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U2s Adam Clayton marries model village 10
simonjmr 05.09.13 12:30pm
Ian Collier
Porn Star 'Misty Conditions' Defends Film Shoot On Sheppey Crossing

Low budget adult movie company 'Up The Exhaust' have this morning had to defend their choice to film their latest movie "Drive It In" on the A429 Sheppey Crossing in Kent., It is believed that...

Flugelbinder 05.09.13 12:18pm
Teachers Reveal Lesson Planning Truth

The two biggest Teachers Unions have revealed that they intend to strike for a day sometime in the lead up to Christmas. As it turns out, all that 'lesson planning' that teachers claim to be so busy...

Flugelbinder 05.09.13 12:13pm
Dyke would have gone for England win in 2018

Greg Dyke chairman of the English FA admitted would have liked to set the more ambitious goal of England winning the 2018 World Cup. After discussions with legal experts, however, he was advised...

Ian Collier 05.09.13 12:13pm
Ian Collier
Wife who shot husband during sex claims 'he had it coming' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 05.09.13 12:00pm
Moyes to blame for Rooney Injury

The sensational truth about Wayne Rooney’s injury was revealed when David Moyes accepted sole responsibility for leaving the England striker with a huge gash in his forehead., “I was taking the...

cinnahmon 05.09.13 11:47am
MoTD tells Hansen "You can't win viewers with oldies" 0
Backup Brian 05.09.13 11:17am
Backup Brian
Dyke Gets Thumbs Up From Dutch Football Fans 0
Flugelbinder 05.09.13 11:06am
Miley Cyrus VMA performance greatest threat to human extinction claims Oxford 0
simonjmr 05.09.13 10:50am
Alan Hansen to retire to 'spend more time in Morrisons' claim 0
custard cream 05.09.13 10:32am
custard cream
MOTD viewers thought Hansen had retired years ago 0
custard cream 05.09.13 10:30am
custard cream
Dyke - 2014 world cup win less likely than dancing chimney sweeps appearing 0
Not Amused 05.09.13 10:22am
Not Amused
Lord of the Rings readers accept Ents speak 2
Smart Alex 05.09.13 9:40am
Strictly Come Dancing Line Up set to dominated G20 Summit 0
Scronnyglonkle 05.09.13 7:16am
Wayne Rooney ties laces with granny knot. Granny Knott unavailable for comment. 0
Tripod 05.09.13 6:13am
Greg Dyke to captain England to World Cup glory

The new Football Association chairman declared, to a room of packed reporters, that England will reignite the spirit 1966. When journalists pointed out the nation's recent failures and paucity of...

Wrenfoe 05.09.13 5:08am
Obama urged to check starter for polonium at G20 Banquet

President Obama has been urged by his advisors to have a really good look at the starter for anything suspicious at the G20 banquet tonight in St. Petersburg. Anything which looks 'a little too...

Eskimo 04.09.13 10:43pm
Walkie Talkie building competitor installing death rays

Competitors to the insurance company tenants of the soon to be finished Walkie Talkie building have disclosed plans to have death rays zapping passers-by. "The hard part is picking out people we...

apepper 04.09.13 10:19pm
Following badger cull, BBC to launch ‘Beaver Watch’ pay-per-view porn channel

License fee set to halve in 6 months...

farmer giles 04.09.13 8:24pm
"Peace of Syria, piece of Syria" US/UK back in policy lockstep.

No more soon...

Not Amused 04.09.13 7:19pm
Not Amused
NATO endorses air-strikes during NEATO acceptance speech

whichever one wins will richly deserve it the way things are going...

GrumpyCat 04.09.13 5:17pm
Rooney has a gash. No grannies involved. 0
FOAD 04.09.13 5:15pm
"Yes, I'm on the line. Stop making a drama when I call" says Dave Credibility

no more soon ....

Not Amused 04.09.13 4:50pm
Not Amused
Wasps Get All The Fruit At Picnic Except Ants' Peach

Neat-O. And topical:

Titus 04.09.13 4:43pm
Porn in Parliament

MP's deny mass rush to download as much porn as possible before Cameron's Porn Filter comes into effect...

ionb 04.09.13 4:37pm
Putin: Russia is not anti-gay, we have a gay old time beating up homosexuals 1
Hooch 04.09.13 4:28pm
Footballers whose transfers fell through pledge loyalty to current Clubs

In a statement jointly issued on behalf of the players they represent, football agents have asked managers, chairmen and fans to celebrate the loyalty shown by those who didn’t manage to finalise a...

Midfield Diamond 04.09.13 3:45pm
Midfield Diamond
Dec takes in his partners two faced dog

neat o. if I have to explain it,.. you know the rest...

Backup Brian 04.09.13 3:29pm
Backup Brian
Gove accuses Widdecombe of having "talking rubbish syndrome"

Michael Gove has hit back at Ann Widdecombe following her criticism of his reaction to the Syria vote in the House of Commons last week., The former Conservative MP and pole dancer, Ann Widdecombe,...

Not Amused 04.09.13 3:00pm
New contest of 70s sitcoms to find worst gay stereotype, Strictly Come Prancing 0
sydalg 04.09.13 2:37pm