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Can we avoid Lib-Dem ex-MPs ‘cruising’ after next general election?

The high number of Lib-Dem MPs due to be shown the red card at the next election is causing worries around Westminster and not just amongst the Kings Cross rent-boy community. Margaret Hodge, the...

dvo4fun 15.03.12 8:02pm
Hip-hop star bitch-slapped by mum after misunderstanding on ‘mother’s day’. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 15.03.12 6:19pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
New documentary "Self Harm - Uncut" leaves fans disappointed... 2
grumblechops 15.03.12 5:56pm
Boris Johnson cancels visit to Liverpool 1
medici2471 15.03.12 3:43pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Benefits tests: Equity withdraw cards from 37% found fit to work.

Actors Equity have withdrawn membership from the 37% of incapacity benefit recipients who failed the new tests. While admitting that it was not all that difficult to fool the previous system Equity...

weematt 15.03.12 3:08pm
Tours of Big Ben to remain free until "at least a quarter past eight" 0
grumblechops 15.03.12 3:07pm
New police fitness tests designed to root out fat pigs. 0
JETFAB 15.03.12 1:50pm
Tesco's shelf stacker quits, Tesco financial performance too much to bear

Courtney Thomas (17) today quit as shelf stacker for Tesco as the responisbility for financial and market performance for the Tesco group as a whole is too much to bear and that his efforts have...

simonjmr 15.03.12 12:08pm
Catholic church advise gay men to resist taking their partner up the aisle 5
charlies_hat 15.03.12 12:08pm
Mike Hunt named as Starbucks best customer 0
medici2471 15.03.12 11:14am
Daily Mail to offer free ‘body appraisal’ service to all women in bikinis

Every woman in Britain can now receive a free, independent evaluation of her body simply by sending The Daily Mail a photograph of herself wearing a bikini. The body appraisal service, which has...

Ludicity 15.03.12 11:12am
Captain Oates spotted reading Daily Mail in South Georgia bar

Lord Lucan helping with the Sudoku...

yussle 15.03.12 10:52am
Sir Michael Wilshaw condemneds literacy reports

Sir Michael Wilshaw has condemned today, reports that Uk literacy standards are falling, writing to the Times today he stated 'it's not the kids fault, it's the kurikulum they teech in skools these...

wilkieone 15.03.12 10:48am
Cameron now supports "Some Sex" marriages 0
arthurminnit 15.03.12 10:23am
Muppet quits 'toxic' show

The Muppet Show was subjected to a scathing attack by one of its own senior stars yesterday. Kermit, the green-skinned froggish MC said he was quitting because he could no longer work with people...

Zadok the second 15.03.12 10:14am
Zadok the second
Maggy Thatcher Baritone?

A recent survey suggests speakers with deeper voices, such as Margaret Thatcher, are more commandingso, that has nothing to do with her having a full set of balls and a moustache then?...

wilkieone 15.03.12 9:54am
....edited out...

..been done, withdrawn...

cinquecento 15.03.12 9:34am
Discovery channel not keen on 'Bear Grylls Grills Bears'

Bear Grylls has been sacked by The Discovery Channel following a contract dispute between the two parties. It is understood that the intrepid explorer wanted to grill bears just to get a catchy name...

Perks 15.03.12 9:19am
Mr Norman Bates wishes to point out that Mother's Day is everyday 1
roybland 15.03.12 9:15am
Same sex marriages supported

In order to strengthen ties between America and the Middle East, Cameron openly supports same sex marriages.,...

wilkieone 15.03.12 9:13am
Same sex marriages supported 0
wilkieone 15.03.12 9:11am
Obama and Cameron visit a basketball game, and decide to throw some hoops

President Barack Obama and David Cameron visited a basketball game in Ohio, they loooked to be getting on very well during the game, sharing hotdogs and chatting., the converstation turned to the...

wilkieone 15.03.12 9:06am
David Cameron 'sorry' for confusing President for 'the butler in Fresh Prince'

Number 10 has been forced to apologise to The White House today, after money-rich but culturally-poor Etonian David Cameron, handed his bags to US President Barrack Obama, and greeted his wife...

Perks 15.03.12 9:02am
Weight Watchers to be renamed "The Hunger Games" to attract younger audience

Scenes some viewers may find disturbing, depicting older fat women have been removed to get it down to a 32c size 8 rating...

Ian Searle 15.03.12 7:29am
Dickens or Shakespeare
sectret courtroom proceedings to be released on DVD in aid if poor lawyers

the whole clegeroon affair of secret justice proceedings discovered to be modelled on the success of the secret policeman’s ball with commercial exploits of the video material...

4ty2 14.03.12 9:35pm
Argos catalogue finally sinks Encyclopaedia Britannica

After 244 years the print edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica has finally succumbed to competition from the Argos catalogue. 'It was inevitable,' said Percy Booker, who used to sell the 32-volume...

roybland 14.03.12 9:33pm
Secret papers reveal Churchill gave order to 'draw-down' troops from Dunkirk

Previously classified War Office papers show that Churchill himself gave the order to stage a 'tactial withdrawal' from the beaches of Normandy in 1940. The 'draw-down' of troops, using a hastily...

Mandy Lifeboat 14.03.12 6:41pm
Dudley fails to win official upgrade from 'Down' to 'Shitty' 0
Oxbridge 14.03.12 6:28pm
Bear Grylls to host naked barbecue show. 0
JETFAB 14.03.12 6:27pm
Basildon upgraded to bog hole; mayor delighted

The mayor of Basildon has expressed his delight at it's upgrade in status to bog hole...

apepper 14.03.12 5:56pm