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"Putin and I are in love" claims Murdoch

Robert Murdoch has announced his undying love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, only hours after announcing his split with Wendi Deng, his wife of 14 years. "The coast is now clear for my little...

Boutros 15.06.13 6:42pm
Lindy Moone
Murdoch wife cheri Putin Blair

Well that would be jaw dropping ....

CheekyChappy 15.06.13 5:20pm
Kevin Bacon awarded six honorary degrees. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.06.13 5:05pm
'Looks like you built youself' Prince Philip tells Harry 0
antharrison 15.06.13 4:55pm
Scientists find unassailable DNA evidence that Harry has royal ancestry

Following the revelation that the DNA of Princes Harry and William contains elements of Indian origin, scientists have delved further into Harry’s genome to lay to rest persistent rumours that he...

pere floza 15.06.13 4:22pm
pere floza
Flamboyant pianist takes lead in Iranian elections

Not sure I should do this one, actually...

monkeyrepublic 15.06.13 3:47pm
Football Latest News - Everyone to talk to Everyone about Everyone

Transfers news: - All teams are in talks with all teams for all playersfor any price really; - More money to be spent than last time on keeping 11 players on the park; - Harry Redknapp to be...

camz 15.06.13 3:45pm
Man fails to hold on to 'Father of the Year' title

A 35 year old man has been left distraught after failing to receive anything with the phrase 'Father Of The Year' on it this father's day. Webster said: "I was pretty distraught. Last year I...

andrewl81 15.06.13 3:36pm
Odd horsey woman honours Clare Balding with OBE 0
Ian 15.06.13 3:31pm
PM: £73 to initiate age of aquarius

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has offered a reward to anyone who can invent something so hugely significant that it rescues the economy and sparks a new phase in the history of mankind.,...

monkeyrepublic 15.06.13 3:30pm
Cunning plan finally pays off 5
FlashArry 15.06.13 3:20pm
PM clarifies statement, 'I said I worked in my pyjamas' 0
custard cream 15.06.13 1:39pm
custard cream
China censors Winnie the Pooh, but allows Peking Duck 0
custard cream 15.06.13 1:37pm
custard cream
US Extends PRISM to Include Nigerian E-Mail Systems Existing PRISM Data Centre In Bluffdale, Utah...

Deimos 15.06.13 1:26pm
'Tory whips are plebs', says Alice 0
Arthur 15.06.13 1:11pm
Murdoch: "Divorce a Chinese wife and you feel like marrying another in no time" 8
sydalg 15.06.13 1:09pm
Jeremy Kyle to host 'Royal DNA' special

More on its way...

NorthernGravy 15.06.13 1:06pm
Wigan to appoint Korean manager. Chairman says "he'll be named Soon".

More later...

seymour totti 15.06.13 10:11am
Lindy Moone
Ferrari-driving Yeti leaves massive carbon footprint 1
sydalg 15.06.13 9:33am
Roman Polanski to direct, produce and star in The Jimmy Savile story. 1
godly1966 15.06.13 8:32am
Hassan Rouhani promises to reform Scrabble App

Front runner for the Iranian Presidency, Mr Rouhani has spoken about the need to re-engage with the West, free political prisoners and return to the traditional Chambers dictionary. The 64-year-old...

Wrenfoe 15.06.13 8:27am
Rupert Murdoch to separate from reality 0
nickb 15.06.13 7:57am
PM: £73 to initiate age of aquarius

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has offered a reward to anyone who can invent something so hugely significant that it rescues the economy and sparks a new phase in the history of mankind.,...

monkeyrepublic 15.06.13 6:52am
Spending Review: Radio 1 agrees to phase out listeners

Chancellor George Osborne is due to unveil agreed Government cuts, which will include a radical overhaul of BBC planning. Inspired by the efforts of DJ Nick Grimshaw losing nearly 1 million...

Wrenfoe 15.06.13 6:47am
Blair accused of outsourcing sex life to China

Not that there could possibly be a word of truth in the allegation...

sydalg 15.06.13 1:18am
Japanese Trains To Be Made Of Rubber....

In order to accommadate even more commuters...

Jesse Bigg 14.06.13 10:55pm
Jesse Bigg
Most immigrants coming to UK "to read Daily Mail"

A survey of immigrants to the UK has shown that nearly 80% are determined to get easier access to the Daily Mail newspaper...

apepper 14.06.13 10:35pm
Jesse Bigg
River fails water quality test because too many broken hearts have fallen in it

A pressure group, Surfers Against Sewerage, have also complained that too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea, causing a hazard for shipping. A spokesperson for the water company explained,...

Ian Searle 14.06.13 10:29pm
Tories To Abolish Level Playing Fields, Due To Not Enough 'Them and Us'

Calls for bringing back the monocle., 'Yeh, that's right', says Clegg...

Jesse Bigg 14.06.13 10:22pm
Jesse Bigg
Disability groups demand action as survey finds 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 14.06.13 6:56pm
sredni vashta