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Spiders complain of intrusive government Web monitoring 6
Scronnyglonkle 03.04.12 5:21pm
Chemist in London Takes Tube to Work

He said he was fed up with taking work home...

GillsImp 03.04.12 5:18pm
Fire chiefs' delight at success of Ewood Park fire drill

Blackburn Fire Brigade have praised the calm, orderly manner in which thousands of fans left Rovers' stadium during a fire drill ten minutes before the end of the game last night. "It must have...

Midfield Diamond 03.04.12 5:16pm
Midfield Diamond
Storm clouds preparing for "massive ironic downpour" on hosepipe ban day

Skies above the UK have been turning gradually darker today with meteorologists warning of an impending deluge - most likely timed to coincide with the start of the hosepipe ban this Thursday....

grumblechops 03.04.12 4:54pm
Spiderman berated for spending too much time on the web 0
Dumbnews 03.04.12 4:40pm
Cameron to benefit from £14 million investment in dementia research... he forgets where he ate pasty...

Location 03.04.12 3:26pm
Graffiti artist draws criticism 20
Dumbnews 03.04.12 1:50pm
'Fill your freezers with snow to ease summer water shortage' Advise Ministers. 1
JETFAB 03.04.12 1:39pm
Otis B Driftwood
Headline writers thrilled as Bill Gates’ gate scandal creates Gates’-gates-gate

A scandal involving Bill Gates allegedly purchasing a set of ornamental gates made by child labour has led to huge excitement amongst tabloid journalists. ‘Gates’-gates-gate’ has been described...

Vertically Challenged Giant 03.04.12 1:22pm
Isle of Wight residents run in fear at sight of man in electric wheelchair

Panic has gripped the Isle of Wight after a man from the mainland driving an electric wheelchair attempted to board a train. The electrified man-machine contraption was first spotted at the ticket...

bonjonelson 03.04.12 1:08pm
Headteachers say University designed A levels are getting easier 0
charlies_hat 03.04.12 12:29pm
James Murdoch to resign from BSKYB today according to his fathers voicemail.

BSkyB Chairman seen here with his father Rupert Murdoch.

MADJEZ 03.04.12 11:56am
London Zoo 'hopeful' that Boris and Ken will mate

Zoologists at London Zoo have said they are 'hopeful' that their prized sore-headed bears, named Boris and Ken by keepers, will mate, despite an unpromising start in their tiny enclosure. 'Now that...

The Paper Ostrich 03.04.12 11:43am
The Paper Ostrich
Argentina blames outdated colonial power for thwarting colonial aspirations. 0
MADJEZ 03.04.12 11:43am
PC Lilly hospitalised following mistaken draft excluder / rake incident 0
charlies_hat 03.04.12 10:59am
Web monitoring plan prompts resurgence of jazz-mag-in-hedge distribution channel 0
cinquecento 03.04.12 10:31am
April Fooled

Embarrased journalists at the Times has admitted that they had to pull their April Fool stories " Gallaway wins by a landslide" and "PM seen eating Pasty at Leeds Station"...

Otis B Driftwood 03.04.12 10:18am
Otis B Driftwood
Floater lingerage? Need panning or more on the trots?

Haha! Yes, that’s right from old china. Flap lid, one foot, swirling of filth. Gurgle not wanted, craft escaping, fowl wreakage! Can it cause gagging?...

youbuyitnow 03.04.12 10:15am
Prime Minister Goes On Holiday

to Cameroon (Cameron!)...

Leopold Gasket 03.04.12 9:55am
Proclaimers singer comes clean - “would have gone 25 miles tops, and by train”

Proclaimer’s singer Charlie Reid says that despite being wild and carefree in his youth, there is no way he really contemplated walking 500 miles, let alone 500 more, especially for a woman....

Yikes 03.04.12 9:53am
Milk of human kindness to be available in UHT form

Dairy Crest has announced they will make the milk of human kindness in a long life sterilised form for those who cannot afford reliable refrigeration. Marketing Director Alan James said "It's in...

nickb 03.04.12 9:45am
CEO's fish-bone diagram criticized for ignoring the meat and potatoes 3
Dumbnews 03.04.12 8:42am
Falklands claim sovereignty over Agentina

The Falkland Islands have claimed the Argentine as Falkland territory. "They're only 200 miles away, so they should clearly come under our control."...

apepper 03.04.12 8:31am
Play Doh face Michael Gove much needed member of the cabinet insists Cameron 0
rustytruss 03.04.12 8:23am
Plans to monitor web site visits ‘outrageous’ NO THEY’RE NOT 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.04.12 8:13am
Duncan Biscuit
Mancini gaffe as he tweets ‘Shattered but happy after Blackburn triumph’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.04.12 8:12am
Duncan Biscuit
Aung San gaffe as she tweets ‘Shattered but happy after Blackburn triumph' 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.04.12 8:12am
Duncan Biscuit
Gove acts after signs that criticism of ‘A’ level standards is getting easier 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.04.12 8:11am
Duncan Biscuit
Damien Hirst labelled as "Fat Cat Banksy" by critics 0
Scronnyglonkle 03.04.12 7:58am
Apple introduce new virtual computer – the MacCloud 0
weematt 03.04.12 7:48am