleyball venue filled with 'wrong type of sand' 0
pinxit 4 years
Budleigh Salterton Morris Men clean up at the MOWO awards. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 4 years
People who breath 'more likely to develop cancer' 2
some-randommer 4 years

Breathing air has been linked to a greater risk of 10 common cancers by University of Cambridge researchers. "Every breath you take", the researchers say "increases cancer risk by 0.0000023%" The...

'Told you so,' say Aztec priests, as rain blights Lords test match 0
Oxbridge 4 years

Priests from the temple of the Aztec night god Tezcatlipoca at Tenochtitlan have been gloating at the discomfiture of cricket fans as the wet summer continues and Day One of the England v India test...

Isle of Wight hit by media scandal as reporter gets island's first mobile phone 2
FraserWords 4 years

Isle of Wight journalists today became embroiled in the scandal enveloping Britain’s media when it was revealed that reporters on the Shanklin Argus have access to a mobile telephone for the first...

Cameron embarks on enormous huff 0
allmyownstunts 4 years

The Prime Minister has begun what close aides have described as ‘a colossal sulk’ following months of nothing going his way. “He won’t talk to any of us,” a source claimed. “He just sits...

'Space shuttle makes final landing' also what happened to Challenger 0
Long Distance Clara 4 years
Dating site, Plenty of Fish changes name to Plenty of Dogs 4
guffaw 4 years
Desperate fame seekers flock to new 'Center of Attention Parcs' 13
4 years

A new concept in holidays where people can pretend to be celebrities is taking off across the country. The 'all-exclusive' resorts are already booked up for the next 18 months, as wannabes rush to...

Lesley Ash 'Tight-Lipped' On Rumours Of Corrective Surgery... 3
charlieworth 4 years
British public struggling to sympathise with US states suffering heatwave 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years
Brazilian Comic to bring glory back to the Emirates Stadium. 0
Flashman 4 years

Arsene Wenger turns to V-necked comedian Ricky 'Gervinho' Gervais to spark Gunners comeback...

Rebeka Brooks on remand for 3 murders 0
beau-jolly 4 years

No hang on, I'm thinking of Fizz from Corrie aren't I?...

Ice cream vendors forced to diversify 3
beau-jolly 4 years

As another long cold summer grips the UK, ice cream vendors around the country are looking for new ways to stave off bankruptcy., According to a recent report in “Frozen Milk”, three weeks in...

Murdoch the Muscial set to wow audiences at Edinburgh Festival 4
ronseal 4 years

A musical celebrating the life and times of Rupert Murdoch is to make its debut at The Edinburgh Festival, with songs included "Do the Sheikh and Hack and play their message back", "Boy, You're Hired...

NASA hoping that Space shuttle doesn't break up for start of school holidays 0
simonjmr 4 years
Dieticians issue dire warning, "Pizza is NOT food" 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Lib Dems suggest career advice for 10 year olds for the 3 available jobs 0
guffaw 4 years
Teenage dubstep fan dismisses Beatles' music as 'just noise' 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years
Police hacking team hampered by 300 mins or 50 texts per day 0
Laughingstock 4 years

Ex-Met Chief says changes in Tariffs are hampering their enquiries into hacking victims. One victim has spoken out: "some officers claim they have use of Blue Tooth and unlimited web."...

Waylandsmithy receives 5 stars for article 'as yet unwritten' 4
SpankyMonkey 4 years

Nothing personal, Mr Way....